July’s Workout Music Playlist

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  1. Britty says:

    Where’s the Lady Gaga?!

  2. theantijared says:

    How dare you not add Numb by Linkin Park!

  3. sandstheman says:

    tyler! we have the same taste in music..i checked out those songs (especially people in planes) on youtube and that ROCKS!

    you rock man, keep it up

  4. Tyler says:

    Numb is absolutely SOLID. It’s one of my favorite LP songs.

  5. suzanne says:

    Oh you’ve given me some songs i need to download 🙂 Thanks!!

  6. Britty says:

    I’m a bit confused. I was not awake at 7:21 AM this morning, and while I am definitely a fan of Lady GaGa (and have mentioned that in previous comments), I didn’t post that comment. How many Brittys can there be???

  7. Tyler says:

    Haha, apparently a few. So, what are YOUR workout tunes this month?

  8. Mike R. says:

    If you like heavy stuff, check out the band Lamb of God. I listen to them almost exclusively when I am at the gym.

  9. Matt says:

    I had Queens of the Stone Age – No One Knows on my list for a while. I had to take it off though. It has a beat that I follow too much for my own good. Makes my pace go haywire.

  10. Will says:

    You’ve had a mullet, haven’t you? Ha!

    We listen to VERY DIFFERENT THINGS, lol. This is my current cardio mix:

    Star to Fall > Cabin Crew
    The World Is Mine > David Guetta
    If I Close My Eyes > Reina
    Right Round (feat. Kesha) > Flo Rida
    I Can’t Help Myself > Bellatrax
    Everything Is Changing > Rikah
    Heaven > DJ Sammy
    Days Go By > Dirty Vegas
    Breathe Life > Brian Kent
    Castles In the Sky > Ian Van Dahl featuring Marsha
    Proud (Josh Harris Pride Remix) > Heather Small
    Don’t Stop Believin’ (Glee Cast Version) > Glee Cast
    Keeps Gettin’ Better > Christina Aguilera
    Love Of My Life (feat. Reina) > Lucas Prata
    Everyday > Kim English
    The Boy From Ipanema > Diana Krall
    It’s Raining Men (New Version ’93) > The Weather Girls
    Circus (Villains Remix) > Britney Spears
    Come Rain Come Shine > Jenn Cuneta
    Womanizer (Kaskade Mix) > Britney Spears
    Since You’ve Been Gone > Kelly Clarkson
    Rocket In the Sky > Benassi Bros.
    And She Said (Valentin Extended Mix) > Lucas Prata
    Stamp Your Feet (Jason Nevins Extended Mix) > Donna Summer
    Ends of the Earth (Paul Oakenfold Club Mix) > Sun
    Womanizer (Jason Nevins Club) > Britney Spears
    My Life (Mike Rizzo Remix) > Jason Walker
    Just Be > Tiësto & Kirsty Hawkshaw
    Adagio for Strings – Dance Version > Tiësto

  11. marc says:

    Can’t stop listening to kings of leon whilst in the gym at the moment.
    Big congrats on the milestone Tyler!

  12. marc says:

    Oh, and when can we expect the picture updates?

  13. Matt says:

    I’ll bite. I’im kinda eclectic. I don’t seek out rap but if there is something I hear I’ll get the song, usually from a movie (Kiss of the Dragon, and Tropic Thunder, lol)

    So here’s my list:

    Audioslave – Cochise
    S.T.P. – Sex Type Thing
    R.A.T.M. – Bulls on Parade
    Presidents of the USA – Kick out the Jams
    Wolfmother – Woman
    Faith no More – From Out of Nowhere
    Faith no More – Epic
    Faith no More – Falling to Peices
    Aerosmith – Eat the Rich
    Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out
    Kylie Minogue – Like a Drug
    White Zombie – More Human than Human
    Lost Prophets – Shnobi Vs. Dradon Ninja
    Kanye West – Gold Digger
    The Crystal Method – Name of the Game
    Van Halen – Jump
    Metallica – Fuel
    Common – Universal Mind Control
    Rock Theme – Gonna Fly now
    Weezer – Dont let go
    Dirty Vegas – Days go by
    Black Eyed Peas – Pump it
    S.T.P – Trippin on a hole in a paper heart
    S.T.P – Interstate Lovesong
    Flo Rida – Low
    Flo Rida – Right Round
    James Gang – Funk #49
    N.E.R.D. – Lapdance

  14. Tyler says:

    Marc – Very soon.

    Flo Rida – Right Round is awesome.

    Will — WTF is that garbage you’re listening to? 🙂

  15. My playlist is always filled with a mix of Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters and Maroon 5.

  16. Oops, and Chris Cornell as well!

  17. Wow – who knew people made playlists of loud, angry music. Ever think about putting your playlist on blip.fm? One of my son’s is a drummer so loud music with a strong beat is something like the air – don’t think about it because it’s just there. The role of anger in weight loss would be an interesting reserch topic – especially how to turn from being self-destructive to using it to achieve our goals. Think you’re on to something big here.

  18. awolcfh5150 says:

    I can’t believe you don’t have Pantera on that playlist! Seriously, you gotta throw in some “Mouth For War” or “Domination”

  19. Tyler says:

    Pantera? Get that trashy band out of here, it has no room on my playlist. Just kidding, Pantera is one of those bands I just seemed to skip over in my youth. I’ll have to listen to some of their tracks.

  20. Barry says:

    I like to listen to old-school thrash metal while working out. Testament, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax. Stuff like that. Gets my heart pumping.

  21. Cole says:

    Thought I’d give my playlist to inspire you with some new workout music ideas. You know how at the gym they play a lot of bad dance music? Well, mine is also “dance” music, but it’s good. It’s pretty much all drum n’ bass, which is very aggressive and good for the elliptical if you can even keep up with it.
    My playlists aren’t really playlists – I usually just get a set by someone and listen to it all the way through. They’re usually 2 hours long, so it’s a pretty good indication of how long I work out. My “playlists” these days are:

    DJ Hype Drum n’ Bass Essentials 2009
    DJ Hype KISS FM 12/24/08
    DJ Hype KISS FM 06/10/09

    Check it out, you’d probably find it inspiring.

  22. Craig says:


    Add some Coheed and Cambria….like Welcome Home

  23. April says:

    add Parkway Drive and Gogol Bordello. very motivating! craig is right – Coheed my absolute fave! and DJ Hype will have you groove your ass off for sure. LOL Faith No More and Pantera – absolutely!


    we have similar taste tho.

  24. Steve says:

    You need to check out the lostprophets, or if you want something a little angrier, Rise Against 🙂

  25. Steph says:

    Aqueduct- Growing Up With GNR
    Brand New – At The Bottom
    The Junction – My Love Was There
    No Knife – Academy Flight Song
    New Pornographers – Use It
    Legion Of Doom – The Quiet Screaming
    Legion Of Doom – Boulevard of Broken Songs
    Wolf Parade – I’ll Believe In Anything
    The Thermals – A Stare Like Yours

  26. robbie says:

    hey tyler what game systems do you play>>

  27. Tyler says:

    Nintendo Wii. What about you?

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