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  1. Chris B says:

    Talk about the kind of remarks that keep you going from friends, family, neighbors, etc. The motivation of people seeing you and going WOW!

  2. Jerry says:

    Talk about what demotivates big people – and how someone who wants to encourage a big person can do so without irritating the heck out of the person.

    Also, talk about the difference in cost of clothes, food, and various other things that have changed since you started.

    Then, if you don’t mind – tell us about how much better you feel getting out of bed in the morning. = D

    Thanks Tyler.

  3. Cat says:

    What have you talked about to date?

    What about:
    – exercise is part of the whole package. I see too many people say “I eat okay” but don’t exercise. They can’t/don’t understand that it isn’t one or the other but both together that equal a healthy life style. It isn’t magic! It’s organization and conscious effort that gets you there (as well as support).

    – About exercise – for those who hate it how to slowly get into it. They don’t have to join a gym but can start by walking or yoga to slowly get into a routine. Or daily activities that can incorporate exercise….

    – About weight – It isn’t the loss that is important but how your clothes fit or measurements- meaning muscle weighs more than fat. Huge demotivator for some people who focus on weight only results

    – How about documenting what you eat. I always underestimate what I have eated if I don’t write it down.

    – Increasing metabolism rate

    I haven’t a clue what you have talked about so this may not even be what you are looking for.

    Good luck!

  4. Tyler says:

    This is EXACTLY what I’m looking for. Even if I’ve covered something before, I can always delve a little deeper and cover something else more elaborately.

    Great suggestions!

  5. Tyler says:

    All three, considered answered on air! Great suggestions, Jerry, I really appreciate it.

  6. Might be a stretch – not sure what you’re going for – but how about overexercising? I know a lot of newbies to exercise often want to overdo it, and shows like the Biggest Loser tend to overemphasize exercise for diet.

  7. Jeff Levine says:


    BTW – I am racing you now!! I am down 111 since May 29, 2009.
    No – no race….

    anyway, in my life I have gone back to being much more energetic, I need far less sleep, I don’t dread doing chores around the house (because it actually used to HURT to get up and out of a chair), I am not winded all of the time, and my job performance has vastly improved. All of the other stuff (being able to shop in regular stores including buying clothes at COSTCO!!) although motivating and fun is just superficial.

    You might even have a spiritual reawakening to talk about??

    The entire subject is vast in terms of areas to talk about.

  8. Greg M says:


    I discovered your blog this week, and I read every post and comment in three days. Thank you very much for being such a huge inspiration.

    Here’s my story. On Jan 1, 2009, I weighed 270 pounds. I changed my ways, and on April 29 I had lost 52.6 pounds, and I left for a 10 day vacation in Japan with a lot of optimism. Well, I blew it, and I spent the rest of the year eating.

    New Year’s Day 2010 I hit my reset button. I was 255 then, and as of today, I am down 23 pounds, and I’m feeling strong.

    Here’s an idea, why don’t you post your radio subjects a week in advance and let your vast army of weight warriors share their ideas? You can distill the comments you like the best into a five minute radio segment. It should make your life easier, and it will allow you to discuss ideas that have worked for other people, even if it has not been part of your own program. Then look for a syndication deal.

    Here is a possible subject:

    How often should people get on the scales? Personally, I weigh every morning, then I enter it into an iPhone app called Weightbot. Some people think this causes people to be discouraged by unexplained daily fluctuations, but I think it is important to understand those fluctuations (and usually they can be explained!)

  9. Michelle says:


    You may want to talk about the reactions you used to get as a bigger person as opposed to a smaller version of yourself.
    Apart from the motivation you get from being comfortable in your own skin, people start treating you better, sad reality that is however.

    This is what I found with myself anyhow.

  10. Jamie says:

    Talk about web and smartphone apps that can help with weight loss, calorie tracking, exercise goals, motivation, etc. I know that I periodically swap out these kinds of toys because learning something new and fun along those lines keeps me engaged and thinking about my program. Even something as simple as a spreadsheet helps.

  11. Frank says:

    I just spoke with my friend today and he is about 70 pounds overweight. He is a fellow musician. He has a bad back in addition to being fat. He now has the complication of not being able to exercise in addition to being fat. I think there are a lot of guys out there like that. It would be good to talk about the helplessness of that situation and what he can do about it.

  12. Jill says:

    A lot of people have a hard time sticking with it once they get going… maybe give pointers on what drives you to stay consistent and committed. What does it really feel like to stay committed no matter what?

  13. Roder says:

    Goal-setting, and why it is or is not important for your progress.

  14. sara says:

    How about a little something about how it feels to have a big gain week, and how you keep motivated to lose it? Maybe suggestions for how to avoid big gains.

  15. Kristi says:

    Talk about getting out of your comfort zone. Whether its about diet, exercise, playing a sport you would not normally venture because of your weight, walking around your block at night after work….talk about getting out of your comfort zone long enough to make a change that can lead to a series of changes that can lead to a new you!

  16. Alisha says:

    I heard you a couple weeks ago. Have you talked about post-weight loss? Like, once its gone, what to do to maintain, or what to do with all that skin. Talk about activities outside the gym (the softball, other activities). Discuss any injuries youve had or know people have had from weight loss. Talk about the importance of vitamins, especially if you are dieting.

    Or you could always invite me. 😀

  17. Alisha says:

    Oh, and your weaknesses and how you overcome them. (eg: not feeling ‘up to it’ that day, food cravings…) Make yourself appear human so that we can live up to you 😀

  18. Erica says:

    I’m interested to know more about how “going public” with your weight loss goal has affected you. I’m 25 and have been dieting/exercising one and off since high school, but this year is the first time I’ve admitted to my friends that I’m making an honest effort to lose weight. I know I didn’t do this in the past for at least two reasons. One, I didn’t want to admit how much I really needed to lose the weight. Two, I didn’t want anyone to know if I failed. I don’t have one of those official weight loss buddy relationships where you hold each other accountable (at least not yet), but I’ve found that letting my friends and family know about my goal enhances my motivation. You have obviously taken this going public idea to the extreme, and even though you mention it periodically, I would like to know more details about how this has affected and enhanced your weight loss experience.

  19. joeymac says:

    People like you BECAUSE you’re so normal. They can see themselves in you. The reason for this is you are just as up front about your failures as your success.. And you don’t eat carrots with cottage cheese, you eat real food, and fight real cravings.
    Plus, when you talk about things like shopping at AE – people can relate.
    I spent around a decade at around 300 pounds. Now at 210, I know it’s little things like not having to go into stores with Big and Tall in the title that make all the difference. It also means all that money you used to spend on take out you can now spend on clothes.. but at least you look good in those clothes, kinda makes you want to buy every nice looking pair of pants you see just because the whole feeling of looking good in your clothes is such an alien concept.

    I remember the first time going into a big an tall store and having to leave because they didn’t have my size. It’s a great feeling, and it is all the motivation i need to maintain.

    It’s hard to GET to that point and it’s easy to misstep, and even easier to do damage after you’ve misstepped because the old habits of emotional eating are so easy to fall back into.

    So i would talk about how it feels in your new body and what you do to stop that Tyler from ever coming back. When you’ve lived most of your life big, it’s really uncharted territory.

    And you go wear AE.. you missed the chance the first time around. I’ve been known to buy the odd Aeropostale or Mexx outfit just because I’ve missed the chance to be a stylish person for far too long.
    Cheers on your victory and those little victories to come!

  20. Katie55 says:

    Hi, Tyler,
    I would love to hear more about eating the food you love while losing weight and building health. Tools for eating in restaurants, healthy recipes that actually taste good!

  21. Tara says:

    Baby steps!!!

    Anyone on a weight loss journey needs to know we didn’t start by hitting the elliptical for 60 minutes everyday. We started with taking the stairs instead of elevators. We started swapping out a diet coke for water, a pasta serving for veggie serving. We started by walking around our blocks…

  22. KellieD says:

    How about how exercise can be fun? I love to hike, other people love biking, or dancing. Exercise isn’t only about going to the gym. Going for a walk doesn’t have to be only about distance traveled. I’m always looking at what is new, different; just noticing things. miles go by without even noticing them.

  23. kate says:

    How much you love us of course!

    Best advice you’ve gotten
    Best advice you feel you’ve given
    Hardest workout
    Workout you will never do again and why
    Workout that made you feel the best
    First time you felt like you were accomplishing something
    Favorite health/junk food
    Favorite milestones
    Top 5 best things that have changed since the weight loss so far
    How not to beat yourself up after you make a mistake
    How to not rationalize yourself out of a work out

    And finally…

    why it took you so long to try yoga. :p

  24. Larry says:

    Talk about (and post in your email) how you are going to maintain your weight once you reach your goal. You wont be exercising as hard or as long once your at goal weight. How will you maintain the new weight? You have shared how you easily gained back a few pounds over a few days. I think a lot of people can and would lose the weight, but it is the issue of maintaining the new weight can be as daunting as losing it. Erik Chopin won Biggest Loser a couple years ago and now has gained back about 75% of the lost weight. He is back up to around 340; I think he started the contest around 370.

    Keep up the great work.

  25. kate says:

    Actually a lot of people do and that’s why they quit so quickly. Especially when it’s for like a resolution or something. Or if you’re anything like me, I kind of slack off on my lifting routines for a couple months at a time and then go all out to throw myself back into it with an hour of hard training. The next day (or two or three) I feel so sore and stiff that I use it as a reminder as why I shouldn’t take long breaks.

    I haven’t gotten completely out of taking too long breaks but they’ve shortened each time which I take as improvement.

  26. Tom Brokaw says:

    It would be cool if you could talk about the plateau’s and what you have done about them. That is the most frustrating thing about dieting and the one thing I beleive gets most people to call it quits and give up. One of the hidden dangers that my trainer told me about that is that people aren’t eating enough! Their not losing so they restrict more, when they should be adding calories!

    Tom Brokaw

  27. Cory says:

    Talk about your fabulous commenters and fans 😉

    I think talking about your future plans, like maintenance would be helpful. I think that’s the hardest part…. I can lose weight, but keeping it off is the issue. Going back to my “old” ways is the culprit of course, so what are you going to do to not fall back into your old habits?

  28. Rebekah says:

    I’ve lost another 4.9 lb and down 29.9 lbs since Jan 1! Talk about all the people you motivate! You have so many people who check in with you on your weight loss and their own! It’s amazing how much everyone seems to be changing thier life styles due to your blog!

  29. Hi Tyler,

    I am new to your blog, so I am not sure what topics you have already covered on air etc. Here are some ideas:

    – Some people feel like they will not like any other food and are reluctant to change. Maybe you could talk about how taste is really acquired. How taste buds renew themselves every month, and that it takes about 10 trials until you like a new food.
    – How sugar is truly an addiction and should be looked at the same way as a drug addiction/alcohol addiction. Study about mice who preferred sugar over heroine.
    – Techniques of healthy cooking. I see so many people counting calories, but in essence they still cook the same way. It does not need 1 stick of butter to saute vegetables.
    – How to eat healthy when you hate to cook. Strategies of minimizing time in the kitchen. (make meals ahead, listen to an audio book while cooking, learning HOW to cook)
    – Some typical misconceptions about calories. I see it so often that people do not know that a Tbsp. of oil has 240 Calories, and that you have to watch all the oil/fat that goes into the cooking too!
    – What kind of things to look out for in restaurants.

    Hope this helped a bit! Feel free to check out my blog and get some inspiration (once there is more content 😉 if you like.

    I think what you are doing is great, I hope you keep it up!

    – Christina

  30. Jen says:

    #1 is a great suggestion even if already been discussed. Someone I love is going to have gastric sleeve surgery and it really has scared me lately but I’m trying to be supportive. The natural way really is best.

  31. Kellie says:

    I am so glad that you said that. I have so many friends who think that restricting their calories is the way to go. Obviously it is to an extent, but you restrict too much and your body is going to hang on to whatever fat it has. When people see how much I ate while losing weight (and maintaining) they are amazed. It is about eating the right foods and enough of them.

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