The Second Act

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  1. Leon says:

    More skin?!? How much more skin? The ladies are going to go wild!

  2. Kyle says:

    Congratulations on all the goals Tyler. Just like the weight loss, I’m sure you’ll achieve all of these with the awesome mindset you’re in right now.

    I’m about 20lbs shy of my ultimate weight-loss goal right now, and like you, I also feel like a deflated tire with all this loose skin. Definitely better then 387lbs of fat, but still something I want to address too shortly. I’ve incorporated weight lifting into my workout routine since day 1, but it certainly plays second fiddle to my cardio. I plan on changing that soon and inflating lean muscle between the sidewalls as well. We can do it! 🙂

  3. Ven says:

    Whoa. This is *the* most inspiring thing that I could have read right now. You are *amazing*!

  4. Rachel says:

    I can definitely relate to this post/topic. I’ve lost 112 lbs doing mostly cardio and I’ve got to say, the tire is FLAT. Once I complete my first half marathon on May 30th, I am going to be taking a similar approach to re-designing my body. Glad I won’t be fumbling toward this new goal alone!

  5. praveena says:


    congratulations on achieving your goal! I was wondering how much cardio were you doing in the past few weeks to lose the last 10 pounds? I read all your posts and it looks like your minimum was 20 min 4x/wk, but you really went 6x/wk. Were your sessions 20 min or more like an hour?

    I’m going 20 – 30 min 2 – 3x a week and eating less (1500 – 1800 cal) but I’m not seeing much of a difference- I lose a pound here, gain it back the next week, etc etc. Its pretty disheartening. Its these last 10 pounds that are driving me nuts! Any advice you have to offer is really appreciated!

    Congrats again!

  6. Dan says:

    Good for you Tyler! I am very much the opposite as you. As someone who has squatted and dead lifted over 500 lbs and been a “lean machine” as you say, I approach this journey focusing on the weights 1st, cardio 2nd…and I’m having a great week so far, though I still need MORE cardio. This link echoes your post:

  7. SZ says:

    Congratulations! I think you have figured out exactly what YOUR body needs. So glad to know that you have other goals that are just as important, if not more. I love your blog and read it almost daily.

  8. Jill says:

    I think a lot of people see cardio as the best way to lose weight judging by how many people are using the cardio equipment at the gym versus how many are hanging out in the weight area. My trainer told me to not even use my scale at all, to get rid of it. Well I am not going to get rid of it, but I’ll probably weigh myself about once/month. Getting worked up over “gaining a pound” in a week (which could mean so many different things) esp. when I am doing weight training 3x/week is something I can do without. I just wish more people could see it that way, but they remain obsessed with the number on the scale.

  9. Joann says:

    Tyler, this sounds like a good plan. You have gotten rid of the fat, achieved your weight goal, and now it’s time to do the fine tuning. Keep up the good work!

  10. Tyler, I love the new goals! From some one who did a natural bodybuilding contest (and helped others compete) before cyling over to other challenges (kung fu, swimming, etc) and now is coming back full circle to body composition again, don’t leave out circumference measurements.

    The first few weeks of caliper measurements may play havok as your excess skin tightens. Calipers are (imho) the best way to track fat loss but your situation is unique and monitoring the circumferences of some parts in relation to others may prove more helpful and inspiring in the first few months.

    Consider monitoring the proportion of twice your (flexed) bicep measurement to your waist (ideally over 1.) The classic Michealangelo ratio of neck to bicep to calf (all ~ equal) is also a neat metric to follow.

    What ever you do, best of luck and we’ll be here to cheer you on.

  11. greg says:

    Some people who lose weight have what I call the Inigo Montoya problem. As you recall from the Princess Bride, his whole life was the revenge business. Once he had it, he was at loose ends, no longer sure how to define himself. But he might make a fine Dread Pirate Roberts.

    People who define themselves all their lives as “the fat one” and have made weight loss a life goal have an identity crisis once they finally attain their goal. What now?! Oh, my.

    It’s great to have a plan for what comes next! I’m about to hit the 50 down milestone. That’ll be the halfway mark, more or less. But I’m taking those links to heart. I think it’s time work work some weights into the eating less/moving more mix.

  12. Cory says:

    Muscles are sexy! This is an interesting new chapter, glad to be here for it!!

  13. lionheart says:

    Remember that diet is an integral part of this. What you eat when trying to add muscle mass is just as (if not moreso) important as what you’re lifting.

    All muscle is “lean,” by the way.

    What kind of lifting plan are you using? What sort of lifts/sets/reps?

  14. TwMi says:

    Tyler- I am so happy for you! My journey is only half way done and I know that if I keep reading your blog and see your inspirational milestones met, ill be able to meet mine.Tyler, I’m looking forward to that run, ill be there!

  15. blondenette says:

    Awesome job in setting the new goals!
    May I also suggest that you should also make something like yoga or pilates part of your goal. Both of these practices tones muscles, builds core strength, as well as body and mind awareness.

  16. Tyler says:

    I’m going to take shots with me flexing in my boxers. Still rated G, I just need to properly document my muscle growth everywhere on my body.

  17. Tyler says:

    We definitely can. We need a contest of some sort!

  18. Tyler says:

    Oh, that’s deep. Thanks.

  19. Jaclyn says:

    Tyler the TANK!!!!
    Im super excited about these new goals! It would have been so easy to say, “Hey, I made it”, and pack up, but you didnt. You re-evaluated, re-assessed, and re-planned. High five homespice! Its going to be a long road, but Im down!

  20. Tyler says:

    You won’t. We’ll get tone together. You have an awesome blog, by the way.

    Where’s the half marathon?

  21. Tyler says:

    My sessions toward the end lasted about 30 minutes 4 days a week. They were intense though on the elliptical/treadmill, no casual exercising over here.

  22. Tyler says:

    Great post. You took the road less traveled, as in weight first then cardio. You’ll lose weight on the scale slower, but you’ll look better and potentially burn fat much quicker.

  23. Tyler says:

    Thanks, SZ. I love comments and read them daily 🙂

  24. Tyler says:

    Yeah, most trainers will tell you that — I’ve heard the same from all of my friends that are trainers. The scale really isn’t important, it’s too fickle and can change by several pounds on a daily basis, just depending on what you ate the night before.

  25. Tyler says:

    I’ve gotten rid of most the fat, but I certainly have a lot left. We’ll try to replace it with muscle, how’s that?

  26. Tyler says:

    Thanks for the advice, Ted. Definitely keep it coming over the next several months as I venture into focusing more on body composition as opposed to my fight with the scale.

  27. Tyler says:

    Interesting point of view. And you’re right, I’ve read a lot of other weight loss blogs where they finally hit their goal weight and they stop posting, or they turn the blog into something else entirely. I’m not about that. I’m here to build my body into a machine.

    It’s going to take a long, long time to do that. No number will ever tell me that I’m finished.

  28. Tyler says:

    Oh, thanks 🙂

  29. Tyler says:

    Diet is most of the equation, definitely.

    I’m using a 4-day split, I’ll post it on the blog when I can compile it altogether in a blog post form.

  30. Tyler says:

    Good to read!

  31. Tyler says:

    I’m definitely joining some classes, not sure about pilates or yoga as of yet but definitely classes that you normally wouldn’t see men go into — if you know what I mean 🙂

  32. Tyler says:

    Good. I’m glad you’re down wit it, dawg. 🙂

  33. krissy says:

    Tyler, your posts are truly an inspiration. I avoided visiting your blog for a few weeks because I had fallen off track and I felt convicted every time I received notice of an update. You are an amazing role model. I know your wife and daughter have to be so proud to have you in their life – what an amazing accomplishment to share with your daughter and other children as they come. You again have encouraged me to stop making excuses and get my butt back in gear. I thank you for being so transparent and sharing so much of your life and journey with us.

  34. Tyler says:

    Oh, and I sent you an e-mail.

  35. Byron says:

    Tyler, I found a program that helped me immensely. You should check it out.
    It was very easy to start, and easy to maintain. It works regardless of how many pushups you are able to complete, or not.

  36. Tara says:

    And this is why you’re going to succeed Tyler. One chapter ends and another begins. This journey isn’t about just weight loss but about getting stronger, faster, and doing what you meant to do!

    You are so spot on with this journey my friend. Someday we’ll run together as athletes and remember where we refuse to return.

  37. Tim Parker says:

    You are thoroughly impressive in terms of losing the weight you have. Now you identified where you want to go, and have decided to take more with it. I have to applaud you for your determination, drive and complete life style change.

    I found your story through NerdFitness, and have enjoyed reading the progression from where you were and where you are now. As a martial arts trainer and a fitness instructor, I utilize your site now as a what can be done with determination and patience.

  38. Molly says:

    Good for you tyler! I have also noticed from losing weight that much of my muslce has gone down also. The main thing for me though is to lose weight still and then start building lean muscle after I hit my target weight. This journey of yours is so awesome and I cant wait to see the end result!

  39. Christy says:

    Thanks Tyler for the posts. This is just what I needed to hear right about now. I’d been going hard at the gym for a while, but then school got the best of me lately. I’ve been needing some kind of motivation to get at it again and low & behold, here it is. I truly admire your dedication to yourself, your family, this blog and those of us who have chosen to ride along on this journey. I’m inspired every time I read a post!!! Can’t wait for the results!!

  40. Cat says:

    Well done!! I look forward to your progress! I am really glad to hear that you are looking more towards the weights. Lean muscle burns more fat and increases the metabolism. So many get caught up with cardio and are afraid to use weights because it will make them look big and gain weight.

    Good luck with the ‘second act’! We’ll be with you every step of the way!!

  41. Dan says:

    Okay Tyler…I have one more article for you that you may find useful.

  42. Helen says:

    Hello from Irmo!

    I’ve been following your blog for quite awhile now. Great job-its truly amazing what you’ve been able to do here. I started following the same guidelines as far as eating what I want but keeping my calories under a certain limit-and have lost 18 lbs since Easter. And I don’t even feel restricted! Woohoo! I wanted to see if it would be okay to link to your blog from my own blog-Mine is about living with Narcolepsy and the challenges it brings-one of which is struggling with weight. ( I think some of my readers could really benefit from your experience and find some encouragement as well 😉 So whaddya say-would that be okay?

    Keep up the great work and thanks for keeping us all in the loop!

  43. greg says:

    Once I reach goal, then there’s maintenance. I’m not focused on a number so much as a belly. When it’s flat, I know I’ve hit maintenance. 🙂

  44. I decided I was going to start lifting weights around 300lb, in addition to doing cardio and Jiu-Jitsu.

    Starting at 410lb I figure 300 is a good goal to get the weights going. I’ve got another 63lb to go before the weights!

  45. lionheart says:

    Excellent. Good to know you’re going into weights with a plan …. look forward to seeing what you do

  46. Michelle says:

    Look forward to spending the next years with you as well!

  47. Nick R says:

    Congrats on reaching your last goal, and I look forward to your success with these new goals.

    But, the goals are hugely disproportionate. 100 pushups is more comparable to 10-25 pullups. Pullups are hard. A 10k might take a couple of months, but it’s not too tough. Benching 250lbs?

  48. Joey says:

    Give out a reminder next year in January or February about that 10K run and I’ll make an effort to be there. Congrats on passing 200 lbs recently. I’m 15 lbs away right now and starting training for my next half marathon in Chicago on August 1st. Wish me luck!

  49. Allen says:

    Tyler, I’m sure by now you’ve heard all about P90X. It’s all about pushups and pull ups. It is an amazing program, and it has totally reshaped the bodies of a LOT of formerly obese people. I’ve done it myself. Have you ever thought about it?

  50. Will says:

    This is all very cool, Tyler. I’m really excited to reengage and join you in this next part of the journey! I would love to come up for the Cooper Bridge Run. I’ll be looking for more info. You rock, man!

  51. Sean says:

    I second the p90x recommendation. I am on my second round and love it.

  52. Oh, man! I totally want to be running the Cooper River Run with you next year! 🙂

  53. Erin says:

    NICE JOB TYLER! Way to go with this new chapter. I really like this mentality that being active is fun and not just hours and hours of slaving away at the same old treadmill. (Not that the treadmill doesn’t have its place, but sometime it’s WAY overemphasized.)

    BTW, I think I know what you mean about running=competing in the 10k, and that run/walk is the way a lot of folks (including myself) start out running. But run/walking is a legitimate training strategy in its own rite that professional runners use to compete and shave time off their performances. And it’s a good way to get into distance running while avoiding injury. Jeff Galloway is of course a huge proponent of this technique –

    But again – a hearty “hell yeah” for all of your accomplishments! Way to go! I can’t wait to see you own this next phase!!

  54. ChrisNColumbia says:

    Nice goals you have set Tyler. We are all proud of what you have done. I am grinding out my weight loss as we speak. I started off with a lot of cardio and very little weight lifting. After the first 20-25lb., I started seeing the “deflated” look beginning. So, I have started adding in atleast 20min of weight training in with my cardio. I don’t see the numbers on the scale that I would like, but the close are fitting much more loosely and of course, the muscles are getting bigger. That atleast lets me know that something is working right. If you had it to do over again, would you recommend more weight training with the cardio or would you not change a thing? I’m more so curious for a bit of advise more or less. LOL

  55. Morgan P says:


    Since I cannot run with you (to far across the country), I’m in for pushups! What is your plan? Any goal dates, or build up ideas?

  56. Jimbeau says:

    Congrats on the loss Tyler. I’ve been following you since near the beginning when Consumerist first highlighted your blog. I’ve started and stopped my own weight loss plan a couple of times, but you have inspired me to get going again.

    As for your current fitness goals, they sound great but I think the pull-up goal of 100 may be a bit ambitious. I think the max score for marines testing in pull-ups is 20. Did you maybe mean 100 sit-ups or crunches?

    All the best,

  57. Woohoo! I am excited for this next phase of your journey. I’m a big proponent of lifting weights and I know you’re going to love the changes in your body. Keep up the great work, Tyler!

  58. kate says:

    Awesome! Why not numbers of reps/weight? Even if you don’t post those you should keep track to make sure you push yourself. Mini list of exercises that are mas bueno for the upper body.

    Lat pull downs at 3 sets comfortable weight/10 reps then one (last) set of max reps +10-20lbs from comfortable weight.

    -chest press on machine – 3 sets heaviest comfortable weight
    -military or swimmer’s press with freeweights – 3 ladder sets with weights increasing by 5
    -straight side arm raises – 3 sets heaviest comfortable weight
    -tricep kick backs – 3 sets heaviest comfortable weight
    -chair dips – 2 sets to exhaustion
    -for pushups try to vary between standard, diamond and wide
    -bear walk (might wanna do this at home) as many back and forth laps as you can comfortably handle

    Rowing is great for working the complimentary muscles to all of those exercises plus giving you a stable core. I’m gonna throw in that you should have a sit up goal and ab routine as well since having a strong core will help you with both pushups and pull ups. If you just let your legs hang without tension the pull ups will put stress on your back and your form. If you do hold your legs without having done core work you’ll probably make your abs sorer than you’d think. Core work is also important for stability when bench pressing. You do not want to lose core balance, even with an empty bar, and drop it on your face. And remember to keep your legs apart not together when on the bench.
    (Throwing in a P90X plug…)

    AND YES I’M SUGGESTING YOGA AGAIN. Sun salutations are a bitchin upper body work out. 12 is a full rotation and it’s called surya namaskara. There are two versions. If you graduate to a full vinyasa flow you will have bangin triceps, core stability and be well on the road to 100 pushups.

  59. Bubba says:

    You are a bad-ass! I really admire your enthusiasm and because of it, I, too, will ramp up my fitness over the coming year. Carry on, Stud!

  60. Lisa says:

    Sometimes non-scale victories are better than seeing that number go down! Measuring, buying a smaller pair of jeans, or competing in a run have been more exciting to me than seeing a 2 pounds loss!

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