Week 49: Weigh-in Results

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  1. augustus says:

    argh. like 283 (down from 320) wednesday before and 294 today but I ate 5 hours ago. Probably should weight in later this week after a full nights rest. I know its closer to 291 but still. After the 1st I’ll be watching my food closer and pulling extra miles on my bike 🙂

  2. Jon A. says:

    Enjoy the rest of the year and hit it back hard this coming Monday. You have been a huge inspiration to me and i know others in 2009, I can’t wait to see what you do in 2010!!

  3. Steve says:

    Haha…umm…yeah…I think at one point my scale was up 10 pounds higher than it was a few days BEFORE the holiday. I don’t know my actual weight though b/c I pussed out and moved my weigh in until Friday in hopes are undoing some of the damage and getting into the 230s.

  4. Joe says:

    I gained about 3 pounds.

    I was visiting my fiance’s parents down in Virginia. We drank quite a bit of beer, ate lots of home cooked food, and ate out quite a bit. I tried to do everything in moderation, which is why it only came out to 3 pounds.

    Once 2010 hits, it’s time to get back on the horse and make things work.

  5. BossyMommy says:

    Is anyone else just sick and tired of every gathering, every holiday event having to center around FOOD? Why can’t people just get together and enjoy each others’ company without eating? I’m looking forward to a fun New Year’s Eve with family/friends, but I know all my stupid skinny sisters/friends are going to want a ton of crappy food at the party. I don’t want it! I just want to go, have fun, and not leave there feeling like a Macy’s parade balloon. Rant over.

  6. Hey, you’re still looking awesome. And if it makes any difference, scales do sometimes weigh heavier. This scale might be a good two pounds or more heavier than your old one. My current scale weighs us about 4 pounds heavier than our previous. So long as the numbers go down, I don’t mind. 🙂

  7. BodyByPizza says:

    Lost 1.5 lbs this past week. I dig your approach. Taking the gain like a big boy and not blaming ‘sodium’ or the ‘new scale’ for the increase. Something to admire for sure.

  8. beej says:

    I gained a pound last week. I might gain this week, too. Ugh. I think it’s fine to party on New Year’s. It’s not like you just started, or have unrealistic expectations for yourself. It’s really refreshing to see such a level-headed attitude

    Plus, that’s a 6 lb gain over a period of 2 weeks, so it’s really not ad bad as it looks, right? Of course, I’m looking forward to your hardcore push to start of the new year and end your first year!

  9. Craig says:

    I weigh tomorrow and it’s gonna be bad. REAL BAD! I’ve had the best time though! 🙂

  10. Heron says:

    I maintained over Christmas, and have been losing since. I am pretty damned proud of myself.

  11. Matt says:

    I’m still plugging along. Lost 2lbs each of the last 2 weeks, and I’m hoping I can get back to 3+ loss per week I was enjoying before Thanksgiving. Total lost since July 14: 109.5

  12. Will says:

    Gained just under six here. Came in at 237 even. Marathon is on the 10th. A week off after, then back to the hardcore weight loss regimen. Looking forward to having you around for more of the journey. Happy New Year, man!

  13. Torrin says:

    I gain about 2 pounds this week for the same reasons you did. Not eating and exercising like I should.

  14. I gained a half pound Christmas week (f*ckin’ eggnog), but here’s the problem I have with lettin’ it all hang out during the holidays. In the past, I’ve done that and then looked up and it was April and I was 50 lbs. heavier. For me, this is about finding a lifestyle I can live with and go about living with it.

    Happy new year, Tyler. Looking forward to seeing you get after it next week.

  15. Sean says:

    The old Tyler would have given up with a set back. Tyler 2.0 will get back to business with a treadmill for comments challenge.

  16. Jerilyn says:

    I had gained 11, but I’m back down to even after practically living at the gym for the past couple of weeks.

  17. Cory says:

    Gained 4 in 2 weeks…. I’ll take it like a big girl 🙂 Back to reality Jan 4th and I’ll be hardcore with you!

  18. Tyler says:

    Definitely, put extra miles on and watch those calories! Don’t get discouraged, you can get rid of that within 2-3 weeks I reckon.

  19. Tyler says:

    Thanks, Jon. I’m glad I’m an inspiration to you! I can’t wait to see what 2010 holds in store, either.

  20. Tyler says:

    That’s called wussing out, Steve. 🙂 You can’t change weigh-in dates! Oh well, let me know how it goes on Friday anyway, unless of course you more the weigh-in date to next week or something 🙂

  21. Tyler says:

    I’d love to gain 3 pounds, I think many other people here would agree with that sentiment as well. That’s not too bad at all over Christmas.

  22. Tyler says:

    I am. Maybe we can all gather around Wheel of Fortune or something. I know my family gathered and played a game of Monopoly for 3 hours, granted that was after we ate about 2,000 calories a piece.

  23. Tyler says:

    Yeah, the scale made me weigh heavier. I like that idea 🙂

    In any case, I know I’m at least partly to blame. Chic-Fil-A, while delicious, isn’t the foundation of a healthy diet when consumed on a daily basis!

  24. Tyler says:

    You lost pounds over Christmas? Give me your address, I’m going to send you a medal. That’s impressive!

    Congrats on the loss!

  25. Tyler says:

    It is 6 pounds over 2 weeks, you’re correct. I bet most of the weigh was gained around Christmas, but still, I haven’t weighed myself in over 2 weeks before this past Wednesday so it is anybody’s guess.

    It’s fine if you gain this week, just start again with my fresh on Monday and let’s go strong!

  26. Tyler says:

    Bad weighin = bad. Good times = good.

    It balances itself out.

  27. Tyler says:

    You should be, a rare accomplishment indeed!

  28. Tyler says:

    109.5 pounds since July is amazing, those numbers crush what I have been able to accomplish. What kind of exercise do you do? What about physical fitness?

  29. Tyler says:

    Boy, you’re going upward, not downward. You need to keep blogging consistently (and posting here, by the way) and get back on it! You were almost to the teens!

    You’re great, by the way. Thanks for being here in 09.

  30. Tyler says:

    2 pounds is nothing, you’ll take that right back off again without (much) sweat at all. Be happy with 2 pounds.

  31. Tyler says:

    Eggnog is disgusting, how can you drink that stuff? The soda is my poison, I drink a little too much over the holidays. That and hot chocolate and milk.

    Happy New Year to you, as well!

  32. Tyler says:

    You beat me. Impressive.

  33. Tyler says:

    Treadmill + comments challenge = tough. You’re right though, I think it’s time for another workout challenge.

  34. Tyler says:

    You lost 11 pounds (or nearly) within a couple of weeks? Hopefully my weight goes away just as quickly. Great job in redeeming yourself!

  35. Tyler says:

    Yeah, I’d take 2 pounds a week like a big girl, too! Join me on the 4th and let’s go HARDCORE!

    Thanks for being around so much in 2009, Cory. I hope to see you around in 2010, as well.

  36. Steve says:

    How about a 30 day/100 miles running challenge http://bit.ly/7fSml8 … or a 30 day/500 mile biking challenge? http://bit.ly/5jrSFC ???

  37. Steve says:

    You could always do a 30 day/100 miles running challenge http://bit.ly/7fSml8 … or a 30 day/500 mile biking challenge? http://bit.ly/5jrSFC

    Shameless plug over…have a nice day 🙂

  38. Matt says:

    I’m actually just a few pounds faster than your pace…at Week 24, you were at just over 100lbs lost. The main reason is diet. Even during the holidays and such, I’m still sticking to a calorie goal 1700 and I’ve only exceeded it 8 times in the last 170 days, with the most being by 100. Still eating pizza from gas stations, fast food, and other “junk”, too.

    For fitness, I’ve gotten at least 30 minutes of activity on all by 17 of those days. Until a month ago, my “workouts” consisted of things like mowing the lawn, daily walks of 3-5 miles during the unseasonably cool summer, long hikes on the weekend, and basketball in the back yard. Now, I’ve joined a gym and am alternating days between elliptical and weights.

  39. GME says:

    Amazingly, I actually lost 1.6 pounds over the Christmas week. I had to get on the scale a couple times just to make sure, but I was really proud. In spite of the fact that I know I ate more than I would in a normal week, I still managed to stay on plan. It helped that we’ve told everyone around us about what we’re doing, so they don’t think it’s strange when I refuse something. We’ve also been bringing a lot of our own food contributions to various events, and eating those! Our grocery bill has gone way up, but hopefully our future health care costs will go way down. Keep up the good work – your blog is an inspiration to us!

  40. transiit says:

    I lost 2 pounds this week. So I get to say that I went from 232 in May to 177 in December. I’m glad that you’re still rolling, Tyler, I’m glad for this blog, and hey, hardcore is coming. I’m in.

  41. Zamnation says:

    I lost 2.5 pounds over the last two weeks, and I’m not even sure how I did that.

    Maybe it was because I was sick? I didn’t think fighting off a cold and bronchitis could cause me to burn enough calories to make up for the extra eating I’ve done, especially with being unable to work out because of the sickness/everything being closed for the holidays.

    So now I’m down to 200 lbs after being 305 lbs in June. I’m not even considered obese for my BMI. Without this blog, I don’t know if I would have ever lost 105 lbs. It has really been inspiring.

    Don’t let this gain get you down. Finals week, I gained weight like crazy. I lost it all in a couple of weeks and got over it.

  42. Holly says:

    I gained about 6 pounds and hubs gained 16…we both lost over half what we gained after two days of being home, not traveling and not eating much in the way of salt (eating out makes you bloat!). The holidays are harsh.

  43. Jenn says:

    Loved that you allowed yourself to enjoy the holidays instead of being a slave to the weight. Also, glad you didn’t allow the gain to become an overblown setback towards your goal.

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