Week 60: Weigh-in Results

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  1. Ed says:

    Great Job on the big loss! I have a problem with the big meals over the weekend too. I guess because when I’m at work, I bring a pre-portioned meal with me. When you drink soda, is it diet or do you drink the “real” stuff? I had an 8.2 pound loss this week!

  2. kate says:

    Extra credit for skipping sweet tea. If they had that up here I’d have no teeth.

  3. Tyler says:

    I drink the real stuff, I hate diet soda. Tastes horrible.

  4. Tyler says:

    Mmm… sweet tea.

  5. Richard says:

    This is pretty great. Just curious what your daily diet looks like. I’m 600 pounds and really struggling with the weight. I’m finally doing something about it. Started a diet 2 weeks ago, first week lost 20 pounds, second week gain a pound. Kind of threw me off track a little bit. Any advice for me?

  6. Alan says:

    Sweet tea is my enemy, but it is SOOO good.

  7. James Trapani says:

    Awesome job Tyler!!! WOOT!!! Those big meals over the weekends are what do it to me also. I didn’t go crazy either. I started my journey at 242 and today at my weigh in I’m officially under 200 at 198.8!!! No turning back.

    Congratulations on your loss. A true inspiration.

  8. Kevin says:

    If I’m correct, this is a new low weigh-in for you is it not? Congratulations, that’s a huge deal! I’ve been reading your blog since the end of 2009 (this is my first post – I’m a bit introverted and like others have mentioned before was embarrassed to discuss being overweight), and you’ve helped me to change my life. I’m 29 and about 6’2″, and I started counting calories and working out on January 4, 2010 after seeing your progress. Since then, I’ve lost 36 lbs (went from 279 to 243) and can’t remember the last time I’ve weighed under 245! I’m getting stronger everyday at the gym (I lift weights for 50 mins a day and hit the heavy bag for 30 mins a day for my cardio portion) and my clothes are falling off of me. I’ve never been “huge” but always been a big chubby guy (and for anyone who’s ever been the “big chubby guy” you might as well be 500 lbs because that’s what it feels like everyday). So, thank you for the inspiration. I’m heading to Vegas with my wife on Monday and hopefully I can maintain my momentum (might be tricky with the cheap buffets, lack of planned/pre-portion meals, but I’m hoping walking the strip and the gym in our hotel will keep me burning off the extra calories)! Keep up the great work!

  9. Kevin says:

    Sorry for the book, and apparently I forgot how to make a new paragraph over the years?

  10. Jaclyn says:

    TYLER THE TANK~ Yo!~ So I was checking the stats, and if Im not mistaken, isnt that the lowest youve tracked so far? Sweeeeet! So Im on the late show with your 10K blog, so Ill double up on this comment. Im certainly not an expert runner, but I have been running for close to 5 years, and I have been training for 10 weeks for a marathon in Aug/Sep. Ive got a 14miler this Friday which will be the longest Ive ever run, ever. My advice is something I read about in Christopher McDougall’s “Born to Run”. Shorten your stride to where your feet sort of stay under you, and run from mid-arch and the ball of your feet. (try not to land on your heel) That reduces the impact that can damage your knees/ankles. He says, relax your shoulders (they tend to bunch up around your ears) and think “Light and easy, Light and easy”. McDougall is like 6’4, and not made for running, but he ended up running like a 50miler in the desert sticking to those rules. Dont worry about speed, its not how fast you get there, just that you get there! I have no doubt youll dig deep and pull it off!

    Ill post my 14miler on facebook Friday, but only if you promise to keep up the good weekends that youve been having.
    Sweet job this week!

  11. Cory says:

    Good week for you! We used to live in NC…. I am a sweet tea-aholic, I feel for you. This stuff they serve up north is gross. Keep up the good work!

  12. Lynne Garcia says:

    Wow, great job. Keep it up! Tightening up the weekend and going to the gym that many days paid off.

  13. Well done Tyler mate, that is a cracking result this week!

    I, too, had a good loss this week of 5.6lbs (must be something in the air!) meaning i’ve lost 122lbs in 50 weeks, am now below 250lbs for the first time in about 12 or 13 years 🙂

    Reading your blog and story always helps to keep me motivated, so thanks again for that!

  14. Krissy says:

    Awesome job this week! The weekends are such killers for most of us, but it looks like you overcame that hurdle this week.

  15. Nice work, I hope I can post a number like that next Monday.

  16. No HUGE losses, but I am down 9.2 lbs from the start. It may have taken me 5 months, but I’m SO much more confident in this weight loss since I did it my just living my life a little healthier and getting into running. No calorie or point counting! 🙂

  17. Tara says:

    What a great thing to read right before heading out the door for my c25k run (w7d2)! That’s awesome!!! My last weigh I had a -2.6 loss which is pretty big in my book.

    Thanks for reminding us that even when we get to that -100 (or more in your case) pound mark we still have.to.work.hard!!! As always, you are truly a blessing for us!

  18. SkinnyCoffin says:

    Talk about TEARING IT UP – you go, man! Awesome!

  19. Kyle says:

    Awesome work Tyler! Must feel good to be in the “10’s” now. Getting so close!

    Are you still burning ~200 calories per day at the gym?

  20. BossyMommy says:

    My hero. I knew we’d see a bigger number this week. NOBODY tells Tyler he can’t do something. Still love ya…

  21. Matt says:

    I lost 7lbs this week. At least, that’s what the scale says. When I weighed last week, I had “gained’ .25lbs, but I knew that I had had a good calorie deficit and had been active so it wasn’t an actual gain of fat.

    So this week, when I weighed it was 7.25lbs less than last week.

    I’ll take it…140lbs lost since July14th.

  22. Jill says:

    Wow, awesome job! You’re going to be under 200 lbs. before you know it!

  23. s says:

    Wowsa’s you are just kicking those pounds to the curb!

  24. beej says:

    Kick butt, Tyler. This is awesome! What a monster loss. I had a pretty good loss last week, and I’m hoping to see another one this week. Still not to your weight, but I’m getting close!!

    Did I ever tell you that you blog is what inspired me to start my journey almost a year ago…so thanks for that.

    Again, though, amazing work & loss this week!

  25. Tyler says:

    I just eat around 2,000 calories a day, no diet. Take a look at twitter.com/344food to see what I eat (ate) on a daily basis.

  26. Tyler says:

    You are correct, this is a new low weight for me. It’s very exciting.

  27. Tyler says:

    Yes, the tank is at his lowest record weight!

  28. Tyler says:

    About that, yeah. The elliptical says 300 or so, but I know that’s over-estimating… my body is just to used to the motions.

  29. Tyler says:

    I think you have told me before, but it still means a lot to hear it again. Appreciate you sticking around!

  30. AndrewENZ says:

    Well done Tyler! Consistency does pay off eh.

  31. Cat says:

    Yay! Great job!

  32. Patrick says:

    Congratulations on the new low, Tyler! I been trying to lose weight for some time now and I started the Body for Life program about a month ago. I like the exercises and workout plan, however the food plan is lackluster. It’s a protein/carbohydrate/vegetable diet which is great but at times the protein can get too much. I never thought I’d say that I’m tired of eating meat but six meals a day, c’mon! How do you do to choose your diet? Do you try to balance it with protein and carbs at every meal or do you just try to eat well while keeping the calories in check?

  33. Brandon S. Adkins says:

    Awesome! Great to see the progress, the redemption. Keep it up!

  34. Very nice. Congrats on the almost 5lb loss. June will be here very shortly, too.

    I still haven’t had a real big weight-loss week, but I’ll take a 2 pound loss every time I step on the scale. Still, I have a weird feeling I’ll lose more than I ever have in a week since I’ve been watching my eating and exercising. I’ve been eating tons of fiber over the last few days.

  35. Jerry Jackson says:

    Had a big loss this week, my father had a heart attack and I lost every bit of the sleep I should have got, and all the comfort I had that losing weight was enough. He is a portrait of fitness and still had a heart attack. I am hitting this extra hard this week. I am going to redouble efforts again and start doing more in the gym. I ave been useless lately, skipping the gym for the disc golf course. I get tons of exercise out there, but I am realizing I need both.

    Tyler, congrats man. I knew you had a big week in you – you deserve it 100%.

  36. Gelene says:

    Tyler! Yay you! 207.8 is so close to onederland! You do- totally-deserve this! Thank you, again, for your inspiration and sharing with the world. Can’t wait to hear of your 10k success!

  37. Jooly says:

    You are truly inspirational, Tyler!
    If you only want to drink sugar sodas, maybe you should only stick to the real cane sugar ones. They are harder to come by (Dublin Dr. Pepper or Throwback Mt. Dew, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper and Passover Coke) and taste a lot better in my opinion. I only find them once in a blue moon, so it keeps me from consuming calories that way.

  38. Cathy says:

    Wow!!! That’s incredible! Well done!

  39. oceanchica says:

    Great job, it’s so exciting when it’s a number you haven’t seen!

  40. Laona says:


    You are looking great! You should be so pleased with the definition in your “new” body. Thanks for sharing your ups and downs–keep up the excellent work.

  41. Brian says:


    You are a inspiration to me man. YOU are going to save my life. I am a vet and got out of the military. I had problems when I got out and I am now 400 pounds. It is hard to get out of bed in the mornings. if you can do this so can I. I hope that you do not mind that I am going to copy you and use a blog the same way as you. losingthepounds.com will be where I will be logging my journey. Any advice? Thanks for doing what you do.

  42. Tara says:

    Let us know when you get it all set up so we can come by and give you support!

  43. Holly says:

    Great Job Tyler! I had a 4.5 pound loss a few weeks ago…but have slacked a little since then and gained 1/2 pound…want to get back to an average of losing 2 pounds a week (with a few 4 pound loss weeks thrown in here and there for good measure!)

    Holly @ Making Over Me

  44. Congrats on your loss! You are amazing! And love that movie btw!

  45. lauralei says:

    you are such an inspiration – your tips helped to jog the memory – sometime we forget the most basic ones – thanks 🙂

  46. Nick T says:

    Add 10 percent to your daily calorie count. Between snacking and just underestimating your calories, you’re probably eating at least 10% more than you think you are consuming. You had 2,000 calories today? More like 2,200.

    Great tip. Very true.

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