New Years Resolutions for 2010

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  1. Eric Beezxy says:

    man if u want to look muscular…go look at your 243 picture..u l;oooked buff my dude

  2. BossyMommy says:

    Tyler, will you marry me? (just kidding, Mrs. Tyler! Put the baseball bat down).

    But really, I love this post. I’ve been saying I need someone to light my fire for some time now, but I’m thinking that’s not exactly what you meant. 🙂

    Time to go have something healthy for breakfast (I just finished my first workout of 2010, even after going to bed at 2am…sober, thank you very much).

    You’re amazing, and I have NO DOUBT you’ll make short work of those 24.6 pounds.

    Happy new year.

  3. AndrewENZ says:

    Great inspiration indeed.

    I shall be doing the same as you.

  4. Trimble Epic says:

    I restarted my weightloss plan today. I’m countin’ calories, and packing my shoes for the gym.

    I had a box of doughnuts last night. Three of them were mine. I ate two, because I didn’t get to the last one before midnight. Now that doughnut will rot. It became a symbol when I didn’t eat it after 12. Sure, i’ll have another doughnut, sometime, but I refuse to let THAT doughnut beat me 🙂

  5. theantijared says:

    You do not need to lose weight to build muscle. you can do that already

  6. Tyler says:

    That’s not what I want to look like at all. I’m talking MUSCULAR!

  7. Tyler says:

    I hope I make short work of those 25 pounds. I’m determined to do it, I’m ready to reach my goals and get some new ones on the table to accomplish!

    Happy New Year to you, too.

  8. Tyler says:

    Thanks, Andrew. Thanks for sticking around.

  9. Tyler says:

    That’s called willpower, my friend, you’re going to need it over the next several months and years. Congrats on your weight loss so far, keep going!

  10. Tyler says:

    You’re absolutely right, Tony, but I do too much cardio and have too much of a calorie deficit during my daily activities — cardio and basketball. And, as you know, you can’t build serious muscle with a calorie deficit.

  11. Jerilyn says:

    You need to call People Magazine before you start gaining your muscle! 😉 You look awesome. You’ll make short work of your 24.6 pounds, I know you will. Congratulations and Happy New Year!

  12. beej says:

    Those sound like great goals to me, Tyler. I can’t wait to watch you make the transition from losing fat to gaining muscle. Sweet!

  13. kate says:

    If you add a bit to your diet while watching the calories you can gain muscle as you work to lose fat. You do of course have a calorie deficit with your cardio but guys that work to build muscle don’t stop losing fat just because they eat more. If you want to start now on the muscle, take measurements of your waist, neck, biceps, around your chest/shoulders and your thighs. Your neck and waist get thinner as your biceps, chest and thighs get larger (or for now stabilize) Add 1:1 protein:carb ratio with your “extra” food. I think you’re also at a place in your weight loss where measurements will begin to matter as much as pounds and will help you see progress when there’s no loss.

    If you do an hour of light lifting at your current weight you’ll be burning around another 300 extra calories and by light I mean what most women do which is the low weight/low rep stuff. I rarely see women also use >20lb weights. As a male, you’ll lift more, faster. Just the sheer level of testosterone will push your muscle to cope faster. When you really start getting into it with higher weights or max rep/weight you could probably burn 300 calories in half the time. I think I’ll ask my little brother about this just in case. Since he’s a cert personal trainer he’s got the books that actually have the math on all this.

  14. Tyler says:

    That’s some good information, thanks Kate. I’m finally going to get started with serious muscle building program and your post is a great kick start!

    Thanks, as always 🙂

  15. Tyler says:

    Thanks, Jerilyn. Flattering to say the least!

    Happy New Year to you too!

  16. Tyler says:

    Me neither, Beej!

  17. Carolyn says:

    Found your blog via CNN, and just wanted to tell you you’re an inspiration! 🙂

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