Week 54: Weigh-in Results

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  1. Steve says:

    I get like that too, I think that if I have a good week I can go right out and have whatever I want, especially since I can just work it off after the fact.

    We gotta stop thinking we can use food as a reward, I think. There is so much else we can get as a reward that we will enjoy more and we won’t end up crapping out a day later.

    Great loss this week, congrats!

  2. Leah says:

    Great work, Tyler. I’m gonna echo Adam with the “food shouldn’t be a reward” thing. It’s hard to break from that- well, I found it hard. I still do occasionally “splurge,” and normally when I’m having a bad day (last night it was chinese food and black&tans… calorie festola, I tell you).
    Some things I “reward” myself with that are NOT food:
    A bath- I have a crazy schedule, so sitting in hot water doing nothing is a super treat.
    A new book (or movie or whatever)- if I’m low on cash I get it at the library
    The gym- ok, seems counterintuitive, but you know how sometimes you like the gym ’cause you just get lost in your music and everything’s working right? Yeah… that’s a reward.
    An “Outdoor” date- whether it’s with my boyfriend or friends, I try to find a new place to hike or bike or walk out doors. Even if it’s around the city checking out shops, you’re moving, spending time with friends, and seeing new things.

    Keep up the good work, Tyler. 😀

  3. Tyler says:

    Short-term pain, long-term gain I say. I’m going to play it nice for the next week and see if we can’t get to 208. Single digits are very rewarding in themselves!

  4. Tyler says:

    The gym is certainly a reward for me. It’s nice to have an hour to myself with no phone, work, or distractions and just some loud music to build up a sweat to.

    Thanks for the comment, Leah 🙂

  5. Jen says:

    Or the alternative is to get a little bit of your favorite “reward” food and split with your lovely wife! That way you’ve still celebrated but without the guilt or calorie splurge. I find that if I deprive myself, I often can’t stop thinking about it!

  6. Way to go! You’ll get to 199 before you know it!

  7. One more thing. If you really have a craving for Chinese food, I’d suggest buying a Wanchai Ferry Chinese food kit. My personal favorite is the Kung Pao Chicken. It has everything in it but the chicken. While it isn’t health food by any means, it’s not too bad. 320 calories per serving. 80 from fat. I usually have 2 or 2.5 servings for dinner. It’s so tasty and doesn’t break the bank. Plus it satisfies your Chinese craving without breaking the bank.

    I once watched a little kid stick his hands directly in the bin at the Chinese Buffet. Gross. Put that image in your head the next time you’re craving Chinese Buffet.

  8. Jill says:

    I have a problem with splurging on the weekends. Friday night, I went to an awesome Japanese steakhouse where they cook the food in front of you, and probably consumed 700-900 calories. That was supposed to be it for my allotted pig-out meal once a week. Then on Saturday, I ate a bowl of ice cream. Sunday, I ate two tacos and another bowl of ice cream for lunch, and nachos with more ice cream for dinner. It’s almost like once I go “that way,” even for a small reward, I get sucked back into my old ways almost immediately. A bit scary. I’m still trying to get strong enough to slap my own hand and say, “No – you already had your ‘pig-out’ meal. Enough!” Ugh. More power to you for having that discipline. I hope to get there, too.

  9. Tracy says:



    Yeah, the “food is reward” issue sucks… Heck, in our household even the dogs get a treat as a reward. Though to be fair, the dogs are in FAR better shape than either of the humans are. We really need to reconsider a reward system for the humans too that doesn’t actually threaten the achievement that deserved the reward.

    And the photo is Mona, one of our 4 Clumber Spaniels. Fairly rare, we figure there are maybe 2000 in all of North America. Much larger than the Cockers – our male is about 70lbs and a bit skinny, Mona is about 63lbs. Mona is my super-buddy.

  10. Kyle says:

    Wow Tyler, congrats on 210! This may seem obvious, but depending on how strong your urge is to splurge a bit, just make sure your “splurge” at the gym to make up for it. Maybe spend an extra xx amount of minutes on the treadmill or elliptical. I certainly agree that you should treat yourself in some way, but make sure you think of next week’s weigh-in, and how bummed you’d be if you leveled off or gained after being just 10lbs. shy of your ultimate goal!

    Either way, I’m excited to see you so close, and you continue to inspire me to push myself. I reached a weight loss milestone this week when I got under 250lbs! I still can’t believe I was almost 400lbs 8 months ago.

    Looking forward to next week!

  11. Jim says:

    That’s a great milestone. The next 10 pounds are probably gonna be some of the toughest to drop, but keep up the work. I have a couple goals of my own, first is 200, ultimately 190 (if I never get there, I won’t be upset, but I want to get down to 200 by the end of the year). I’ll be elated when I reach a milestone of 230. I do the slow and steady approach or else I won’t stick to it. I cut out the mid-week beers and make sure I don’t splurge on my weekend beer. I also cut out the candy bars at work and snack on celery (which actually burns more calories than it provides, which is great). I’ve been dropping about a pound a week.

  12. Nia says:

    Way to go!!! You’ll be at your goal in no time! Keep up the great work!

  13. Carol says:

    I LOVE CHINESE and I found a way to have it. Some restaurants call it Spa Chicken. All Chinese restaurants have it..just ask for steamed chicken and veggies. NO SAUCE. Then you can put soy sauce (salty but low calorie) on it (or garlic sauce)and it feels like a huge splurge and it’s not. It satisfies my craving and my hubby and kids can eat my favorite General Tsos Chicken and I don’t miss it one bit as long as I have the steamed stuff….it’s also good with shrimp.

  14. Craig says:

    Awesome loss, Tyler! Great job. Besides eating better, can you tell us any secrets you might have had this week? Like did you workout more often, more intensely, or for longer durations?

  15. Britty says:

    ohmygosh amazing! We’re definitely proud, haha. 🙂

    As for sushi, it is absolutely my favorite food in the world, but I stick to sashimi. No salt, so carbs, just amazing delicious fresh fish. You should look into it! Yum, now my mouth is watering.

  16. beej says:

    Whoo-Hoo, Tyler! This is great! Can you believe you’re so close? Awesome, man. Great job on restricting the Calories!

    It’s funny how, like you, I’ve lost weight, but still have a bad relationship with food–when I have a good week, I want to indluge, and when I have a bad week, I want to abstain–but in reality, I should want to restrain myself to a pretty good level of food. You know?

    And the closer I get to my goal, the harder it is to hit. Ugh!

  17. Robyn says:

    It’s so comforting to see my thoughts echoed in someone else. “I’m almost there/I’m there, let’s celebrate by bingeing!” Self sabotage is so ugly. I’m increasingly in awe of you as you get closer and closer to your goal. You’re amazing, thank you for sharing your experience with your weight loss journey.

  18. That’s awesome. Congrats! Nothing like breaking new territory. Unfortunately, I’m about 90 pounds away from new territory, but I’m still looking forward to it. 🙂

  19. AndrewENZ says:

    Our whole culture uses food as a reward so it is a hard one to break out of. I still allow myself treats on the weekends but I try very hard to share with someone or have very small portions. Doesn’t always work!

    Congrats on the ongoing losses.

  20. Tom says:

    I think this will be the hardest 11 pounds of your life! So don’t slack now! Your transition has been amazing!

    Come see my weigh in at

  21. sjc says:

    since when is sushi high calorie? just order one or two rolls without tempura.

  22. Christine says:

    Congratulations! Great week! You are so close. Don’t lose sight of your goal!!!

  23. Jennifer says:


    Congratulations on your weight loss! I started following your blog at the first of January at the same time that I started my serious effort to lose weight. I only skipped the treadmill three days for the whole month — and only lost two and a half pounds! But that’s still progress, right? Thanks for sharing your journey! Jennifer

  24. Easy says:

    I know that feeling so well — I’ve always tended to use food for so many things. It’s entertainment, it’s a celebration, it’s a reward, it’s a comfort — it’s also my job, which just adds another layer of horror to the situation.

    Learning to not view food as the center of my life is a never-ending challenge.

    This year, instead of taking all of my friends out for an expensive dinner on my birthday, I’m getting us all makeovers and a fun photo shoot with a professional photographer. There will likely be food there, but food won’t be the focus.

  25. Cory says:

    Congrats Tyler, almost there!
    I use food as a reward, which probably explains why I lose weight so slowly 😉 But I think depriving yourself isn’t good either, just eat the damn sushi and work it off. Make sure you eat clean for the rest of the week….

  26. Megan says:

    I think you’re at the point where you need to learn more about moderation in your diet.

    You can have chinese and sushi and still stay under 700 calories. Eat a brothy soup first, then eat a smaller portion of General Tso’s chicken and a few sushi rolls. Your sodium intake will still be high, but you’ll be closer to your goal calorically.

  27. Will says:

    Congrats Tyler, looks like you’re almost there!

    Side note: is it actually possible to both stand your ground *and* push forward with all your might? Unless you meant mite as in mites as in somehow you control a herd of tiny arachnids o.O

  28. Tyler says:

    I could do that, but I’m a hog and I’d eat it all myself. Besides, it’s an endless sushi bar — no way to split that. You’re right, deprivation only brings more of an urge for something… but I’m also urging to reach 199 pounds and I’m confident that’ll win out.

  29. Tyler says:

    Where can I buy one of those? Sounds tasty and is in a good calorie range for me, I’d eat a couple for lunch.

    That kid’s hand must have tasted like General Tsaos when he was done… mmm, General Tsaos chicken…

  30. Tyler says:

    Hi Jill, I’m your twin. Nice to meet you. You’re right, once I get that first taste of “high calorie” food on the weekend I can’t seem to stop — it’s a pattern that repeats all the way until Monday.

  31. Tyler says:

    Adorable Spaniel, but large. My Spaniel is about 24 pounds, smart, fast, and has a blatter the size of a golfball. He’s constantly needing to go outside.

  32. Tyler says:

    I’ve thought about that. Chinese food is another beast entirely — it is nearly impossible to balance out the weight gained by eating Chinese on the treadmill. After an outing of sushi and fried rice I’ll gain 3-5 pounds and it will take at least a couple of days to get rid of it all again, regardless of the amount of exercise I do.

    Congrats on being under 250! It’s a long ride, but it’s worth it.

  33. Tyler says:

    The last 25 pounds are taking as long as the first 125 took. It’s ridiculous how slow things are getting, but oh well, I’ll keep it up and we’ll see how it goes.

  34. Tyler says:

    I know exactly what you’re talking about, but I’d rather not go at all if I can’t get my favorites. I will definetely make that apart of my meal though next time and see if it can’t make me full quicker!

  35. Becca says:

    Why not make homemade sashimi? That’s pretty low in calories! If you have a seafood market nearby they should be able to present you with sashimi-grade fish.

  36. Tyler says:

    High intensity training. I’ve been doing 4 MPH on the treadmill at an incline of 10 (yes, 10) for about 2 minutes, then resting for a minute at 3.7 MPH at an incline of 5, then repeat for 30 minutes.

    I’ve never sweat so much in my life.

  37. Tyler says:

    I definitely will, Britty. Man, we need to quit talking sushi before I have to take the rest of the day off to go binge!

  38. Tyler says:

    I can’t believe I’m so close. For those that have been watching that scale picture for a year now, I can’t imagine how you guys are feeling. It seems we just broke 299 a little while ago.

  39. Tyler says:

    Thank you for being apart of my journey, Robyn. I appreciate the kind comments, as always!

  40. Tyler says:

    As you should be. Before you know it, you’ll be 9 pounds away from new territory posting a comment on here telling me how elated you are 🙂

  41. Tyler says:

    Thanks, Andrew, for the ongoing comments!

  42. Tyler says:

    I’m not slacking at all! I agree, this will be the hardest 11 pounds of my life.

  43. You can get them at the grocery store in the ethnic food section. They’re always near the other Chinese stuff.

  44. Tamikka says:

    Great job, Tyler. These are the “I earned this” pounds: You have to work your butt and mind to get to your goal. It’s easy to start flubbing now. Stay the course so that you can truly celebrate a job well done.

  45. BossyMommy says:

    I heart Tyler. What a skinny stud you are. Keep it up. You need to catch me up on that “thing” you told me about the other day. Purty please… 🙂

  46. Rebekah says:

    You need to learn to make Sushi at home. You need a rice cooker and a book, and then you can get all the ingredients at the store. My husband makes cucumber, cream cheese, and shrimp rolls. Sometimes we will use crab or even the fake crab in them. It’s all super healthy and much easier on the wallet and the stomach! Keep up the strength over those cravings.

  47. It’s amazing how deeply ingrained the “celebrate with food” habit is for so many of us, me included! Great job resisting that, and just think – your celebration will be SO much sweeter when you hit GOAAALLLLL!

  48. You gotta make yourself proud first, forget what other people think! 😉

  49. Tyler says:

    Mayo-based sushi are high in calories.

  50. Tyler says:

    I won’t, Christine!

  51. Michelle says:

    It’s crazy how we tend to always want to reward ourselves with food its a habit that is instilled in us. As a teacher I try not to reward my students with food its something school are trying to steer clear of. At that I don’t know how schools other places are but around here kids are encouraged not to bring in cupcakes or sweets for their birthdays some schools simply do not allow it. As for everyone who is saying you can treat yourself in moderation to what you are craving thats awesome if you can do it like that but I think it would leave me craving more and being in a worse place than I was before. Its like the lays potato chips saying “bet you can’t eat just one” Anyway wick awesome job! The next 11 pounds will be rough but you can do it.

  52. Tara says:

    If I could I’d so punch you in the shoulder right now cause I’m so happy to watch your weight loss. It just gives me so much hope! I have another friend that is starting his journey from 415 lbs. I was like “you so have to check out 344pounds”…He was really impressed as we all are. You are such an inspiration (I know you hear that a lot). I took your advice and started a blog of my own.


    I even mentioned you in my first post!

    I have a question for you: Did you ever cry during one of your workouts in the beginning? I had to do my c25k run on the treadmill today because of rain and at my second run/walk interval I started crying. I think I was just mad for having “allowed” myself to get to this high of a weight that I couldn’t even run 60 seconds. So I cried during the 3rd and 4th interval and got back to business finishing the program.

  53. Charity says:

    You definitely deserve a treat. What kind of NON-FOOD treats do you like? A new CD or DVD? Try and think of some rewards not food-centered.

  54. anu says:

    Hey Tyler!
    I recently started reading your blog and I am extremely impressed. I need to lose 10 pounds but they are the last ten pounds and are proving impossible to shed! The calories seem just too few – I am small and I do everything right – vegetarian diet, treadmilling, weights, tonnes of water, but the calories just seem to little yet I need to budge the weight. Gimme hope!

  55. elaine m. grabinski says:

    My highest weight was 352. I opted for gastric bypass July 2008. I have lost 113 pounds. Working on my next 50 by July 2010. You are an inspiration. Best of Health and Happiness to you.

  56. jayloss says:

    Very nice, you’re in the 210s! And it looks like for good now.

    Next goal below 200, you’re so close, keep it up!

  57. Chad says:

    Great job, Tyler!!! You’ll be below 200 in no time!

  58. Tyler says:

    That’s STILL progress. It may take a while, and your journey will be different from mine and everybody elses. Just keep going and eventually you’ll reach your goal weight!

  59. Tyler says:

    That’s a great idea, Easy! I’ll have to keep something like that in mind for my birthday later this year, maybe we can all go to White Water or an amusement park, making food NOT the focus.

  60. Tyler says:

    Well, that’s another good point, as well! I could, and I might, we’ll just have to wait and see.

    We’re almost there, Cory!

  61. Tyler says:

    But what’s the fun in that, Megan? 🙂 My diet is all about moderation, but I’m not paying $14 at the sushi bar to eat some brothy soup and a cup of chicken. I want SOME SUSHI! 🙂

    Seriously though, I can moderate pizza, chicken fingers, anything else high calorie and still eat under 700-800 calories… but once I get in front of sushi, I unleash.

  62. Tyler says:

    It is possible, and if we meet someday I’ll demonstrate it for you. Thanks for asking 🙂

  63. Tyler says:

    I can’t wait until I can celebrate. My daughter’s birthday is coming up in about a month and a half, it’d be wild if I could celebrate it weighing 199 pounds.

  64. Tyler says:

    Nothing to update as of yet, but there will be soon. Thanks for commenting and making me blush, as always, Bossy 🙂

  65. Tyler says:

    Got a good recipe for me? That sounds good. And, while you’re at it, can you suggest a good rice cooker?

  66. Tyler says:

    You’re right! I’m going to take the wife out or something when I reach my goal — I haven’t decided. I’m definitely going to do something though, it’s been a long time coming.

  67. Tyler says:

    Oh, I’m definitely proud, but you guys are in this with me! You have all put in a lot of time reading what I write and following my journey, I feel like I owe you something!

  68. Tyler says:

    My teacher used to give us candy bars on Fridays (just a few) when we answered questions correctly… suffice to say that I paid attention the most on those days.

    I CAN do it. I don’t care how long it takes, I can!

  69. Tyler says:

    Thanks for mentioning me, I’m flattered! Nice blog, too. Tell your friend good luck, and tell him to start posting here!

    To answer your question, I have teared up before on the elliptical (early, early on) just because it was so hard and I knew I so NEEDED to continue. I didn’t want to let myself down. My foot was blistering, my legs ached, and I was exhausted… but I kept going and was stronger the next day.

    Again, nice blog, thanks for commenting!

  70. Tyler says:

    I like playing with my daughter. It’s easier as I lose weight, as she’s fast! THAT’S my treat!

  71. Tyler says:

    The last ten pounds, as the say, are always the hardest. How many calories a day are you eating? What kind of exercises?

  72. Tyler says:

    Thanks, Elaine! Congrats on the weight loss, and I’m glad you found the blog. I appreciate the comment!

  73. Tyler says:

    I’m trying man, I’m trying. I hope it’s for good, but that’s for week 55 to decide.

  74. anu says:

    I am getting about 1400 calories per day and burning 250 on the treadmill daily – I am 5 feet 2” and weigh 140 pounds right now. I have brought it down by about 17 pounds but need to be about 130 for my height approx.
    It is just a very slow metabolism with a combination of bad genes. But, believe it or not, I have been stuck and yo-yoing for about a year now and there is no respite in sight! I am exhausted mentally but the Math simply isin’t working. I started reading about you and felt so inspired once again and you just came across as being somebody people could relate to across cultures and continents!
    Your commitment and grittiness is what I love to read about. But, sadly, the needle is just not moving in my case – despite a lot of slogging here.

  75. Ellen says:

    I have never commented but have been following your journey for about six months. So proud of you. Keep up the great work. You are an inspiration. I like that you are real and share your ups and downs of your journey. I too have weekend issues that definitely resemble yours. I am rooting for you to reach your goal. 🙂

  76. Michelle says:

    Because schools are trying to be healthy I’m not allowed to drink anything but water in front of the kiddies and let me tell you I’m not about to feed them candy and not have coffee to help myself deal… Selfish right? I’m sure once I lose weight ill have more energy to keep up with them and their crazy ways

  77. Rebekah says:

    Well, like I said a book from borders or barnes & nobel will give you the how to on the rice. With sushi, its all about the rice. Any rice cooker from target would do. After you learn the rice, just get the seaweed wraps, cucumber, cream cheese, baby shrimp, avacado, and some wasabi. Have fun with it!

  78. kate says:

    Only a couple weeks away from the under 200 happy dance!

  79. Luke North says:

    Hey Tyler,

    That’s great news your still losing so well. I’m on my sixth weeek now and I lost 6 pound last week and 5 pound the week before that. Overall I’ve lost 17…So I had a slow start but i’m settling into it nicely now.

    are you still sticking to your 2100 calorie daily limit?

  80. Holly says:

    Oh my gosh, 199 will feel so great! I can only imagine! Once, MANY years ago when I was in college I got down to about where you are now – 210 – and then lost it all as one celebratory dinner turned into another celebratory snack, etc…all in ADVANCE of actually reaching that coveted 199 mark. I never got there…the ‘celebrations’ piled on an additional several pounds over the weeks that followed until I gave up. Here I go again…with 80 pounds to go till I reach that 199…and I’m gonna keep on going after that! Thanks for the inspiration!

  81. Daniel R. says:

    Congratulations Tyler!! I just reached my magic number of 199.8 a few days ago (started at 246.4 lbs in June with highest known weight of 253.0). I’m back up to 200.4, but thats normal fluctuation I think. I’m hoping to get down to 165 by this June. I’m gonna keep following as I have since June. Keep it up!!!

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