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  1. krissy says:

    I think you are right and let time do its job. Skin has amazing elasticity properties if given enough time at a consistent weight. Ask any woman who has been able to regain her body after having a baby or two.

    I think our biggest problem as a society is we want instant results in everything we do or want to accomplish. I know I can be a bit impatient myself. 😉 But the harder you have to work for something the less likely you will be to lose what you have worked for.

  2. Having lost 122lbs in 50 weeks, I fully expected to have a lot of loose skin by this point but in fact I have very little. I attribute this to my exercise regime as well as drinking lots of water, maybe when I lose the final 25lbs I want to lose, I will have some hanging skin but so far hardly anything. Pretty lucky I think, and yes Tyler is right…you should never let the thought of loose skin deter you from starting to lose weight!

  3. Jerry says:

    Tyler — I was wondering if the loose skin on the upper legs makes you want to not wear shorts. I have an irrational fear of having old lady knees with skin rolling over the backs of my knees – so I wear extremely long shorts. I am also only 115 lbs. into my 215lb. goal. I am noticing skin already, but not too bad considering. I know it will get worse and can deal with that, but I really want to know if the knees are gonna look nasty. If so, I will go buy me some football tights and make it work – but if you could tell me you don’t have a problem, I would be overjoyed as this is one of my biggest fears.

  4. Tyler says:

    I wear fairly short shorts (about two inches above the knees) when I play softball — when I mean loose skin on the upper legs, I mean really high, near the top. You don’t notice the loose skin with even short shorts on, so don’t worry about a thing!

  5. Tyler says:

    I’ve heard of people losing a lot of weight and not having much loose skin — I’m not sure why that is. Personally, we lost about the same amount of weight in the same time period, and I drink copious amounts of water. You have better genes, I guess!

  6. kate says:

    Once you’ve wrecked the elasticity of your skin, losing weight at any rate will leave loose skin. I have a friend that lost 120+lbs over the course of 2+ years. She has loose skin. You may also have a few more pounds in loose skin than you think. One good chunk of a tummy tuck on a small woman (with very little lipo if any) can take off 10lbs.

  7. Scott says:

    What has been the most challenging thing about dealing with the loose skin? Has it caused any rashes or anything? How does your wife feel about it? Do you think your attitude toward it would be different if you were single and dating a bit rather than married to what seems like a great woman?

    I’ve lost about 35 lbs since finding your blog around Thanksgiving. My skin is a bit more “stretchy” I guess you’d say, I’m not really having problems with it being noticeably loose yet. But I think you’re dead on – I’d rather be trying to hide a bit of extra skin than an extra 100 lbs (my goal)!

  8. Lynne Garcia says:

    Wow… your post came up during a time for me when I’m kind of discouraged about some loose skin on my arms. My husband and I joked last night that once I lose the weight maybe I can hang glide – without the equipment, I could just flap my arms. So far i’ve lose 74 and when I’m done I will have lost over 150 lbs. All joking aside I don’t like the skin I’m seeing BUT…you are totally right that loose skin doesn’t cause health problems – weight does. You gave me some good ideas and a little encouragement. Thanks.

  9. beej says:

    I also have not seen that much loos skin when I stand up. It’s when I do planks or push-ups that I can really tell. It’s kinda frightening to see the skin hanging down when I’m in th eplank position. And yeah, I drink lots of water, too. 🙂

    I also agree that it’s crazy to avoid losing weight over fear of having loose skin. There are so many other benefits to losing weight that tip the scale toward it.

  10. Mindy says:

    I wonder about the skin reality myself and hope that I find a kindly plastic surgeon with a bulk rate fee so I don’t have to sell the house when the time comes!! 🙂 I am near 50 lbs down over the last 6 months and have about another 125# to go. Loose skin will be a nice problem to have when I get to my goal! thanks for keeping it real, Tyler! good luck and keep losing, All!!!

  11. Tara says:

    “Being obese will kill you, having loose skin will not.”


  12. Cassi says:

    Hey Tyler! 1st of all..WOW! you look friggin AMAZING!! I am soo proud of you for everything you have set out to do and accomplished!! Good for you! Thanks so much for sharing your journey along the way with all of America.. it is truly inspiring.
    Because of you – I started my own blog almost a year ago when I started trying to lose 168 lbs and find that healthy sexy woman that I know is inside of me. I was doing really well for a while.. I had lost 60 lbs around Christmas.. and then I kind of fell off the wagon and I have had the hardest time getting back on track. I only have 24 followers..lol so it’s not like I have some massive audience like you do – but I do feel like the things I have shared have made a small difference. =) I just really feel like I am beating my head against the wall and I am having a really hard time emotionally right now. I will turn 40 in May and being single – that milestone is looming over me like a lead balloon. I feel like I have some huge sign on me that says “Hey – look at me..I’m still Fat..I’m still Frumpy and NOW..I’m 40” and on top of all that..I’m alone! I have a 16 year old son..who has always been a little embarassed by his fat mom… while he has never been ugly or rude to me.. you know it embarasses him and that bothers me. I had told him when I started in March of last year that by the time he turned 17 – he was going to have “one hot mom” lol Now I am beginning to doubt myself. I think the biggest problem I have right now is that over those few weeks at christmas when I kinda fell off my plan..I gained back 17 lbs! That was hugely depressing – to realize how easy and how QUICKLY that weight that it took me months to get rid of..came back . I guess part of me feels like I am fighting a never ending battle – and wondering if it is really winnable.. do you find it hard to keep the weight off now that you have reached your goals? Please help.. I need some words of wisdom..

  13. Chad says:

    Thanks for being candid about this, Tyler. It really is something that crosses the minds of all of us who are working to lose a large amount of weight. There is a fear of the unknown, but you’re totally right that while loose skin won’t kill you, obesity will!

  14. KH says:

    You covered loose skin nicely – any thoughts on stretch marks?

  15. Tyler says:

    I didn’t realize loose skin weighed that much! I really don’t want to consider a tummy tuck, though — I heard they hurt.

  16. Tyler says:

    No rashes or anything. I might get the occasional glance from my wife, but both of us would have 20 pounds of loose skin compared to 150 pounds of fat. Fat was killing me.

    Single and dating — the loose skin, in my honest and humble opinion, would look better than all the weight. Besides, you can’t tell I have loose skin by just looking at me…

  17. Tyler says:

    Definitely don’t let it discourage you, just keep losing weight. Ignore the loose skin, it won’t be a big deal.

  18. Tyler says:

    Glad you like it, Tara!

  19. Tyler says:

    I do find it harder. I can’t impress anybody anymore by losing weight, maintaining weight isn’t nearly as fun. You just need to think of new goals instead of watching the scale, like increasing time running, or fitting into a new size clothing, or being able to do something physically demanding that you couldn’t before…

    You have to progress away from the scale and forget the number and find happiness from some other benefit of losing weight.

  20. Tyler says:

    No idea. Not much I can do about stretch marks.

  21. Tyler says:

    Durn straight, son.

  22. Rachel says:

    It kills me when people are hesitant to lose weight due to the ‘loose skin issue’. I think it’s just another excuse in the ‘ole arsenal. I’m 100x happier -107lbs down with loose skin than I would ever have been. Period.

  23. kate says:

    Well all surgery hurts. My old boss had one. She’s so incredibly happy about having had it. Then again it siginifically improves a woman’s shape as opposed to a man’s. Your shape is mostly in your shoulders, ours is waist and hips (and boobs if you’re lucky).

  24. Jaslene says:

    i am so scared of having loose skin. to make a long story short.. i used to weigh about 170 lbs… not tiny but i was happy and comfortable with my body. i became pregnant with my daughter (now 20 months) and gained about 50lbs. after giving birth my hormones went crazy and since then i’ve gained about 80 more lbs. about 6 months ago i found out that it was due to thyroid disease (i’m hypothyroid). now that they have my medicine to the right level at which i am able to lose weight, i’m really scared about the skin issue. i just know i’ll have tons because i’ve gained so much weight so quickly that i’m covered in stretch marks. any ideas on exercises or creams or just anything that will help me to get rid of and prevent some skin issues i know i will have would be great.

  25. Rose says:

    I have heard that loose skin has to do with a number of things.

    1) How fast you loose the weight.
    2) What exercise you do to lose the weight.
    3) The age at which you lost weight.

    A teacher in college had lap band and had so much loose skin, she had to have a “total body lift.” She said that all of her loose skin was because she lost her weight too fast at an older age (late 50’s). The skin is less elastic the older you get, and if you aren’t doing any kind of muscle building exercise you will find yourself with loose skin.

    I am about 50lbs into my total weight loss goal, and I’m not finding much loose skin…yet. I’m 26, which might have something to do with it.

    Anyway, thank you for pointing out a big issue among bigger people. We have so many excuses/demotivations that run through our brain during the day, and the fear of “still being considered ‘ugly’ after all of the weight loss” is sometimes the biggest. I know I worry about that everyday, especially because I’ve been big all my life–I know how to dress, talk, and interact with the world as a bigger person. What will I do if I’m smaller?

    Tyler, you nailed it, though. I will be healthier, and that’s all that matters. Thanks so much for your blog, I read it for inspiration. Good luck!

  26. greg says:

    How’s the belly fat at this point? I’m coming down from a high of 336, currently 298 and dropping. 6’1″, large frame, not as much fat in the arms and legs but the belly has been pendulous. While dropping 40 has helped, it’s still not looking great. I figure I’ll need to go another 20 to 40 down before I have a true sense of how the final results will be. I’ve got horrible visions of Adam Sandler from the movie Click flapping this giant tongue of loose skin after significant weight loss. You are right, flappy is better than fatty but I’d like to get rid of both!

  27. JakiChan says:

    My only concern is that being single loose skin could be a real problem. There are folks who don’t mind having sex with fat people, but loose skin could be just too gross.

    But I guess if it’s bad enough your insurance has to do something about it. It can be a big risk for infection.

  28. Shaun says:

    I’ve lost about 150 lbs so far (down from about 341). I’m 6’1″ and can definitely relate to the whole loose skin/blubber thing. I still have 20-30 pounds of fat that I want to loose, and I also want to gain more muscle.

    The fat is mainly around my stomach area. I know it’s not just loose skin because I can feel the fat inside. Since it’s subcutaneous fat, between the skin and muscle, it just bounces around and hangs, etc, which is really annoying. If most of my fat had been inside my abdomen wall (omentum fat I think it’s called) I don’t think it would be as much of a problem, although I’ve heard this kind of fat is more unhealthy.

    Anyway, I’ve also heard that skin really tightens up once you get below a 10% body fat percentage. Not sure, guess I’ll have to see.

    Good luck everyone!

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