July 2005 vs. January 2010

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  1. Denise says:

    Tyler, you are a rock star!

  2. Dan says:

    What is your plan/approach to becoming a tank? While I’m fat, I have put up some pretty decent numbers in the past, so I am always curious how others go about their muscle building goals. I also will say that I admire your goal, in that you are like me, where you prefer building muscle and being strong, versus some weight loss bloggers who want to run everywhere and be triathletes. I vote for a post soon on your plans in the weight room.

  3. Jaclyn says:

    SNAP SON! Dude! Even your watch is loose! Time to buy a new time keeper! 🙂 Im gonna call you Tyler the Tank from now on! 2010 aint got nothing on the TANK!

  4. Karla says:

    You are such an inspiration!! I can’t imagine how awesome it feels to look at your before and after pictures… I can’t wait till I can do the same. I have started approaching my diet like you do and I have lost 19 pounds already. Although I have a long way to go you have given me hope. Thanks for putting yourself out there so we all can look to you for inspiration. Keep up the good work!!! 🙂

  5. Kyle says:

    Simply awesome Tyler! It’s like night and day.

    Isn’t it a nice feeling to actually WANT to be in pictures because you know you look good? I remember always avoiding pictures because I couldn’t stand looking at myself. It’s the simple rewards like those that make all the hard work worth it. I can’t wait to finally park my butt into a roller coaster this summer with my brother. I was never able to go on any with him because I could never fit. I told him that I wouldn’t go unless it was with him. I can’t wait!

  6. Beth says:

    Goals are the best! I was strength training last summer but for some stupid reason got busy and stopped. Well now I have been lifting for a month and I can already see the changes in my body! I am especially loving my biceps right now! A lady I know who does figure comps turned me to Hugo Rivera’s Hardgainers’ Bodybuilding Handbook.

    It has a great 21 week training schedule with photos and explanations of all the exercises. I am also training for my first 1/2 marathon, and it is helping me develop strength for endurance.

    Hope you have a great year of training! Beth

  7. Kericia says:

    Tyler, just as I am ready to give up, you remind me I can do this. Thanks for just being you. Keep going!!

  8. Tom says:

    I get you on the sweating. I was in my sisters wedding last June in a full tux and it was about 90 outside. Felt like a penguine out of water. The large shirt looks great! I bet you bought that off the store rack! I don’t even see the lose skin? Have you been tempted to wear a tight undershirt? Not that you need it, but sometimes I have in the past.

    See my journey at http://www.ihategreenapples.com

  9. Tyler's Wife says:

    Okay, you could have picked a better looking picture from that day. As I remember, you did look pretty handsome that day. Sweat and all.

  10. Petchy says:

    Inspirational as always! Though I haven’t lost nearly as much weight as you, I still hear ya on the sweating… I’m 14 lbs from goal now, but just 5 1/2 lbs from having a “normal” BMI – and I’m feeling a shift in my approach to things – from merely wanting to shed the lbs, towards toning up and working on those muscles 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  11. AndrewENZ says:

    Not sweating all the time is a definite plus. My wife is quite pleased that the man she married is improving all the time. Normally it’s the reverse!

  12. Britty says:

    That’s really funny about your watch! You look like a completely different person. It’s impressive!

  13. Tyler says:

    No Denise, you’re a rockstar! Thanks for sticking with me.

  14. Tyler says:

    I’ll definitely post my routine soon — I’m going to start concentrating on building muscle more and more.

  15. Tyler says:

    Yeah, I need a new watch. I’ve had that one since high school. Maybe you can buy me one for my birthday — I like Fossil.


  16. Tyler says:

    I can’t wait until you do the same, either. Keep us updated with your progress!

  17. Tyler says:

    Yeah, it was my idea to take that picture with Cocky. If I were still 344 pounds, I would’ve been RUNNING out of that picture. I always used to avoid cameras, but not anymore. I hope that doesn’t make me conceited or self-absorbed.

    I’m just proud.

  18. Tyler says:

    I’ve heard of him, he must be a big timer in the bodybuilding industry. Thanks for the link!

  19. Tyler says:

    Good, DO NOT give up. Keep going, Kericia, and keep us all updated with how you’re doing.

  20. Tyler says:

    I should definitely start wearing a tight undershirt or something… flatten that chest out a little bit. I did buy that shirt off the rack at Belk — $14.95 (marked down from $60!)

    It’s nice not shopping in Big & Tall anymore.

  21. Tyler says:

    You’re biased.

  22. Tyler says:

    That is amazing. I think I’m maybe 20 pounds or so away from having a normal BMI, but I don’t like the BMI much. When I build muscle and gain weight, I’ll automatically be considered “unhealthy” by their standards.

    Thanks for the comment, Petchy! Love your blog.

  23. Tyler says:

    I certainly lost control of my body after I got married — went from probably 290 pounds (no idea the exact weight) to 344… but now I’m making up for it all.

    My wife has still loved me through all of it, though. Love is more than just looks.

  24. Tyler says:

    Yeah, maybe you and Jaclyn can get me a new watch for my birthday. It was so loose when I was on the air this morning!

  25. DadShrinks says:

    I’m glad you mentioned the sweating. I know EXACTLY what you’re saying.

    Even though I haven’t lost much yet, I’m already not sweating as much. I’m wondering if it’s not a result of cleaner fuel intake for me. Lean and clean, no coke, no McDonalds… Might that be it?

    Good work Tyler – you look great!

  26. Laura says:


    You are such an inspiration to so many, many people!!! I love that you have been getting well-deserved attention, but I love it even more how humble you have remained. The fact that you are still putting yourself out there, and encouraging your friends is a testament to your character. Thin or not-so-thin, you are a good person, and I am very glad to watch your success continue.

    WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!


  27. bossymommy says:

    Wow. That’s it. Wow.

  28. Ashley says:

    Looking Good MAN!!!!!… and yea the sweating thing…. i know that all too much durning the summer… 😛

    Still on the way


  29. Brandon says:

    Wow, those 2 photos really say it all Tyler. It’s amazing how far you’ve come, very inspiring. I’ll have to start taking some progress photos so I can do before & after comparisons some day too!

  30. drew says:

    Tyler – thanks for sharing the pics. Is it just me, or do fat guys grow beards, goatees and mustaches thinking that folks won’t notice our double (and triple) chins if there is something there to distract them?


    (…ummm… yes – we do)

    Tell us some time about the day you dropped the ‘stache we see in some of your pictures – was losing it related to losing weight?

  31. kate says:

    Check out beachbody.com. Their programs are INTENSE. The P90X one is great. They have a new one called INSANITY. All posturing and cheesy informercials aside, they really do offer great workouts with minimal equipment. I’ve never been disappointed with the programs I’ve tried from them. The “Insanity” program is all body weight exercise too so it just requires sneakers.

  32. Chad says:

    That’s truly amazing, Tyler. Definite inspiration for the rest of us.

  33. JayLoss says:

    Wow.. you’ve come a long way … and I’m really happy for you. I have around 40 more pounds to go before I reach my weight loss goal. Reading blogs like yours keep me going.


  34. Tyler says:

    That is EXACTLY it. It’s the extra weight and all the unhealthy crap we use to fuel our bodies. You nailed it.

  35. Tyler says:

    Thanks Laura! I appreciate the kind comments! When is your next TBT class, I want in!

  36. Tyler says:

    The sweating thing was horrible for me, it didn’t matter if it was winter or summer. I couldn’t wear long sleeves because I’d feel like I instantly caught on fire! I sweat profusely.

    How’s your progress looking, Ashley?

  37. Tyler says:

    You definitely need to, even if you don’t want to broadcast them to the world.

  38. Tyler says:

    I think the stache was more laziness. It looked terrible and I think I just decided it looked terrible. There MIGHT have been some truth to what you’re saying, though, I just didn’t realize it.

    On second thought, there is definitely truth to what you’re saying.

  39. Tyler says:

    Everybody talks about this P90X thing, I might have to give it a try one day. I’m just too addicted to running right now.

  40. Tyler says:

    Thanks, Chad. AWESOME BLOG!

  41. Tyler says:

    40 pounds is nothing, you’ll go through that in no time. Good luck with it Jay and keep us posted. Snazzy looking design on your blog, too!

  42. Jennifer says:


    You must have brought Cocky (and the team) good luck last night! I am one of your relatively new CNN readers and have really enjoyed your blog. I want to lose 15 to 20 pounds and have lost 3 so far this month. Thanks for sharing your journey!

  43. lee says:

    Thank you for speaking about sweating!! Just to not sweat continually will give me incentive to get started again. I have lost 11 lbs since xmas and I have 70 more to reach my first goal. Thanks for the input and encouragement you give all of us!

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