Week 48: Weigh-in Results

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  1. Steve says:

    I use this scale:


    I bought it at Target for about $30 bucks, I had issues with the original one but I bought the same one as a replacement and it works like a charm. Nothing fancy about it, it only shows your weight but it has a large enough display that you can photograph it for the blog.

    Merry Christmas Eve-Eve

  2. Tyler says:

    That scale looks good. Will it break if I touch it?

  3. JenBen says:

    Comparing this video with the video from last week is crazy. How does it feel not to have another 100 pounds hanging in front of you all the time?

  4. Steve says:

    Haha, I doubt it. It supports MY fat a** just fine 😛

  5. beej says:

    What a great reminder of how far you’ve come! I’m so happy for you! (Maybe it’s a good thing your scale broke so you could really show how massive this loss has been!)

  6. Mike R. says:

    Tyler, check this scale out:


    It is a little pricy, but it is wifi! Maybe you can rig it to automatically upload the results to your blog?

    I personally use http://www.taylorusa.com/weight-management/glass-electronic-scales/glass-lithium-electronic-scale.html

    It works really well. Have had it for almost a year and haven’t had any problems with it.

  7. ambyr says:

    I used to use this site http://www.skinnyr.com to track my weight goals. They now have a partnership for a scale that automatically updates to the skinnyr account set up with it. Maybe this would be to your liking 🙂
    http://www.skinnyr.com/scale/getit is the link if you have a skinnyr account. If not, the Scale is made by Body Trace. You may be able to get there from https://www.bodytrace.com/

    Keep up the good work, skinny boy!

  8. Sean says:

    I bought a Tanita Scale InnerScan Model BC533. Its pricey but I love the body fat percentage measurement. It is pretty accurate – however there are rules – can’t weigh after eating/drinking – etc. Its a great to see the body fat down on a 0 or gain week. 206 from 292 – still hoping for the winterOnederland!

  9. bob says:

    Second for the withings. I got one and it comes with free iphone app and website that will graph weight, lean mass and fat mass. Also does bmi. All over wifi.
    Best scale I’ve owned, worth the pennies.

  10. Tyler says:

    It feels amazing. Sometimes I pick up my daughter, weighing 19 pounds, and she’s heavy to me after a few minutes. It’s hard to imagine I how I lived before with several of her hanging on me 24/7.

  11. Tyler says:

    It’s a good reminder, but it’s a hit on the ole’ wallet.

  12. kate says:

    I find it funny that now that you’re much easier on a scale it poops out. I picked up a $15 one from walmart that measures to the 2/10 of a pound (in .2 but not .1 strangely). It’s lasted at least three years, I haven’t even put another battery in it and that’s not from lack of use. It’s been accurate. If you want fancier I have no suggestions. If I ever feel like figuring out my body fat percentage I use the military’s tables (which are not far off) and I never use BMI since I’m too tall for women and it will always tell me I’m fat until I’m too skinny.

  13. Tyler says:

    I don’t want anything fancier, I just want something that works. It boggles the mind that these machines keep breaking on me. Maybe I’m stepping on them too much, giving them too much abuse?

  14. Tyler says:

    That’s a whole lot of pennies. I don’t have an iPhone anymore (G1), but I do like the concept. I’ll have to talk it over with the wife and see if it’s worth it.

  15. Tyler says:

    Good luck on hitting onederland. Nice scale, Sean!

  16. Tyler says:

    I like Skinnyr and that’s a pretty good service, I must say. I’m thinking about signing up myself.

  17. Tyler says:

    That is an absolutely awesome scale, but a little pricey. The scale that you personally use seems a lot more realistic and in more price range. Maybe when I’m rich and famous I can buy the Withings scale.

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