Best & Worst Times to Workout, Weigh, and Eat

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  1. Nick R says:

    I work from home and have a home gym, so I’ve tried working out at just about every time of day. Here’s my take:
    1) Mornings – I have the most energy earlier in the day.
    2) Noon / Afternoon – If I’ve had 45 minutes to digest, it’s a pretty good time to go.
    3) Night – I always have less energy for a workout after a days work (even if I’m just sitting in front of a computer all day.)

    With that said, lately, I’ve been working out with a buddy at 6-8 PM. I find a good workout partner (someone who pushes you competitively) more than makes up for the extra energy I have in the morning. Also, in the past, I’ve squeezed 3 mile runs in late at night (10-11 pm.) While running that late sucks, it’s 100% better than no run at all.

  2. Jim says:

    I weigh myself everyday, but I use the Google 15 widget on my Google homepage to track my weight. It keeps a moving average. I judge my weight by my moving average and not my weight each morning. I keep as much equal as possible (boxers and tshirt and I use the bathroom first to get rid of any excess water weight).

  3. Catherine says:

    I’ve set myself a set of daily goals, including taking medications on time, eight glasses of water, logging my excercise and calories, etc etc.

    One of them is to not weigh myself! I used to do it daily and it is, truly discouraging. It feeds you misinformation about how you are eating and is just bad, bad, bad. I do it once a week now and am always pleasantly surprised.

  4. debaser says:

    I work out before meals. I swim 4 days a week before lunch. I am at the mercy of when the pool is open. I do 45 minutes at roughly 12:00, and eat lunch afterwords.
    I walk 3.4 Miles, 3-4 days a week (My wife and I trade days walking the dogs). I do this right after work and before dinner.
    I’m sure there is someone out there to tell me that this is the wrong way to do it. But I like it. I get good and famished and then can eat.

  5. Jamie says:

    I’m going through my own weight loss, and I weigh myself every single day. But like someone else said, I keep a 5-day running average that smooths out the day-to-day variation and that’s the number I pay attention to. If I’m aiming for a goal, I haven’t hit it until my 5-day average weight hits it.

    Also, I don’t buy the “don’t eat before bedtime” argument. Calories in are calories in.

  6. Chris Clarke says:

    Weekdays, I go to the gym around 8pm and stick around til about 10 when it closes. It’s just too darn busy between 6 and 8 when the after-work crowd settle in. On weekends, I’m there in the afternoon.

    Weekdays, I eat a fairly standard 3 square meals a day, although I try to mix it up every so often in order to keep my body guessing. Sometimes I’ll eat a big breakfast and a small dinner, and sometimes I’ll eat a small breakfast with a big dinner. I eat the same homemade vegetable soup with saltines for lunch every weekday. On weekends, my meal schedule varies depending on when I’m going to workout.

    I weigh in every Saturday afternoon when I visit the gym, before I work out.

  7. watchout5 says:

    I just read your story on the consumerist, good going and good luck going forward!!!111one

  8. Christina says:

    Congratulations on your inspiring journey to a healthier, fitter you! As a dietitian I noticed some of your days are short on the veggies. As these are high in fibre and water content they help fill you up with few calories, and of course are packed with nutrition. Some ideas: a whole cup of spinach (less than 50 kcal) with strawberries, a mix of carrots/peppers/celery/grape tomatoes for munching, roast a bunch of veggies in the oven drizzled with a bit of balsamic vinegar and olive oil, etc

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