Counting Calories: September 28 – October 2

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  1. Josie says:

    man, that chowder looks good. (That is chowder, right?)

  2. beej says:

    Great move to remove those empty Calories druign the week. Also a good idea to still allow yourself the treat on the weekends…

  3. DJM says:

    Congratulations on your success so far. I’m on a similar journey on my way down from 350 lbs. (75 so far.) And sadly, it’s not my first time. I’ve lost 100 plus pounds twice before. It’s in that context that I’m writing with some unsolicited advice. Here it is: Teach yourself to cook.

    Like you, I enjoy dining out. It’s fast, easy, tasty and there’s no cleanup to do. But dining out will never be the best way for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Because it’s a terribly slippery slope. Right now, you’re in focus mode. You’re thinking about every bite you take. And as such, it’s relatively easy to make sensible choices. But I encourage you to look ahead a year or two. How likely is it that you’ll remain vigilant at every restaurant visit when you’re dining out two or three times per week?

    I’d encourage you to pick one night per week that is now designated as a home cooking night. Seek out some recipes online, or check out a cookbook at your local library. You’ll benefit from healthier food and you’ll be be modeling good eating habits for your child. And as that one night becomes a bit easier after a month or two, add a second. And so on.

    Sorry if I sound preachy. But I know what the pitfalls can be. I had a heart attack at 39 to prove it.

    Good luck,


  4. Juncti says:

    Have you tried the diet Dr. Pepper? It’s not bad. If you like rootbeer give diet Barq’s a try, that’s the best diet soda I’ve found so far. Coke zero isn’t bad either. All of those will at least let you have a partial soda fix to get you through the week.

    I’ve been mainly drinking water, but use these to give myself some different flavors here and there.

  5. will says:

    Happy to hear you’ve cut back on the soda and sweet tea. I think that’s going to make a big difference in your numbers; guess time will tell. It took me a few months, but now diet tastes just fine. Pepsi Max helped me make the transition, but I can drink almost any of them now. Not that diet is really any better for you, lol. But I can’t drink water ALL of the time.

  6. Bret says:

    I was inspired by your success and have been changing my life as well. Its been about 2.5 months and I’m down to 330 from 365.

    As far as the sodas, good plan to cut them out. I went mostly cold turkey, maybe had 2 since i started this in July. But like someone else said, just water can drive you crazy. I turned to crystal light, and probably drink 2 quarts of that almost every day. The aspartame might end up killing me but at least the High Fructose Corn-syrup or the weight wont.

  7. a. says:

    drinks-wise, has anyone tried “vitamin water 10”? it only has 10 cals. per serving/25 per bottle, and it uses stevia, a *natural* sweetener, so there’s no metallic aftertaste. the recipe was too sweet when they first launched, but they seem to have scaled it back a little now, and i think it’s a great once-a-day (or so) alternative to water. i really love juice, but i don’t drink it anymore (due to calories), so vitamin water has been a great help. also: putting a little lemon juice in seltzer isn’t bad (to my taste, anyway).

  8. Tyler says:

    Yeah, clam chowder. It’s the absolute best clam chowder I’ve ever had and I’ve tried countless places to find the best — small soup kitchens to large chains like Outback.

    While it may be calorie-laden, Outback has the best clam chowder out of any restaurant. Ever.

  9. Tyler says:

    Yeah, my weekends are fairly loose. I don’t become a glutton or anything, but I do let the belt a little loose.

  10. Tyler says:

    I absolutely agree with you, David. Focus mode is an easy mode to lose weight, and anytime I don’t “focus” on losing weight and living healthy, I start to slide backwards.

    I completely agree that learning how to cook and how to enjoy cooking is the key to losing weight for good.

    Sorry to hear about the heart attack, but I do appreciate the word of warning. A lot of people, including myself, were/are in that situation and it’s a scary, scary place to be. I’m sorry you had to live it.

    I’m hoping my damage isn’t already done, but I guess we’ll see as I get older.

  11. Tyler says:

    I haven’t. I’ve tried Diet Coke, Sprite, etc., but as I tell my wife: “It tastes like headache.”

    Serious, diet drinks give me an almost instant headache and it’s been that way since I was about 15. I don’t know why and I can’t explain it. I had heard that it might be a side effect of the aspartame, but I don’t know, I’m not doctor.

    I’m just here to tell a story.

  12. Tyler says:

    I drank water solid for the first 6 months, but I knew I couldn’t live off of that forever. Again, in moderation, I think sweet tea and soda are fine. I don’t consider 1-2 glasses a day in moderation, though, because they’re simply too calorie-laden and provide no health benefits.

    A few glasses a week are fine, though.

  13. Tyler says:

    Congrats! Keep it up. Water is good though, try not to drink it too cold. Cold water has a long stronger taste.

  14. Mel says:

    I know other people have said this before, and I see that you had some grapes on Monday, but increasing your fruits and vegetables is not only going to increase your health (you need those vitamins) they are pretty much foods you can eat as much as you want and not worry about it. You’ll fill up and fruits are sweet, so are a good substitute for dessert (it’s one of the ways I’ve tried to tame my sweet tooth). I totally agree that you can’t be so strict on yourself that you end up bored and then go on a binge, but I do worry that you’re not getting enough vitamins.

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