50 More Random Facts About Me

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  1. 1. getting ready to start raising a few chickens
    2. secretly desire to quit job
    3. chew on my lip alot
    4. talk to my dogs like there children (in excess)

    I like this list stuff, I think I’ll change the about section on my new blog to a “50 things” type deal. Thanks

  2. Nicole says:

    1. I have never commented on your blog.
    2. I’m struggling for motivation and found your site.
    3. I hope I’m half as successful as you’ve been!

  3. Leah says:

    Congrats on the sponsorships!!

    I’ll go 10% and give you 5 random facts, but I’ll bulk ’em up:

    1. I find shoes, just the shoes, to be aesthetically pleasing, and this more than anything else is why I buy more shoes than one person really needs.
    2. Just ran JP McBride’s 3 miler (runthewildrover.com) in 27 minutes in change. F’d up my D-tag tracker so there’s no official record.
    3. I have a cluster of blood vessels near my left shoulder that make a pink spot when I’m hot or my blood pressure rises. People often think it’s a hickey. It’s not.
    4. I once knew how to knit, but I never had the patience to learn to do it well.
    5. Failed 8th grade English, went to summer school, took AP English in 9th grade. I was a behavior issue.

  4. Heather says:

    Okay, I’m good for a few factoids.

    1. I’m facing a new beginning, and it’s scary but exciting.
    2. You know how most people can curl their toes, and some can even pick things up with them? Not me. Except for where they attach to my foot, they don’t bend at all.
    3. Can’t wait for this winter to be over! If I never see snow again, it’ll be too soon.
    4. Grew up around the cops and firefighters. It gives me a strange insight into what they’re like when they’re out of uniform.
    5. Went to high school with Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio.
    6. Enjoys these brushes with fame much more than I’d enjoy actual fame…that’s just scary!

  5. Ruby Lembach says:

    Ha well, alright then. Maybe just a few because who can resit talking about themselves?

    1. I started this thing at 417.8 and I am down to 347.2 since September ’09.
    2. I have never had the chicken pox, poison ivy, oak or anything like that, ever, and I was exposed.
    3. Has way too many cats.
    4. And loves them way too much.
    5. Did in fact marry the UPS man.
    6. And most certainly loves the uniform.
    7. (Hey this is Fun!) Was an english major who wanted to be a writer.
    8. But thought she needed a teaching degree.
    9. And subsequently hit the eject button on all of that after a year or so.
    10. I live in Baltimore City.
    11. And despite what people say about crime here, I do actually love it.
    12. I love horror movies

    Is 12 enough for now?

  6. Michelle says:

    1. Just finished applying to graduate school… its 2am the app is due today… I waited until the last possible minute.
    2. Needs to really go to bed because teaching 7 toddlers on 4 hours of sleep isn’t fun.
    3. Will be the archery director at a day camp this summer…while I have worked at the camp before I have only show a bow a few times…scary I know
    4. 4 is my fav number so I will stop here…I am tired of all this snow we have in NY and I want it to be summer my feet miss sandals and open toed shoes

  7. Heather says:

    Hahaha…”Getting tired of Lady Gaga” – that is very funny.

  8. Laszlo says:

    I’ve been following you’re blog for a few weeks now, all the bet to you and keep up the good work, Tyler!

    1. Doesn’t watch TV at all, but has lately been watching quite a few old Battlestar Galactica Episodes.
    2. Hates Sunday nights, as they are so close to Monday mornings.
    3. Is writing this from Hungary.
    4. Loves to run, but has a terrible heel strike.
    5. Had 2 dogs, one of them gone astray, the other one got poisoned be the neighbour.
    6. Used to love to travel, now just wants to stay home.
    7. Is terrible at keeping in touch.
    8. Spends too much time in front of the computer.
    9. Has long fingernails on the right hand.
    10. Because he plays the classical guitar (not for a living).
    11. Doesn’t like seafood very much.
    12. Absolutely, positively can’t stand cinnamon.
    13. Is about to spend some serious money on daughter’s new violin. (Ouch!)

  9. Laszlo says:

    Sorry for the typos – I’ll add one more:

    14. Can’t type 🙂

  10. Steve says:

    I’ve been told I’m related to Abraham Lincoln through his mother…don’t know if its true or not though. And I don’t want to do my taxes either…I did them in turbotax but didn’t submit yet because it says I owe money. BOOOOOOO!!!!!

    Like when bloggers get more personal, makes the blog more relatable. Keep it up! 🙂

  11. Tara says:

    Yay, more random facts!!!

    1. 6 weeks ago I couldn’t run for 60 seconds.
    2. I’m up to 5 minutes non stop
    3. Tomorrow I attempt 8 minutes
    4. I’m scared about it but can’t wait to try.
    5. My scale is really close to hitting 239
    6. I’m scared about that too
    7. I just started using my wii fit and it’s pretty awesome
    8. My balance sucks!
    9. Got stuck at #9 in random facts.
    10. Is heading out the door to walk her dogs for an hour.
    11. Wishes everyone a great day…Remember to move!

  12. Jeff Levine says:

    Tyler, We started from a different set of circumstances (I am much older, I was MUCH fatter, etc, etc) but you have been a real inspiration. I am now down 115 pounds and still going. You keep going also and stay healthy!

  13. AR says:

    Random facts

    1. first time commenting on a blog type site
    2. you are very inspirational
    3. goal is to lose 100 lbs this year
    4. extremely motivated to lose 100 lbs .

  14. Cat says:

    Agreed…random facts are fun!

    1. I am an accountant and do taxes on the side
    2. I actually enjoy doing taxes
    3. I really need to start exercising! Thinking about it just isn’t doing the job.
    4. Need to buy a new (to me) minivan soon.
    5. Haven’t weighed myself for a few weeks and am afraid of what i might see
    6. You blog and everyones comments gives me motivation to keep going whenever I feel I need it. Keep it up!
    7. Despite how it may look for what people preceive, 3 kids isn’t that much more work than two.
    8. Neither is the 2 cats, 1 dog and bunny added into the mix.
    9. I want to visit YellowStone Park and wolf watch someday.
    10. Loved every minute of the Olympics (Go Canada’s Hockey Teams!) and now don’t have anything to watch until Dexter comes back on….


  15. Sean says:

    Have a few questions. How do I know I am done? I have been struggling with this question for awhile now. Started at 292 now at 182 and I am 5′ 11″. I have tried a few body fat calculators and I am anywhere between 19 and 15% I still have some of the hanging skin/fat and know I need to drop a few more pounds but maybe not as rapidly? Currently I am 1300-1500 calorie a day deficit and question maybe I should slow down in the final stretch? I am on the same mission to build muscle and have done p90x while I have been losing to keep as much as possible. How did you arrive at your goal weight? I arbitrarily picked 175 about 7 months ago and am questioning what next? I have this crazy fear if I start adding more calories that I will wake up 100 pounds heavier (yea I know I am crazy) Have you done any body fat measuring?

  16. oceanchica says:

    First time commenting on your blog! A few facts…

    1. I think you are doing an awesome job and are so motivating to everyone looking to lose weight (myself included).
    2. I live in the UK (have done for 5 years) and am starting to not miss the US anymore.
    3. I find it much easier to lose weight outside of the US!
    4. My favorite places ever are all near the ocean.
    5. I’m a HUGE sci-fi geek.


  17. David says:


    I am about your height (6′) and since October ’09 I have gone from 190 to 165. Your deficit seems pretty high as for your height you’re within the ideal weight range for a guy. You should make sure that you’re not cutting too many calories because you’re going to start burning muscle as well as fat.

    I found that using the Harris-Benedict equation to determine my daily caloric needs (based on height, age, weight, and activity level), then subtracting 20-30% from that number has worked best to put me at about a pound of fat loss per week.

    I know that the idea of adding more calories into your diet can be scary (I’m doing that now), but what you could do is try it for a week or two and keep checking the scale to see where your weight is going. If you’re gaining weight, subtract some calories from what you’re currently eating, and if you’re losing 1 or 2 lbs you’re probably on track.

    As far as body fat measurements go, I’ve used the Navy calculators floating around online that require your waist and neck measurements but I think I’m going to get some body fat calipers. I’ve used the electronic scales that measure your weight and body fat percentage but they vary a LOT and I don’t really trust them. The reading can be 3-4% points off just from stepping off and back on.

    Hope this helps!

  18. Kristi says:

    Great facts. Like learning more about you.

    1. Love the beach. One day, I will live there.
    2. More physically active at 40 than I was at 20.
    3. I have 3 redheaded children. I thought I wanted more. I don’t.
    4. HUGE fan of LOST.
    5. I have 8.5 lbs to lose to get to my next “minigoal.”
    6. I have 48.5 lbs to lose to get to my goal weight.
    7. I want a Mustang, possibly convertible, definitely standard w/8cyl engine; and when I lose the weight I will get it.
    8. Detest the winter, even though ours aren’t too bad.
    9. Can’t wait to wear sleeveless tops again.
    10. I have worked in construction for 20 plus years.

  19. Love reading your post and all the replies.
    Btw, if you change to almond butter, you will get more protein and less carb than peanut butter.

    1. Had an out of body experience at about 18 years.
    2.. communicate with devas in my garden
    3. I see people in future states of health.
    4. I think someday I am going to be the oldest living person on the planet, recorded that is.
    5. I’ve been certified ‘not crazy’.

  20. Jill says:

    1. Just got back from Myrtle Beach 🙂 I love vacationing there too but I stay at Dunes Village Resort
    2. has lost 76 pounds since April
    3. thinks you are truely an inspiration
    4. love to read!
    5. is working on a Masters Degree in Library Science through ECU online
    6. is addicted to facebook
    7. is the mailman’s baby and also married a mailman 🙂
    8. Born and raised in NC
    9. loves the wii fit! and wii active!
    10. doesn’t watch much tv but I do love Ruby and Lost 🙂

  21. Alisa Faye says:

    1. This is the first time I’ve commented here.
    2. Is 50lbs over weight and has no motivation, I lost it somewhere last year.
    3. Spends countless hours staring at my facebook page.
    4. Is going to lose 20lbs this year. (after I find that motivation)
    5. You page is helping to find motivation
    6. I have a dog, two cats and two goats. None of which I can figure out why I have them.
    7. Wants to buy a Wii
    8. Has a 10 uncompleted projects.
    9. I’m 40, have 4 kids, 1 grandson and I have a grand daughter on the way.
    10. I’ve been married for 22 years.

  22. Kathy Evers says:


    Could you give a lesson in how you count calories. I recall you saying something about Twitter. I am a little backwards so appreciate if you could spell this out. This is where I am having a big problem.

    Also, somewhere on this blog you said motivation is highly over rated. That has stuck with me. You are a wise man for such a young man.


  23. Niharika says:

    1) I’m posting this comment because I liked your # 49
    2) Have reached my weight loss goals and gone back to where I started twice. Wonder when I’ll learn to maintain my weight!!
    3) Inspired by you, I plan on blogging about my weight loss since I feel it might be easier to lose that way
    4) I have always been a very quiet person but have started talking non-stop when with family ever since I got married (which is a year now)
    5) I have never blogged and this is the first time I’m commenting on a blog

  24. Olga Bowman says:

    1. Lost 40 pounds so far. Trying to lose 50-60 more. Not being committed enough to eating

    2. Obsessed with yoga. Usually the fattest person in my vinyassa class but love it anyway. really centers me.

    3. watch tons of tv.. SCI fi nerd!!

    4. Mother of two and massage therapist (almost.. take my exam next friday)

    5. Love this blog. Keep it going. Love to read what a real person doing things we can all really do is saying. Thanks so much!

  25. Penelope Spiker says:

    I’ll tell you five things about me:
    1. I’ve been married almost 18 years, I got married when I was 19.
    2. I have 5 tattoos and want more.
    3. I’ve lost 55 lbs. and I’m stuck
    4. my husband and I do puppets at church for the preschool class.
    5. I fight an addiction to sweet bread.

  26. Ninabi says:

    Okay- will respond so you don’t think I’m some sort of creepy lurker- a few facts about me

    1. I laugh. A lot. So does my husband. Teasing, one liners, practical jokes- we love it all.

    2. Joking aside, we’re serious about work, education, health and financial matters.

    3. So serious about finances that we got engaged over a budget. Written on the back of an envelope. It made $ sense to get married (lower insurance, etc). How’s THAT for romance?

    4. I’ve learned the hard way that “historic home” is a euphemism for “high maintenance”.

    5. Having a historic home means I’ve gotten good at plumbing and roofing.

    6. I take care of all the icky jobs around the house.

    7. One icky job is gopher trapping and I’m good at it.

    8. I do my own farrier work.

    9. I admire teachers because they work long hours and they have to store all those tubs of classroom decorations they buy on their own dime.

    10. I hate clutter and tubs of stuff.

    11. I’m no longer a teacher. But I did like teaching science and English as a second language.

    12. I walked (unknowingly) on a mine field every day I was pregnant with my first child back in 1985.

    13. I’ve lived all over the US.

    14. Depending on which of my 2 kids you are referring to, I was either the best parent in the whole wide world or the worst one.

    15. Parent teacher conferences used to make me sick to my stomach.

    16. Both kids turned out just fine.

    17. I’ve been swarmed by Africanized bees twice and did not get stung either time. But I needed a drink afterwards.

    18. I love the beach and had the chance to live near it for a few years.

    19. Mountains are pretty but I absolutely dread winter.

    20. I love going through thrift shops and finding something worth $35.00 and paying a buck for it.

    21. I don’t buy potato chips because I will eat them all.

    22. I do keep a drawer with chocolate hidden in the back.

    23. I need to exercise more. My bones need it.

    24. College basketball is my favorite sport.

    25. If I’m not riding horses, I enjoy the outdoors by hiking and birding.

    26. I’ve learned the hard way- thin does not equal healthy if you don’t exercise.

  27. J. S. says:

    Random Facts…

    1. Is sick of the saying “Food doesn’t taste half as good as thin feels”, yet constantly am thinking that it might be true for a lifelong chubby girl.
    2. Finally made a commitment to buy a nice treadmill on Craigslist, emailed two people, and neither has officially gotten back to me…
    3. The chub part of me thinks the treadmill debacle is a sign I shouldn’t work out. The wanna be thin girl knows that is a load of crap.
    4. Talks to her dog like it’s her son.
    5. Doesn’t have a son…or daughter.
    6. Or apparently a real boyfriend…I digress.
    7. I am on the internet WAY too much at work.
    8. Everyone thinks I am just a super hard worker.
    9. I tend to exaggerate the details.
    10. I can’t wait to weigh 199 lbs…Being 275 is ginormous to me at 5’2, but no one knows I weight that much. Luckily or unluckily, I carry it pretty evenly. Being under 200 lbs again almost seems surreal…and scary. But I want it so bad…why can’t my food habits and exercise habits reflect that yet?!!

    Anyways, I have enjoyed reading your blog quite a lot…I have one of my own on Blogspot, however I have now blocked everyone from seeing it so I can make it more of my virtual diary.

    Wish me luck on finding a great treadmill?

    Thank you!!!!!

  28. C.C. says:

    1. I love my own handwriting, and therefore make tons of lists.
    2. I like getting compliments about my weight loss, when people haven’t seen me for a long time.
    3. But would give up every compliment to not have my grandmother notice when I haven’t lost weight.
    4. Love swimming laps for exercise and wish everyone who can’t swim could, for this reason alone.
    5. Love this blog! The humor, insight, courage-all of it makes the day a little bit better 🙂

  29. Lynne Garcia says:

    Hey there. I’ve never commented on your website. I saw it on Josie’s website (www.35andshrinking.com). Here are a few things about me:

    1. I’ve lost 71 pounds
    2. I still have lots to go (about 100)
    3. I am married
    4. I have a 5 year old daughter – she is my EVERYTHING
    5. I work in law enforcement (not a cop)
    6. I have a weakness for peanut butter
    7. I am struggling to continue on my journey at the moment… but I won’t give up. Hell no, I won’t give up.
    8. I love to write (hence I love to blog).

  30. Aimee Smith says:

    Hello! I may have commented once before, I’m not sure, but anyway I love your blog. It’s fun to read these random facts. Here’s a few about me.

    1. I’ve lived in Alaska for 5 1/2 years now.
    2. So far I’ve lost 40 of the 80 pounds I need to lose and I’m feeling great.
    3. I love pilates. Actually I just love exercise in general, words I never thought I’d hear myself say.
    4. I have relatives in South Carolina.
    5. I can’t wait for the snow to melt so I can do some hiking this year!

  31. ty says:

    1. Lurked here for months
    2. Lost 41 pounds in the last 2 months.
    3. Up to running 3 miles a day
    4. After playing video games and watching tv and doing no exercise for the last 8 years.

  32. Melissa says:

    I’m in school right now so my time lately has been pretty limited as far as commenting. I think I have 2 or 3 times so far.

    Here goes a few…

    1. I think Mustangs rock too.

    2. Going back to school for a bachelors in Early Childhood Education. That’s for teaching infants through 3rd graders.

    3. Love the Oklahoma Sooners and Dallas Cowboys. I know…no comments please…born and raised in Oklahoma so it’s in my blood.

    4. Have been reading about nutrition for about 25 years ago. It really fascinates me.

    5. Lost 35 pounds in 8 months about 12 years ago. Did it through eating high carbs/low fat and exercising daily. Then 15 more on an 18 day juice fast. Over the past couple of years have gained back 20. Need to get back in the fitness/nutrition groove.

    6. I love to exercise. Just wish I had more time for it right now.

    The End = )

  33. Tony says:

    First time commenting on a site, but really digging yours.
    1. Hit 43 and weighed the most in my life – goal is to lose 30 lbs
    2. Ran 1000 miles last year – hit 1000 on new year’s eve, no time to waste
    3. going to do my first half-marathon this year
    4. have an even bigger goal than losing weight
    5. it’s taken a year of on and off and determination – but have finally quit smoking
    6. love your site and find great motivation and inspiration – even to help with quitting smoking

  34. Gelene says:

    Tyler, I found you a few months ago and I to have been lurking.
    You are an inspiration(hope you NEVER tire of hearing that)
    I have got my DH and DB both thinking and wondering of you and your journey. The inspiration is coming. Thank you.
    So here goes some fact about me:
    #1 I am know by all, who know me, as Finki!
    #2 I had gastric bypass 6.5 years ago. Started at #400.
    #3 I lost 162# in 10 months.
    #4 I have gained #62 back.
    #5 I have a 5 and 3 year old son, which are my LIFE(also which is partly the #62 gain)
    #6 I would never go back, on the gastric bypass, but want EVERYONE to know, it is NOT the easy way out or a quick fix.
    #7 My plan and goal is to get back on track and loose another 100+
    #8 I really want a baby girl.

  35. Melissa says:

    I love your blog! I’m going to try and stick with 5 facts.

    1) I too, share peanut butter weakness. Plus I eat very little meat so it’s definitely a go-to. Thank God I did not give it up for Lent (chocolate instead)
    2) I love to work out and eat well. I have a great body and a fiance who thinks I am smokin hot. But I still struggle so much with mindless eating, willpower, and my self-confidence.
    3) I have an amazing beagle mix named Henry that is my child. He is such a great exercise buddy, and so loving and kind. He knows I saved his life and he’s certainly saved my sanity.
    4) I’m a full time college student and work full time as a leasing consultant at an apartment complex. Needless to say I read your blog at work.
    5) I’m very blessed and should remember that more often!

  36. Tyler says:

    I like lists, too. Easy to read, simple to write!

  37. Tyler says:

    1. I’m glad you commented on my blog and you keep commenting, knowing that I read every comment and get my inspiration from them.

  38. Tyler says:

    12 is fine for now. The most so far!

  39. Tyler says:

    No kidding, I miss sandals, shorts, and t-shirts.

  40. Tyler says:

    Her music is EVERYWHERE.

  41. Tyler says:

    Number 2 is so true. The only way I can *not* hate Sunday nights is if I’m very constructive. If I’m lazy and feel unprepared for Monday morning it makes it that much worse.

  42. Tyler says:

    Thanks. Nice weigh-in today, too.

  43. Tyler says:

    I hope it’s not the last time, either. Appreciate the kind comments, good luck with your goals!

  44. Tyler says:

    Listen to David, he’s a smart man. I can’t really add anything else to his reply.

  45. Tyler says:

    Thanks, Chica! Nice blog.

    I bet it would be much easier to lose weight outside of the US… the US is programmed for obesity. I was talking to a friend from overseas about this and he says he’s been all over the world and no where is harder to lose weight than America.

    With that being said, I love this country.

  46. Tyler says:

    Not probably a convertible, definitely.

  47. Tyler says:

    Dunes Village Resort — how much is that typically a week?

  48. Tyler says:

    I’m glad you commented, Alisa! I have you beat though, I have about 25 uncompleted projects. That’s definitely changing, though. I’ve already started staying up later and waking earlier to make sure I get the stuff I want accomplished DONE!

    I can sleep later on in life.

  49. Tyler says:

    I count calories using my head, these days. Just remembering what calories I had from breakfast, lunch, etc. I’m just really used to it these days and it comes easier for me. With that being said, if I were just starting out I’d use a pen and piece of paper. If you eat something, write down its calories on that paper… add up the total at the end of the day and that’s your calorie total.

    Just keep doing that every day… it’s not hard once you get used to doing it.

  50. Tyler says:

    Awesome, Niharika!

  51. Tyler says:

    My wife’s a teacher, she’d really like you.

  52. Tyler says:

    I’m glad you found me through Josie’s website! Congrats on the weight loss and good luck with your journey!

  53. Jerry says:

    1. just dropped under 320 – first time since I was 18, and I am 26 now.
    2. Reads your blog everyday – I even troll the older entries when nothing is new
    3. Work as a computer nerd.
    4. can send you as many markers as you like, sharpies too. (My company is AWESOME)
    5. Visit my doctor almost daily, and she doesn’t mind – we have become friends.
    6. Has dropped from a 54 pants to a 44 pants since december.
    7. Married with a child (It’s a GIRL) on the way – and am extremely focused on her never knowing her daddy as a fat man.
    8. I am completely committed to making the above statement true, not for just me, but my wife, and my daughter.
    9. I am about to give frisbee golf a shot – never thought I would but there is a first time for everything.
    10. really likes following this blog, because I can see what progress really looks like.

    That’s enough for now I guess. Tyler – thanks man.

  54. Mary says:

    Do you think packaged foods such as Lean Cuisines are bad for you? I know tv dinners have lots of sodium, but the calorie count is usually 300(+/-). Is it terrible? I have either cereal, oatmeal, or yogurt & granola for breakfast, a lean cuisine for lunch, and a salad with grilled chicken for dinner. (This is pretty much what I eat during the week – weekends, different story).
    Is eating lean cuisines counter-productive? Thanks!

  55. Tara says:

    I so heart sharpies!!!

  56. Carolyn says:

    My brother’s name is Shawn and my in-laws live in South Carolina (Moncks Corner).

  57. Tyler says:

    I don’t think they’re necessarily bad for you. You’re right, they do contain a lot of sodium, but calorie wise and weight wise, they’re good for you. It’s all in moderation, though. Mix a lot of fresh, homemade meals for lunch along with your Lean Cuisines (aka, don’t eat Lean Cuisines every day).

  58. Cindy says:

    1. Maintaining the weightloss focus is really hard lately.
    2. Thinks any exercise is better than no exercise.
    3. Loves to snuggle with my dog in the early am before getting out of bed.
    4. Kept a food log for 2 years and can’t seem to keep one for more than a week now.
    5. Knows that as long as I keep “starting over” I haven’t given up and that means there is hope.
    6. Wants desperately to take 1 more NC beach vacation before the kids are too old to want to go with us!
    7. Married the mailman.

  59. amy says:

    no random facts…but i do have a 101 list in 1001 days list


    wrote it a year ago.. one thing was to plan and eat healthy..still haven’t done that. gained a few lbs over the last year instead. loved your most recent blog on yesterday is gone. Sent that off to 2 good friends who, like me, are 30-40 year old SAHMs needing to loose 20-30 lbs. it’s a process… love how you lost all that weight and made mistakes along the way. we all do- yet you still achieve your goals.

  60. Karen says:

    Thank you for your blog. Your thoughts and tips are very helpful. I have lost 10 lbs in the last couple of months — about 60 lbs more to go… reading your story helps me to believe I can get there too.


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