50 Random Facts About Me

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  1. Mary says:

    1. Had five fabulous kids in 6 years
    2. High school librarian
    3. Have seen Bruce Springsteen in concert 20+ times
    4. Believe that things always work out for a reason
    5. Never expected to be so blessed
    6. Got hooked on the elliptical due to Tyler
    7. Love to read
    8. Love my family and my dog, miss my mom
    9. Dream for a peaceful, tolerant, respectful world
    10. Losing weight (but ever so s-l-o-w-l-y)

  2. Jen says:

    Hey, vegetarianism (well, partial, only organic or grass fed meat allowed and since it’s so expensive…pretty much vegetarian) helped me lose 30 lbs! Well, Jillian Michaels DVDs, too.

  3. Sunny lang says:

    1) I have an 11 month old boy who means the world to me
    2) I had let myself get up to 275 in November and since then am no down to 243 pounds. Still with a long way to go.
    3) I live with my fiancΓ©, son, and two dogs (chiuauawa and Jack russsel)
    4) I work as a nurse aide and I am a full time nursing student.
    5) I live in th up of Michigan

  4. Jelly says:

    1. Is mad for most Asian foods. So tasty
    2. Adores cats, but is quite allergic
    3. Took up running when car-less during a city-wide bus strike and is now training for a second half-marathon
    4. Isn’t sure how weird she is, but she’s pretty sure she can stop a conversation with one sentence
    5. Is really good at losing things
    6. Can quote Blazing Saddles almost ad verbatim
    7. Remembers the weirdest things (see #6)
    8. Is really proud of her sister, and happy they get along now
    9. Wants to work on Mythbusters some day, even though she lives in Canada
    10. Would see Rammstein anywhere in North America

  5. sheila says:

    I nominated your blog for an award. Check it out in today’s post at my blog πŸ™‚

  6. I’m very intrigued by your #50…

  7. Sean says:

    You forgot:
    51. Inspired others to lose weight.

    I started at 292 last May and now am 189 and even if you were unaware and we didn’t speak you were a great motivator. First thing every Wednesday I would compare my weekly stats to you. I know each weight loss journey is unique and personal it was nice to beat you some weeks and I would step it up when you were ahead. Thanks Tyler!

  8. Julie says:

    1. LOVES the beach
    2. Went on a random road trip to LA
    3. Is going to see Bon Jovi open their world tour in Seattle
    4. Went to the hospital in ambulance a week before Christmas
    5. Got stuck on a train for two days
    6. Got married two weeks after turning 18
    7. Really likes The Good Wife
    8. Has a slight obsession with the stairmaster
    9. Loves to “make over” recipes
    10. Could eat sushi everyday

  9. BossyMommy says:

    #25: Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane.

    Good choice, my friend.

    #13: ouch.

  10. Justine says:

    I have always wondered why your spelling is usually impeccable. Now I know why. =)

  11. BossyMommy says:

    Oh, and about #35, you should really join PETA—People for the Eating of Tasty Animals. They have a facebook page. I’m a member, of course.

  12. Michelle says:

    1. Lives in Syracuse NY and is NOT a big fan of the cold or snow
    2. Wishes she could wear sandals all year
    3. Seems to always put others before herself (the boyfriend and I are equally sick and somehow I ended up spend the day taking care of him.. What gives?)
    4. Has been with her boyfriend for 3 years and we currently live together and have a dog…would he just propose already?
    5. Needs to apply to grad school but is so scared of rejection and the craziness that is grad school.
    6. Graduated from college in December
    7. Has a blackberry and and iPod touch and really wishes she just had an iphone
    8. Loves working with kids
    9. Is working at a summer camp this summer like usual but will be the archery director…and has never really shot a bow in her life
    10. Is awful at making lists

  13. Shauna says:

    1. Met my husband 11 years ago in a Napster chatroom.
    2. Have a flat-coated retriever and a chihuahua.
    3. Have a Quaker parrot and a Sun conure.
    4. Am one of many who has felt inspiration from reading your journey.
    5. Going back to college after 25 years.
    6. Love blogging.
    7. Wish I could fit on a rollercoaster.
    8. Am a FB Farmvilleaholic.
    9. Am trying to develop a love of exercise.
    10. Grew up in Utah but not OF Utah.

  14. Jill says:

    I don’t have much of a life right now, so here goes:

    1) I live in Michigan. I was raised in the “thumb” area πŸ™‚ but now live near Detroit.
    2) I have never had a tan in my life. Ever.
    3) I can speak Spanish.
    4) I drive a Beetle.
    5) I am a graphic artist.
    6) I can type really fast.
    7) I have no children.
    8) I have no husband.
    9) I have no boyfriend.
    10) I have not been on a date since August, 2007.
    11) That date dropped me off and squealed away before I even got to the sidewalk.
    12) I’ve needed bifocals to read since I was 3.
    13) Yes, I could read when I was 3.
    14) I never had a weight problem until age 19.
    15) I am turning 30 on March 27.
    16) I still have a weight problem.
    17) I can’t swim very well.
    18) I have a habit of falling in love with other people’s pets.
    19) My brother and sister are both adopted.
    20) I am Lutheran.
    21) I have over 30 diaries in storage bins under my bed from ages 10 – the present.
    22) I used to want to be a famous writer.
    23) I might still become a famous writer someday.
    24) Bad grammar and spelling are huge pet peeves.
    25) I spent a semester in Mexico during college.
    26) My degree is in graphic design.
    27) I recently donated 12″ of hair to Locks Of Love.
    28) When summer rolls around for the few months we have it, I tend to shy away from beaches and public places because my skin is so white.
    29) I have tried everything. I cannot get a tan.
    30) I enjoy making smoothies in my BlendTec (which is more like a countertop lawn mower) that include both fruits and veggies.
    31) I like cooking Indian food.
    32) I also like eating it very, very much.
    33) I have been hit by a car (not my car, but my body).
    34) I have traveled out of state for surgery.
    35) I am planning on going to Taiwan to celebrate my 30th b-day.
    36) I live on the 2nd floor.
    37) I played piano for many years as a child.
    38) I have lost count of the number of times I’ve tried to lose weight.
    39) I am trying again to lose weight. Just 30 lbs. or so.
    40) Hopefully I’m not the only person who gives you 50 random facts.
    41) My best friend’s mother-in-law passed away two weeks ago from lung cancer.
    42) I am very sensitive to fragrances and smells.
    43) This occurred after my first surgery in 2007 and no one can explain it.
    44) I was editor-in-chief of my high school newspaper.
    45) I had more foreign friends than American friends in college.
    46) Hence my reason for visiting Taiwan in March.
    47) It annoys me when people at work sit in the bathroom and talk on their cell phones.
    48) I go to spinning classes every Thursday evening at 6:00.
    49) Last week, the teacher played one of my favorite songs at my request (“Camina Y Ven” by David Bisbal – all in Spanish). I was happy.
    50) I’m hoping my next date will wait until I get to the sidewalk before driving off.


  15. Dave Elliott says:

    1. I’ve lost 111 lbs so far
    2. ..and have almost lost my nig saggy rack.
    3. I travel to Pittsburgh at least 6 months a year
    4. ..and manage to resist temptation whilst there.
    5. I’m a freelance web designer, same as Tyler.
    6. My birthday is July 26, same as Tyler.
    7. My favourite colour is purple, same as Tyler.
    8. However, I am not Tyler.

  16. Tabitha says:

    1) Discovered your blog about a week ago, and proceeded to read EVERY. SINGLE. POST from start to finish.
    2) Weighs 167 lbs at 5’9″, and wants to get down to her ideal weight of 145.
    3) Actually believes it’s possible after reading your incredible story.
    4) Is afraid of failure, which often results in never trying at all.
    5) Wants to start living a healthy lifestyle, not just “diet”. (In fact, has NO desire to diet. Likes her fro-yo and Chili’s buffalo wings too much.)
    6) Can’t believe she admitted her weight on some stranger’s blog.
    7) Feels strange typing in third person. A little bit like Elmo.
    8) Wishes she had a phone that could access the internet, to make it easier to check calories of meals when out at restaurants.
    9) Is patiently waiting until May, when her “New Every Two” is up, so she can get a Droid, because no offense, but it’s way better than iPhone.
    10) Hopes that last one didn’t offend anyone. iPhones are really cool, too.

  17. daveinthe805 says:

    Regarding #13, I think you should post your weekly meals on the site for 2 reasons: (1) I like to see it on your site more than on twitter.com and (2) Because it is your site and you can post whatever you want! Let the haters be jealous. This is your digital diary. πŸ™‚ I’m in the same boat that you are and you are my inspiration for keeping up the weight loss fight when I sometimes slip or get discouraged. Thanks for posting your struggles and successes. We “fat boys” need to stick together!

  18. Tara says:

    1. Love the color orange
    2. Didn’t learn to drive until I was 32
    3. My first car = 2006 Honda Element (Orange!)
    4. Prefer salty over sweet
    5. I am a Sign Language Interpreter
    6. I knew I wanted to be a Sign Language Interpreter since I was 13 years old.
    7. I prefer to sleep on my back
    8. I have two dogs (black and tan coonhound/australian cattle dog and a pitbull/sharpei).
    9. I have three cats. Two of which are almost 18 years old.
    10. I’m obsessed about my handwriting (long story).
    11. I gave up my World of Warcraft addiction on Jan 6th, 2010 after playing for 4+ years
    12. I used to be a professional body piercer
    13. I have over 36 tattoes
    14. I play farmville on facebook
    15. I chew the inside of my mouth
    16. I often read to my husband to help him get to sleep.
    17. I’m polite to a fault.
    18. I expect people to be as polite as me and am often disappointed.
    19. I look forward to eating less and moving more
    20. I moved back to my home town and bought a house in the neighborhood I grew up in.
    21, I’m afraid of the dark.
    22. I love to read and often fall asleep with the book light on.
    23. My husband is a executive chef.
    24. Would like to go back to school and become a math teacher for middle school kids.
    25. I need to go clothes shopping but am too nervous it will jinx me into gaining weight.

  19. Jessica says:

    I have been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now, but this is my first comment. I just want to let you know that you’re an inspiration. Congrats to you and all you have accomplished so far!

    Here are 10 facts about me:

    1. My favorite color is (also) purple.
    2. I have never traveled outside of the United States.
    3. I was born and raised in Alaska, but currently reside in Oregon for college.
    4. I graduate in May with a B.A. in Sociology.
    5. I don’t know how to swim.
    6. I really, really don’t like feet. Bare feet make me uncomfortable and I freak out when someone’s feet touch me. My friends find this hilarious.
    7. I used to hate cooking. Now I love it.
    8. I went vegetarian for 6 months before giving up. I missed chicken.
    9. I don’t like mushrooms.
    10. I’m a Leo.

  20. 1) Will be eating the freshest sushi ever at the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo next month.
    2) Sorry.

  21. Derek says:

    1. Blue is my favorite color.
    2. I wanted to be on the radio, but now I’m a programmer.
    3. I hate working on my birthday, because nobody at work seems to treat me the way I want to be treated on my birthday.
    4. If nothing else is on TV, I can ALWAYS watch FoodTV.
    5. I am such a gadget person.

  22. Uncle Sam says:

    Favorite color purple? That is probably because you turncoated on the Tiger’s for the Lamecock’s. I will be in Cola Wed for a bit. I will give you a call. Keep it up!

  23. Alisha says:

    1. Was a vegan (not vegetarian) for a year and a half. Then someone showed me sushi.
    2. I work(ed) with Autistic children.
    3. I hold a degree in both Behavioral Psychology and Art.
    4. I drive a manual transmission car.
    5. I have a cat named Yoshi.

  24. Steve says:

    1) I am the oldest of 9 siblings (have 6 brothers, 2 sisters)
    2) I work as a health insurance claims processor.
    3) I WANT to work in juvenile justice or international government.
    4) I’ve lost 30 pounds since October.
    5) I started my blog largely because of yours
    6) My first car was a Scion xA (right when they first came out on the East Coast)
    7) I totaled that car the day after I made my first payment
    8) Was a Pescetarian for 6 months in 2008, actually kinda liked it.
    9) I enjoy ketchup sandwiches
    10) Really curious/excited about this “really big” thing you have coming…

  25. Natalie says:

    I’m a vegetarian and I don’t judge carnivores! I just can’t bring myself to eat animals πŸ™‚ I think you forgot to follow my blog, by the way.

  26. Katie says:

    Long time lurker…

    1) Misses your food posts πŸ™‚

  27. 1. I found your blog through CNN about a month ago and have been reading it ever since!
    2. You’ve truly inspired me to finish what I started back in 2003: be healthy, be fit.
    3. I met the love of my life (now my husband) 6 years ago in a video chat room and we’ve been married for a year and 1/2 now πŸ™‚
    4. I am a Magistrate’s Assistant
    5. I recently got custody of my 2 toddler cousins
    6. Our daughter will be 13 next month so having two toddlers in the house is pretty strange lol
    7. Since I transferred to the courthouse on December 7th I have lost a total of 19 pounds πŸ™‚ (walking these halls and stairs is torture!!!)
    8. Since January 1st I’ve consistently tracked my calories and exercise by using my FAVORITE SITE EVER Sparkpeople.com πŸ™‚
    9. I have 2 brothers, 5 sisters, a REDICULUS amount of nieces, nephews, great nieces, great nephews and the best parents EVER… I LOVE THEM ALL!
    10. I just got my BA in Legal Studies last summer from Nova Southeastern University and I’m DREADING going back to school to get my JD because MY GOODNESS it’s expensive!

    I’ll leave it at 10 because 50 is entirely too far away and I don’t think I can make it that far! lol

  28. Dr. Kal says:

    1) I don’t have a television.
    2) I watch Smallville and Heroes online.
    3) I love Big Macs.
    4) I am Nijamerican (Parents were born in Nigeria and Jamaica.)
    5) I hate Cardio almost as much as I love Big Macs.
    6) I lost 130+ pounds.

  29. Megan says:

    I’ve never posted here but have been lurking for a while. Tyler, you are truly an inspiration to me and countless others!

    Hmm..#50 Maybe you’re getting your own tv show!! πŸ˜‰

  30. josie says:

    I’m gonna take a stab at #50 and say you have another child on the way?


  31. Christie says:

    Great list Tyler! Always a joy to read your posts (and sorry you had so many haters on your food posts).

    1. I am a “flexaterian” meaning that I do my best to eat meat free, but do allow myself meat on occasion. I love a great steak and some chicken, unfortunately I have very high cholesterol and need to limit my animal consumption…no judgments from me!!
    2. I will complete my second half marathon on Sunday (Austin Marathon and Half Marathon).
    3. I have managed to gain weight during my training πŸ™
    4. I had a tumor the size of a baseball removed last February (2009)
    5. Prior to the tumor growth I had lost 12 pounds. When it started growing, I gain 6 pounds in one weekend.
    6. I have been married for 5 years, with no kids
    7. to answer your question, I have no idea when or if I will ever have kids.
    8. My favorite color changes every few years. For most of my childhood it was bright green. In college it was red (thank you pledging) and now I seem to lean more toward pink clothes and items.
    9. I have gained 60 pounds since I met my husband (almost 9 years ago).
    10. My goal for 2010, complete a full marathon and feel better about myself. I have stopped caring about the number on the scale and more about how I feel when I look in the mirror and put my clothes on in the morning.

  32. cjbrownsc says:

    1) born and raised in SC
    2) have been married for 17 years (yikes!!)
    3) have a beautiful, soon-to-be 14 year old daughter (yikes, again!!)
    4) am afraid to sleep in the dark
    5) have been on the diet merry-go-round for about 10 years
    6) am ready to get off of that dagnabbit merry-go-round! LOL
    7) have lost and regained the same 20 pounds for the last 7 years
    8) am in the process of going back and reading your blog from the beginning (I’ve made it to your May 2009 posts)
    9) never believed that you could actually lose weight just by eating less and moving more until I found your blog. Too simple to be true!
    10) will be trying it out for myself after my family’s Valentine’s Weekend trip to Myrtle Beach!

  33. Sandra says:

    1. Love reading about people’s weight loss success stories.
    2. Have lost 88 pounds thus far.
    3. Am an attorney.
    4. Still make time to exercise for one hour every day.
    5. ALWAYS make time to play my favorite game, World of Warcraft.

  34. Cory says:

    1. I check your blog every day
    2. I have the most wonderful son on the planet. Even tho he’s a teenager he’s still tolerable.
    3. I have gained and lost the same 50 lbs about 16 times
    4. I love animals more than most people
    5. I can’t believe I’ve been married for almost 20 years.
    6. I am a semi-vegetarian (that’s like being semi-pregnant LOL) but I do not judge full-on carnivores…. to each his own.
    7. I’m a shoe whore
    8. I watch too much tv
    9. I am a FB junkie
    10. My hubby and I both kicked cancer in the ass in 2009. wOOt.

  35. Susan says:

    I have been overweight my whole life.
    I found myself divorced after 31 years of marriage
    I have 2 wonderful sons and 3 terrific grandchildren
    I have always been a redhead!
    AND, I am now facing open heart surgery or die within 2 years

  36. Michele says:

    1. 1st time college student at age 40 years
    2.have 3 dogs: 1 pitbull, 1 jack-russell, and 1 rat terrier
    3. my children are my life
    4. umpteenth weight loss try….but sucessful thus-far…except the scale is moving really slowly.
    5. I am bendable, but not breakable (like a deeply rooted tree)
    6. REALLY DISLIKE the FX channel since removing The Shield (totally agree)
    7. REALLY, REALLY LIKE Sons of Anarchy…so they are kinda making up for #6
    8. LOVE my family more than life!
    9. Love mexican food…and can make some really low-cal stuff and am utterly AMAZED by that πŸ™‚
    10. I am a Chicago girl…and miss my windy city πŸ™

  37. 1. enjoyed your post.
    2. am impressed by your weight loss.
    3. live in Hawaii
    4. take time to love and be loved.
    5. communicate with plant devas in my garden
    6. am going to Japan in Oct.
    7. am going to Disney world in July
    8. think I may end up being the oldest person alive someday.

  38. Cat says:

    1. I gained almost 50 pounds after having 3 wonderful boys in 5 years. Best 50 pounds I gained – and enjoyed every moment of it.
    2. I am now facing the reality of losing those 50 pounds (45 to go!)
    3. I have a husky dog, 2 cats and a bunny
    4. My dog and I love agility. Great dog sport!
    5. I LOVE winter!
    6. I hate wearing shoes.
    7. Sushi is my favourite meal.
    8. I swear I have ADD
    9. I play Farmville several times a day
    10. I’m curious about your #50!

  39. Tara says:

    Farmville is my current weakness!

  40. Dude that’s a lot of insurance, but way I remember it is you bought a brand new mustang at 0% APR when you were 18 and self-employed and I was totallllyy jealous!! still am. I’ve owned 7 cars already in the past 10 years. Some bought with cash, but none financed at 0%

    and lol @ “swagger” that is awesome. πŸ™‚

    I still love building sand castles too! My favorite is drip castles. It’s great having kids because that means I don’t have to grow up and it seems normal that I still do totally childish things. I spend as many tokens as my kids at chuck e cheese, if I’m watching TV it’s Nickelodean. My favorite TV show is probably George Lopez on Nick.

    Thats a bit about me, not in list format, but whateve. πŸ™‚

  41. Shamae says:

    Great list! Great job! You are doing phenomenal!! Keep it up!

  42. Michelle says:

    Are you in Ottawa, Canada by any chance? The bus strike thing led me to believe you are, haha.

  43. Michelle says:

    1. Lives in Canada
    2. Used to live in South America
    3. Bought a house at 21 (even if I’m co-owner with my mom..shh).
    4. Is annoyed by doctors.
    5. Has PCOS and struggles with weight.
    6. I was 200lbs by the time I was 20.
    7. I lost 40 lbs by 21.
    8. I love cats.. more than people I think.
    9. Has a wonderful boyfriend of 3 years
    10. I work as a receptionist/administration/accountant/coffee maker/copy maker/board room cleaner/…
    11. Hates her job.
    12. I have a blog and I’m afraid to share my thoughts.
    13. Tyler, help?
    14. Is motivated to lose 60 lbs. (Goal weight, 130-140)
    15. Believes only time will tell.

  44. Tina says:

    Thanks for the list! I just found your blog last week and it is nice to know more about you!!!!
    I can tell what a nice person you are, the way you respond to your bloggers and even ask about us and out list πŸ™‚
    #1 I have always been over weight.
    #2 never lost more then 16 pounds in my life.
    #3 Have lost 14 pounds since jan 1st of this year. (Have 133 pounds left to loose for pre-pregnancy weight- 11 years ago)
    #5 Love my son and fiance with all my heart, and need to loose this weight to be here for them!
    #6 Am SOOO inspired by Tyler (and a couple others I have found online.)

  45. Michelle says:

    After pledging my favorite colors were red and white. Sorry I read that and just laughed.

  46. Amy says:

    1) Quit smoking in 2001 haven’t smoked since
    2) In 2002 I weighed 270 lbs at 5’7
    3) Lost 100 lbs (or a backstreet boy as I used to say) from 2002 to 2004.
    4) Have kept my weight between 158 – 170 since
    5) Maintaing weight loss is sometimes way harder than losing it in the first place
    6) Didn’t know that I liked guacamole until I started trying to lose weight.
    7) Met my husband in 2005, we just married last year. It is my first marriage his third…… The story of only doing it once and the third time is a charm.
    8) We have three boys between us.
    9) Enrolled in my masters program and started just two weeks ago.
    10) I have 15 months and 2 weeks to go….
    11) I hired a trainer this year, my resolve that even at my heaviest in a few years to get back in shape
    12) I had my ACL replaced in 2008
    13) Tore my ACL in 1992 and did not get the official diagnosis till 2004.
    14) I used to run 3 miles a day without the ACL
    15) One of my goals is to get back to doing that
    16) I started running again last week.
    17) I also love sushi
    18) I eat when I am sad, bored and happy and sometimes can’t control that.
    19) My mother is a self proclaimed food addict and had me in Overeater Anonymous at age 12
    20) My father is a recovering alcoholic
    21) I believe 12 step programs work but that sometimes some people just need to do it themselves.
    22) I believe not everything is an addiction
    23) My son once told me that he will remain active so he doesn’t get “fat” like I used to be
    24) I wasn’t offended when he said it.
    25) My most important gift I can give him is to show him how to eat healthy and be active by example and including him.

    Well there is probably more information then you wanted to know =D

  47. Karla says:

    1. on WW
    2. am 50
    3. married
    4. 2 kids
    5. my car has 134,000 on it
    6. Grocery store employee my entire work life
    7. hate to clothes shop, almost a phobia
    8. wear a size 16
    9. green eyes
    10. LOVE to read
    11. love movies, but just the “B’ ones
    12. I am a dork
    13. I fart too much, my kids tease me
    14. I am a certified blog stalker

    ok I am done

  48. will says:

    1. Still keeps tabs on what you’re up to
    2. Couldn’t be more proud of what you’re accomplishing
    3. Is in total awe of your growing celebrity
    4. Finished the Disney Marathon in January – woot!
    5. Putting the focus on career this year

    You continue to amaze and inspire, man.
    Love watching you succeed.

  49. Annette says:

    I’ve been watching what I eat for three weeks and have lost five pounds. Not too bad (not horrible anyway). Only 100 more to go. πŸ™‚

    1. I am 46
    2. I have been married 28 years.
    3.We have one daughter, she is college.
    4. Three dogs, six cats. Nothing more needs to be said.
    5. I’ve been obese 26 years.
    6.Sometimes I feel like a total Goddess!
    7.I am a writer (fantasy, of course – see #6)
    8. I was published once. Now I write for fun.
    9.I am a secretary.
    10.I absolutely love my job.
    11.I really hate it when a thin person who has never been fat a day in their lives try to tell me what I need to do to lose weight. I’ve got some shoes for them to try on, then they can tell me what to eat.

    And on that note, that you for your blog. I an inspired by your journey. It is wonderful to watch a success story like yours unfold. It makes me feel hope. πŸ™‚

  50. Katie says:

    #19. And your wife let you live?….

  51. Jen says:

    Jill, can relate. Dating is not my friend either. And believe me it has nothing to do with weight or looks–people of all looks and body types get married. Don’t know if there’s one “right” person, but I’ve been through enough abnormal wrong ones to know that the next one must be normal.

  52. JayLoss says:

    1. Lost 99 pounds, almost 100!
    2. Bought my first car cash (mustang GT)
    3. Later learned cars are a huge money pit and a waste
    4. Have been self employeed for 6 years
    5. Started losing weight when I figured out (diet + exercise) = Weight loss. πŸ™‚

    Love the blog, keep it up. πŸ™‚

  53. Kyle says:

    1. Has lost ~140lbs. in 8 1/2 months.
    2. Computer lab manager, but going to school as an English major.
    3. In the process of looking for new apartments that aren’t on the ground floor.
    4. Absolutely loves organic Gala apples.
    5. Misses eating Chinese food and cheesecake the most.
    6. Is on day 4 of a cleansing program that my sister recommended.
    7. Cannot work out without music. Period.
    8. Values the simple things most in terms of weight loss, such as not worrying about fitting comfortably in seats, which I used to have near panic attacks about.
    9. Like everyone else here, inspired by your story Tyler.
    10. Working hard to get through my first major weight-loss plateau.

  54. Kellie says:

    Love the vegetarian comment. I am one, my husband is not. He says vegetarians looks sickly and thin, I tell him he has high cholesterol. We are a match made in heaven.

  55. KellieD says:

    1. Am truly inspired by Tyler
    2.Lost my taste for beef a while ago
    3.Dry my own fruit
    4.Love, love, love to hike
    5.At the age of 50something I still climb trees and do it very well
    6.Walks are about seeing new things, not the distance
    7.Professional Horticulturist with a passion for plants
    8.Been married 32 years
    9. Have more fun doing for others
    10. Love my husband unconditionally
    11.Spend too much time on the computer
    12.Hate cleaning house
    13.My life is just getting started
    14.Weight loss feels like a pingpong ball. Up, down, up, down…..
    15.Can’t wait to get to the next lower pant size.
    16.Would rather be outdoors than indoors
    17.Packrat like my father
    18.Am a very loyal friend
    19. I crochet, embroider and sew
    20 thru 50 Cannot wait to try new things!

  56. Megan Lantz says:

    I actually have a question/idea for a future blog post. If you don’t mind my asking, do you have excess skin from losing that much weight and weighing that much? I am on a weightloss journey and just wondering! Thanks!

  57. Lucky says:

    1. I lost 162 pounds before, then gained back about 70 of it. I shudder every time I think of that.
    2. I’m vegetarian, but I don’t judge people that eat meat. I judge everyone equally. πŸ™‚
    3. I’m going to beauty school & am assisting some stylists in NYC for Fashion Week next week!
    4. My sister is my biggest inspiration/butt-whooper when it comes to weight loss.
    5. I’m trying really hard to run a 10 minute mile, but so far I can only run at 6/mph for about 5 minutes before the breathing gets harder/impossible (asthma).

  58. bossymommy says:

    Wow Kyle. Love your list. Your #1 is amazing. Tell me how you did it so quick (other than the fact that your’e a guy and guys SUCK when it comes to losing weight fast!!!) (:

  59. Kyle says:

    Thanks bossy!

    I recently went to BK.com to tally a “meal” I remember having. Ready for this: 4500 calories, 262g fat, 417g carbs, 6030mg sodium!! That was one meal. I would have two others plus snacks throughout the rest of that day. When I officially weighed myself last May I was 387, but I was well over 400lbs. I figured I was end the extreme end of eating like crap, so why not do a complete turn around on the opposite side.

    I had high-blood pressure, sharp pain throughout my body, etc, etc, and I’m only 26!

    I started by going to the gym 5 days a week, and then I completely changed my diet. I’m sure I was too extreme at some points, but i needed that shock. Right now, I’m opening myself up to a bit more variety in what I eat, but I am conscious of EVERY piece of food and drink that goes into my mouth. I remember that I couldn’t care less about that before, and what a difference that alone makes nowadays.

    Like I said in my OP, I just hit my first weight-loss plateau and mentally that was deflating. I knew I would be ok, but I’m looking at ways to change things up. New types of healthy food, new exercise routine, etc. My goal is way too important to let a plateau stop me, and i won’t give up!

    I like your blog, and keep doing what you’re doing! πŸ˜‰

  60. Shelli Belly says:

    1. Finally at 344 lbs.
    2. Caught a cold and haven’t lost any in two weeks.
    3. I like flying stunt kites
    4. Haven’t been kissed since 1994.
    5. Loves to tell stories that teach a lesson
    6. Loves teaching Middle School
    7. Would like to be on a boat right now
    8. Finds comfort knowing that the frig is full of veggies
    9. In 2005 was $45,000 in debt Now only $10,000
    10. My brother just told me that I used to beat him up when he called me Shelli Belly. (I only remember that he never teased me about my weight. Hmmm).

  61. Cara says:

    1.I’ve lost a lot, at a stand still, keep gaining and loosing the same 2 lb.
    2. my stomach looks a lot like yours
    3. grew up in Miss., didn’t know veg. came any other way than cooked in bacon drippings till I was 18.
    4. Lived in Iran 2 differnt times
    5. have a snoring bull dog sleeping by my feet

  62. Jill says:

    I agree. I still have faith that the right person is out there, though. I’ve tried fooling myself into believing that I don’t date because I’m overweight, but that is just silly. I guess it is just not time yet.

  63. Nikki says:

    Ok, I admit that I haven’t read every single blog post (though I plan to!) but I was just wondering if you’ve been able to firm up the loose skin, or is going to be a problem? (In other words, are you going to need surgery to remove it?) because I have some of that jelly belly going on after two c-sections. I wanna lose the extra weight, but I’m really worried I’m gonna have that “mother’s apron” thing goin’ on. πŸ™

  64. Kathy Evers says:

    Tyler, I am not sure but I think from things you’ve said you have an office job. I do and have a big problem during the day not noching (NY word a/k/a grazing and snacking). I bought those 100 calorie snacks which are good but I seem to be shooting my calories on that. How did you handle the middle of the day mania? Thanks, Kathy

  65. sara says:

    #13. screw the criticism, please get back to posting food logs!!

  66. Random Things:

    1-I’ve been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for a year now, three times a week …only just now started watching what I eat.
    2-I weigh 383lbs.
    3-Been married almost 18 years, with two kids (15 and 11 years old)
    4-I love cold cereal, anytime of the day or night.
    5-I work for ESPN as a Fantasy Sports Analyst/Writer, and pinch myself everyday to make sure it’s real.
    6-I bleed blue for my LA Dodgers.
    7-I cried at the movie Love Actually..ahem.
    8-I was going to school (mid-life career change) to be an RN before my ESPN gig came through.
    9-I love to watercolor paint, but haven’t done so in years.
    10-I’m a huge football and baseball guy, but soccer is my favorite sport to watch when it involves my kids.


  67. Brandon S. Adkins says:

    1) Have tried twice to get into a routine and lose weight and have failed both times.
    2) This blog keeps me motivated to try again
    3) I’m starting again this Monday. Gym 5x a week, weights, eating better, etc.
    4) Hoping to finally bring the hammer down and make myself do what I need to do to lose 75-100lbs in a year.

  68. KellieD says:

    If you make a blog, I will totally be your support team. If you don’t have a blog, I’ll still be your support team!

  69. April says:

    #45 – Thinks the next girl can be named April, regardless of birthday. My name is April. I was born in June. And take it from one who lives with the name – it sucks. People constantly recite the months of the year to me. They ask me why my parent’s didn’t name me June – as if months were the only choices available to them. And late March through early May are just annoying – is someone calling me? did you ask me something? huh, are you talking to me? Don’t do it man. Don’t name your daughter April unless you can afford her therapist.

    I admire the stride you have made in your weight loss and you’re a total inspiration. I’m going to follow your lead!

  70. Josh Ramirez says:

    50 random facts about me. (or just random things i think of)

    1. i am 14.
    2. my town has 638 people in it.
    3. my best friend is a huge nerd. if anyone has an xbox 360 and likes halo, add killer12693.
    4. i love football just as much as i love my family. which is alot.
    5.i like asian girls. sadly, there is only one in my town. she is now my ex girlfriend….
    6. im half mexican and half white.
    7. in my school, (which is full of white people) im the blackest kid around. haha just kidding. we have 4 black kids in my high school.
    8. my favorite food is fried shrimp from papadeaux.
    9. i weigh 154.
    10. my middle name is eduardo.
    11. i hate twillight.
    12. my room is sun rise orange. but everytime a girl comes into my room they call it yellow.
    13. i know sun rise orange isnt a manly color, but dammit this is what i get when i pick out a random color and my parents say its to late to change it.
    14. i love going to academy.
    15. you will never see me pick up a baseball or basketball in my life. unless you are prepared to watch me somehow manage to hit myself in the face.
    16. im 5’8 and mexican.
    17. my best friend that is a girl, is the stupidest, most hot blonde i have ever met.
    18. my favorite bands is avenged sevenfold, rise agianst, and breaking benjamin.
    19. i sometimes find myself singing fireflies-owl city.
    20. i once chipped my tooth when i was in 3rd grade. i had bouncing a chain off a tree, and then it hit me in the face.
    21. then 3 years later, i chipped the tooth right next to it by telling a fat kid “hit me with your best tackle. come on, whats the worst that could happen?”
    22. i have asthma.
    23. i hate dancing. i hate dances, and i hate the word dance, it just sounds gay.
    24. carmel taste like shit. it sucks.
    25. the best snack in the world is a peanut butter bannana waffle sandwhich.
    26. the zombie apocolypse is coming. when it does, im gonna be the first person to kill chris angel….. twice.
    27. my ideal place of relaxation, is at the track, after doing a ladder, watching the clouds pass by.
    28. chuck norris is my hero. no one could be more badass than chuck norris.
    29. i love white people. they always funny to be around.
    30. i dont like being around big groups of mexican, or black people. or middle eastern people. i dont know why?
    31. my biggest fear is spiders.
    32. ironicly, i rather step on a snake and have him bite my arm, then hold a spider.
    33. suicide is for quitters.
    34. i like fishing.
    35. my cousin (mexican) belongs to the southside 13 crip gang. i still beat the tar outta him every time i see.
    36. i do 300 meter hurdles in track. why a freshman starts hurdles? cause hes good right? wrong. me and two buddies of mine were the only ones to show up to the practice that day. we have no other hurdlers for my high school.
    37. the best smell in the world, is fresh cut grass, or sawdust.
    38. i wonder if they make incense that smell like that?
    39. the only mexican in school, and i cant swim.
    40. i like going to the beach. but i still cant swim.
    41. my family takes a vacation every year.
    42. i once got an employee discount on my starbucks coffee, cause the girl behind the counter thought i was hot.
    43. i had a goatee in the 6th grade. you cant get anymore mexican than that. btw my cousin i talked about earlier, thats in a gang. both of his parents are mexican, he has yet to grow facial hair. hes 14 as well.
    44. i bench 185 and im in 9th grade. its not that good, but dammit i felt good about it.
    45. i run a 5.02 in 40 yard dashes this year. but since my school is ghetto, we stand on the goal line, and the coaches stand on the 40, then somone yells go, and the time us with a timer. most inaccurate system ever.
    46. my lockerroom is full of freakin weird people. kyle comes around, grabs peoples balls, and yells “gobble!” how the coachs dont see it i will never know.
    47. im not a virgin anymore! but i miss my ex girlfriend…. why is there only one asian girl in my school!!!! why!
    48. i hate math with all my soul.
    49. when i was in 3rd grade, i headbutted my gameboy advanced. i busted a hole in it. damn you kirby.
    50. i love texas.

  71. kim says:

    1. My hair right now is magenta, I dye it bright colors to get through the winter and then go a normal color range of red.
    2. So far since Nov. I have had purple, blue, teal, pink and fire engine red hair colors.
    3. Has too many favorite colors, but the top two are red and purple. πŸ˜€
    4. I got my first pair of glasses at age 7, they were bi-focals.
    5. I am 26 years old.
    6. I was in the vagina monologues at my community college in 2007
    7. I was inspired to do #6 after surviving an abusive marriage.
    8. I was married on Aug. 28th 2004, I left my husband on Feb. 17th 2005 after he broke my nose.
    9. After leaving, I didn’t tell anyone for 3 months the things he did to me; untill one day I couldn’t hold it any longer and finally told my mom.
    10. Considers her mom to be one of her best friends, I have a few others too!
    11. I want to be healthy, especially after my mom had congestive heart failure at the age of 50
    12. Sushi is my favorite food
    13. I am afraid of Raccoons, I think it’s because they have humanish hands, and opposable thumbs
    14. Finds it funny that I posted a fear on number 13!
    15. Once lost 40 pounds by eating yogurt in the am and halving my food intake, I worked at Jack in the box at the time.
    16. I weighed 134 because of 15, I was too skinny I was 18 at the time.
    17. At 5’7” and 170 my ex husband called me fat, when I was well in my weight range
    18. Because of that i have had a hard time trying to lose weight and be healthy because if I do I am proving him right
    19. It’s been 5 years since I left him and I realize this is a irrational thought, I have been slowly making changes eat better and take control of my life.
    20. My highest weight was 246 about 6 months ago, I now weigh 223
    21. I once joined a gym and went twice in the two plus years I paid for it, although it was hard to get to by bus and I was working full time and in school.
    22. I joined a gym again 2 weeks ago and go almost every day, I really like it. πŸ˜€
    23. Had swine flu
    24. Wanted to be Indiana Jones when I grew up (Archaeologist)
    25. I still kinda do
    26. I live in Yakima, WA. 158 miles south east of Seattle
    27. When I was 18 I moved to Seattle and lived there 3 years
    28. My hometown is like a black hole it will suck you back in
    29. It is also the setting for most of Raymond Carvers stories, as he grew up here and even attended my high school. William O. Douglas did as well.
    30. Raymond Carver is one of my favorite Authors, although I ignored anything that had to do with him because he was from my hometown till last spring.
    31. I write short stories and poems
    32. I have prefect blood pressure, often lower then normal ranges
    33. I also have PCOS, it runs in my family… my grandmother had not only twins but triplets because of this.
    34. I love Joan Jett, I saw her in concert once at the EMP and it was amazing
    35. Someday I want to go to culinary school
    36. Everlong on the acoustic by Dave Grohl is one of the best songs, you tube it
    37. Want to be a vegetarian, because of how much fossil fuels it takes to produce meat
    38. Still loves meat though I have cut back a lot of consumption
    39. I am the person that everyone calls when they need to go to the ER, because I don’t mind waiting that much and I make it fun!
    40. Was a unofficial boy scout growing up, my dad was a scout leader
    41. Wants to take up hiking again
    42. Is dyslexic
    43. Can read upside-down and backwards
    44. Enjoys reading a lot, however had a hard time learning and did not master it till I was 8
    45. How I met your mother and big bang theory are my two favorite shows
    46. Wishes they played wonder years in syndication
    47. Wants to move to Portland or.
    48. Not really sure how she found this blog, I think I googled how to lose weight and it was in a list somewhere
    49. Likes to sew, and make clothes and things
    50. Also likes to shop πŸ˜€
    51. Made it to 50!!!!

  72. Jill says:

    I know what you mean about having a blog and being afraid to share thoughts. I always feel weird because it is “public” so I have to be careful, even though I could easily adjust the settings so that the blog was private.

  73. candice says:

    In response to your #25… going clothes shopping while you lose weight (or alter your lifestyle for a slightly healthier one) actually encourages you to maintain the healthy lifestyle as opposed to becoming comfortable and stopping.

    I began to love shopping and getting new clothes since I altered my lifestyle in July. Only downfall: you cant fit into some of the stuff you bought recently because you drop a size rather quickly.

    Dont let it stop you!

    (also you seem awesome).

  74. Michelle says:

    The blog is about 101 things I’d like to do in 1001 days.. one of them is losing 50-60lbs. I wrote this large blog all about what has brought me to the overweight point, and I can’t seem to let myself to share this with people. It’s currently sitting in “draft”

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