This Week’s Featured Posts in the Forum

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  1. The forum has been genuinely awesome. Love it. I think the forum has something to do with your comments declining here on your regular posts. But, not to worry. An inspiration you are, Tyler.

    My first week of working out with weights (while doing cardio as well) has been interesting. Not even my weigh-in day, and I’ve gained three pounds. My diet has not changed. I know some of that has to do with water weight retention, but I don’t care about the number anymore. I’m doing the weights, the cardio and Jiu-Jitsu.

    I figure with all this activity and me keeping my calories around 2000 the fat is going to melt away.

  2. Jay says:

    Maybe mix your blog post with the forum, and have it where forum members can post from the forum, to comment on your blog post. Know what I mean?

    It seems the front in part of the site is not as busy anymore?

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