Week 59: Weigh-in Results

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  1. Jason says:

    My weight loss is going well. Still trying to hit 250’s by April 1st. So are you going to find out if its a boy or a girl? Or wait for it to be born?

  2. MirandaLea says:

    Since my start date of January 11th, I’ve lost 31.2 pounds!!! Thanks for the inspiration, Tyler!!

  3. krissy says:

    My weight has seemed to plateau the last couple weeks, so I increased the intensity of my workouts to hopefully see a loss this week. I have a couple questions though…
    1. do you only step on the scale on Wednesday mornings?
    2. whats your take on dieting and vacationing – do you let the reigns loose (within reason) or do you stick to your reduced calorie intake.


  4. krissy says:

    And awesome job by the way!

  5. My weight loss is slow and steady. I’m surprised that now that I’m running more and more I haven’t been eating more and more. Too tired I guess. I ran 4.5 miles yesterday (OMG I’m a runner!) and was in bed by 9PM.

  6. Kyle says:

    Awesome work on the loss Tyler!

    I’ve hit a stumbling block after two weeks. 1lb lost last week, and .6lbs gained this week. Can’t really explain it. Tracking calories (1500-1900/day), Gym 6 times/week burning 400-500 calories a session. Not really sure what’s causing this plateau, but it sucks. I just started to eliminate most of my diet soda intake, and switched to mainly water. I also took today off from the gym to give me another rest day. Hopefully that does the trick.

  7. Al says:

    I’m off to a great start. Glad to see you are still doing great!

  8. Tara says:

    I’m down about 23 pounds since Jan 1st. Very slow…but very steady. Gonna see the scale read 239 this coming saturday for the weigh -in (I hope!) and that is just about making me giddy!!

    Thanks T, for all you hard work and commitment to yourself and to us!

  9. beej says:

    Great loss, Tyler!

    Eat more fruits & veggies. (Ha! Couldn’t help it…). You seem to be doing well counting Calories. But your feed said that you’re taking a break for now…why is that? I know it’s a lot of work, so maybe you need to focus on other things?

    Think you can lose 2.5 pounds this week and be under 210 at your next weigh-in? That would be aweosme!

    My loss is doing okay, but I still think I need ot push myself harder–I maybe getting into a groove (better than a rut, but still)…

  10. Jerilyn says:

    Doing great! I’m so ridiculously close to having a one in front of my weight that it’s not even funny. Well, 22 pounds away- but for me that’s phenomenal. I haven’t been that close to 199 since 12 years old and 7th grade.

    You’ll get back to your lowest recorded and blast through it, I know you will. Congrats on the loss and I look forward to hearing your next big thing.

    If you took my People Magazine cover, I may have to get a little vicious though. 😉

  11. Jerilyn says:

    You’re not eating enough at all- not for going to the gym and burning 400-500 calories a pop. You need to increase your caloric intake majorly.

    Livestrong.com has an awesome section called The Daily Plate that you can put your information into and it will tell you how many calories you need to eat for the day, allow you to track what you have eaten and your exercise. It’s all free and it’s an incredibly useful tool. I highly recommend looking into that.

    I speak from experience on this- after losing 116 pounds, I hit a dreadful couple months long plateau and couldn’t lose. When I went to my doctor he informed me that I simply was not eating enough. I increased my caloric intake and the pounds literally fell off.

  12. Jill says:

    I am not sure. I think I might need a new scale. I stood on it the first time and it said I’d gained a pound. Then I stood on it again and it said I’d lost .5 lbs. I did this 5-6 more times and it teeter-tottered back and forth almost each time. I think it is time to get rid of the scale and just focus on how my clothes fit as far as I’m concerned. It really doesn’t do much except kill my motivation to lose weight and make me feel inadequate every week.

  13. bossymommy says:

    Tyler, I know your wife probably hates it when I say this, but really do love you. You have put yourself 110% out there for the world to see…to cheer you on and give you grief and criticize you in your weak moments and applaud you in your successes. It takes so much courage, especially for someone who has a lot of weight to lose, to get naked in front of a camera week after week. To post weight gains on those hard weeks when you didn’t do so well. You’ve been amazingly consistent and you have helped so, so, SO many people on their own journeys. What a treasure you are. I know I’m not speaking just for Jacey when I say I am inspired by you each and every week, no matter what that stupid scale says. You never give up. Your failures are never permanent. You use them to motivate you to do better the next time around. I know you’re not quite there yet, but what you’ve accomplished so far is incredible. The bossymommy is so proud of you! Oh, and great job this week. 🙂

  14. Congrat on the loss, Tyler! What’s your plan for making this next week rock? I’m dialing in my strength training and committing to 6 workouts/week.

  15. Tyler says:

    It’s not a new baby!

  16. Tyler says:

    I step on the scale every day. And, on vacations, I eat whatever I want but try to be physically active. No restrictions.

  17. Tyler says:

    I agree with Jerilyn, that’s not a whole lot of calories every day. Don’t starve yourself.

  18. Tyler says:

    It’s a lot of work, that’s why I’m taking a break. I already spend enough time on the blog/losing weight, posting what I eat when I eat on twitter every day is pretty tiresome.

    Let’s hope for 210 next week!

  19. Tyler says:

    Not a People Magazine cover 🙂

  20. Tyler says:

    Oh. I’m speechless. That was very nice and thoughtful of you Jacey, I appreciate it! 🙂

  21. Tyler says:

    Hardcore cardio. I’m going to go to the gym over the weekend, as well.

  22. Kyle says:

    Thanks Jerilyn and Tyler. I’ve been using a program called LoseIt for the iPhone, and for my age (26) and weight (237), it has me at 2,013 calories a day to lose 2lbs a week. That number of calories doesn’t include any exercise. If I exercise, the program wants me to eat those calories which I never really do. Even after eating 1800 calories, I feel like I’ve eaten too much, or have had too many grams of carbs, or too many grams of protein.

    I actually find it was easier to lose weight when I wasn’t tracking calories, and was just very conscious of what I ate.

  23. Kevin says:

    Great job! What a motivation you are!

  24. Keri (CA) says:

    Congrats on the loss of 2.4 more pounds!
    Great job!

  25. ed says:

    Good job on the loss Tyler! Inspiring.

    Did you write a book?

  26. ed says:

    Great job MirandaLea! My start date was on the 11th of Jan too and I’m at 29.0 pounds lost. I’m on your heels!

  27. Jeff says:

    01/01/10 starting weight: 398. Weight this morning: 318. Goal Weight: 220-ish. Age: 39. Height: 6’1”. Got a long ways to go, but it’s coming off. It’s hard work. Method: Elliptical, Walking, and Counting the calories. Boring, but consistency works!

  28. krissy says:

    Wow, 80 lbs in less than 3 months…thats awesome! whats your secret? Those are biggest loser numbers!!!

  29. Jeff says:

    No secret. Elliptical for 66/min per day, 7 days/week. 2 sessions that run 33 min each. I start on level 10 of 20 and end on level 15 of 20. I walk 2 miles every day Mon – Fri. I walk 5 miles on Sat & Sun. I keep my calories between 1800-2000. Like Tyler said, it’s all about the simple math. I wish there was a secret!

  30. beej says:

    I totally hear you! I really want to stop, but I think I still need those guard rails. You, however, are awesome! I’m sure you already spend so much time just reading all the comments & emails you get (plus your job and exercising and family)! You’re a busy man!

  31. bossymommy says:

    You bet. You’re a super star.

  32. ed says:

    What are the time intervals that you increase your level on the elliptical? I usually get on and do a manual workout on level 13. do you increase every x number of minutes?

  33. Jeff says:

    I start on level 10 for 3 minutes and increase 1 level every three minutes until I hit level 15. I stay on 15 for 6 minutes, and try really hard not to lose my lunch. Then, I start back down to level 10. I do this twice. Takes 66 minutes on the Precor Elliptical on the weight loss setting. Many will say that I have lost too muc too quickly. I don’t necessarily disagree with them. My circumstances have allowed me to pour myself into the workouts every day, and I take advantage of that. I hold no illusions though. I know it only gets harder from here. I’ll just keep plugging along and take what the day gives me. I’m in this for life!

  34. Frank Dobner says:

    I started using more salt thinking that salt has no calories right? Well I have seen my weight vary by up to 3 pounds. Could be retention, I am thinking.

  35. Josie says:

    Dr. Oz?

    Joy Behar show??


    Congrats, for the continued loss and for whatever you huge announcement is. You sure know how to keep us hanging! 😉

  36. Cathy says:

    Wow, you look great! I’m mega impressed with 93 minutes on a treadmill!

  37. Ninabi says:

    I read and I am amazed. No gimmicks. No surgery. No fads.

    Man faces insurmountable problem and after a long effort, wins. Everybody following your story is cheering you on. Tyler- if somebody had approached you 2 years ago and told you what was going to happen and how you would be changing your life, would you have believed them?

  38. krissy says:

    That’s awesome. I have lost 75 lbs over the course of 8 months, but the last few weeks, the weight has been coming off much slower. I do cardio 5 times a week and try to move outside of exercise as much as possible, which with 3 kids is pretty easy to do. LOL

  39. Sean says:

    110 pounds lost since 5/5/09. Just got this last 5 more pounds to 175 which was my original goal. However I may drop down to 170 before I start my next round of p90x and actually do may try to eat over my daily maintenance level to see if I can add some more muscle.

  40. Jennifer says:

    Fabulous results! I am in week one of trying to get my backside back in gear- this week is just about moving more, nothing else- yesterday Nike+ said congratulations that was a new fastest mile time- and I looked and I was only walking 2.8mph- 2.8 when the heck did I get so slow?! – granted there were stairs involved but only 26 per lap of the park ( so three sets of 26 in total)
    have put the Daft Punk back into my play list

    Work It Harder Make It Better
    Do It Faster, Makes Us stronger
    Keep up the great work Tyler- you’re and inspiration to us all!

  41. Ashley says:

    Wow! Just found your blog… Where the hell have I been? lol. What an amazing inspiration! I’ve been doing WW since Sept 09 and have lost 22 lbs. My weight hasn’t been this low in like 5-6 years! Thanks for all your inspiring stories!

  42. Tyler says:

    I’m glad you found my blog, hope you stick around for a little while. Congrats on the weight loss so far with Weight Watchers!

  43. Tyler says:

    That reminds me, I should put up a new workout playlist sometime soon. Also, how do you like the Nike+ system? Should I get one?

  44. Tyler says:

    I’m definitely going to be (not yet) more concerned about building muscle than watching the scale constantly.

  45. Tyler says:

    I wouldn’t. To lose 125 pounds is to be born again, there’s no doubt about it. My life has completely changed.

  46. Tyler says:

    I’m mega impressed with your blog, love the green!

  47. Tyler says:

    Nope! And I don’t want to keep you hanging, I just can’t say anything… yet! Soon, though, hopefully very soon.

  48. Tyler says:

    Definitely be careful with the salt — I never put added salt onto my food, only pepper. One of the few things I watch on the back of nutritional labels, in addition to calories, fat, fiber, and protein, is sodium content.

  49. Tyler says:

    No comment 🙂

  50. Tyler says:

    That’s a good plan, Jill. Or, maybe weigh yourself once a month so any fluctuations aren’t that noticeable.

  51. Tyler says:

    You’re right, I’m pretty busy these days. I have about 150 e-mails in my inbox as of today I need to reply to (I’ve already read them all, I read them as they come in, just like comments). I will respond to them, it’ll just take some time and people hopefully can understand that I can only be so many places at once.

    If I get burnt out, that’ll be good for none of us.

  52. Tyler says:

    Thank YOU, Tara! I love your comments 🙂

  53. Tyler says:

    I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes staring at the calories every single day makes you go crazy, and even in some cases, makes me a little more than I normally would.

  54. Tyler says:

    4.5 miles is a BEAST! Good job 🙂

  55. Tyler says:

    Thanks, sweet blog Kevin! I’m a reader, just wish I could find a little more time to comment.

  56. Tyler says:

    I wish I could still workout for 7 days a week — I really admire that dedication and intensity. You’re right though, boring works!

  57. oceanchica says:

    Amazing job and so inspiring as always!

    I’ve taken a break this week while I’m fighting a cold but hope to be back to my regular workouts over the weekend. Being stuck in the same 3lb range for nearly a year takes its toll and I’m managing to focus the frustration/anger/annoyance into exercise. Now if only I’d lose something!

    Keep up the great job, I’m sure you’ll be in uncharted territory very soon!!

  58. Jill says:

    I like your idea, Tyler. It is a good compromise. Thank you for replying! 🙂

  59. Cathy says:

    Ha! Thanks! I’m glad the green isn’t too overpowering!

  60. Patrick says:

    A bit personal, but I have to say you are lucky that your nippular area shrank too. I thought when I lost all the weight, that mine would dissapear. Turns out they didn’t. It has always been a detriment to how I feel about my body image.

    Keep up the great work!

  61. kate says:

    happy dance
    happy dance

  62. Darryl says:


    I am a fomer Army soldier, and since I left the Army about 2 years ago, I gained about 100 lbs; i joined the gym back in January 2010, but never went. I actually started hitting the gym hard around the end of February, now I go twice a day and run a total of 7 miles a day…my current weight when I started was 288, I haven’t weighted myself yet because I don’t want to get discouraged if I haven’t loss a significant amount of weight…I really want stay on track and hopefully by June 1, I will be down to 240 or less if I continue on that track!!! Thanks, you’ve really inspired me!

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