A Few Bad Days Out of Hundreds

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  1. Kyle says:

    You are definitely right Tyler. There are 365 days in the year, and just because a few of these can derail us a bit, it doesn’t have to completely derail us from our long term goals.

    I went overboard with my eating on Sunday, but I also went to the gym an extra day this week and tried something new. Spin class with your sister-in-law as the instructor = Pain, pools of sweat, and sore butt and thighs, but after it was done I felt great. After that I went swimming for a couple hours at my aunt’s house. Even if I ate horribly and didn’t do anything extra, they key is to NOT let it get to you. Simply move on and kick some major ass with the diet and exercise this week.

  2. sara says:

    I have been off track for the past few days and I have been surprised at how quickly you gain back the weight you lost over a period of one month ! Anyway, in the past I would be disappointed with myself and not try immediately to get back on track. This time I am getting on the train immediately. The other thing is this voice inside me that keeps telling “See, you failed again!” I hate that feeling. When will my time come ?


  3. jaclyn says:

    Ttttaaaaaaannnkkkkkkkk!!! I fell off the grid for awhile but I love todays post!

  4. Rebekah says:

    Ok, so needed to read this! I did NOT go to the gym last night because I was still suffering from the lazys that the food I ate created in me. Ug, thank you so much for reminding me that it’s ok to have a bad few days! I will add that extra 20 minutes this week.

  5. Chris Pugh says:

    I try to not worry about indulging on holidays. This is a lifelong process and there will always be those days when you eat more than you should. It’s about what you do after that counts.

  6. Kim says:

    I guess my personal pendulum swings opposite of what others experienced. I had been feeling lousy, physically and mentally lately, and I finally got myself motivated enough to get my butt into the gym again. I was there for the first time in a long time on the 5th and it was pretty busy. And partly because I wasn’t feeling so hot, I watched what I ate and didn’t eat more than I truly needed to.

    “Eat Less Move More” is my motto… but I insist on enjoying what I eat… I just eat less of it… 😀 oh! I’m drinking less too!

  7. Tyler says:

    Exactly, don’t let it get to you. Eating like crap or being lazy is something we all do, but it’s important to just forget about it and move on.

  8. Tyler says:

    Don’t feel that way. As I’ve always said, I never lost any weight until I lost nearly 150 pounds. One day, you will reach your goal weight, regardless of how many times you’ve failed before.

  9. Tyler says:

    Fell off the grid? Are you some kind of cyborg?!!?

    Glad you love it.

  10. Tyler says:

    Well said, it’s a lifelong journey, not a race, diet, or fad. Eat well most of the days, move around most of the days, and it’s okay to have some holidays or special occasions where we do nothing.

  11. Tyler says:

    It’s good to enjoy what you eat, or else you’ll stop eating it and start eating garbage again — a lot of it.

  12. Lori Lynn says:

    Thanks for the post. I really needed that today!

  13. Lisa says:

    Holidays are so hard when you’re trying to be healthy. It’s easy to over indulge and say “Oh well” about being mindful. Especially when drinking is involved. The good news: the holidays aren’t every day. 🙂 My trick is to plan my longer workouts for holidays. It balances out the extra eating I know I will do.

  14. Thanks for the post. I said to my wife after my weigh-in this week that maybe three hot dogs and an ice cream sandwich aren’t a healthy meal.

    I’m back!

  15. jeanette says:

    Yep, yep….lets get over it and move on with it!!!

  16. Michelle says:

    Thanks SO much for this post!! I commented about it on a post on my blog just now because I love it so much!! I’ve been in a rut this past week & don’t know exactly why, but got back on track yesterday & I’m not feeling horrible about the last week anymore! I’m just picking up & moving on now! Thanks so much!!

  17. Joe says:

    Amen! From the time my alarm sounded this morning until I finished that last 15 seconds on the treadmill, part of me kept saying “not today, start again tomorrow” and another part of me said “just go a little more before you stop” – and before I knew it, I was back on track and feeling good again!

  18. rbhouser90 says:

    Tyler, without this advice that you’ve constantly given out throughout your entire journey, I would have quit a long time ago. There will always be bad days, and I would always let those get to me, and then I would quit. I just have to keep reminding myself of this all the time, because with all the temptations I’ve faced in college, I am bound to mess up at least once a week. But I just get up the next day and start over. Everyday is a new piece of the journey, and a few set backs are better than quitting all together.

  19. Tara says:

    I had emotional break down at store because I was one of the minority that went to the gym (for 3 freakin hours) on the 4th. Was going to treat myself to something sweet and started crying in the store because I felt guilty for wanting to buy something a little high in calories.

    I’ve been on this journey for 6 months and some days it just seems like I can’t keep it under control. Over micro managing, under appreciating.

    I hate the holidays.

  20. Frank Dobner says:

    Sometimes you just have down days and I find that it is better to excuse myself than to beat myself to death. For instance, I am for 5 days per week strength training and 6 day 5 mile walks. With this respectable load, I can afford on some days to check out.

    It is good for the mental apparatus.

  21. Sean says:

    The 4th pretty much capped a week+ of straying, as it finished up vacation. I get back to Canada quite rarely and when I do, I end up turning into a junkfood fanatic (since things like Old Dutch Ketchup chips are not available here in the States 😛 ). I managed to pick up about 8 pounds over the course of about 12 days, pretty much all from massive amounts of sodium and water retention.

    Now it’s back on track to finish up this month with the goal of being right back to where I had gotten myself before hitting up the beach in August. As you said, there’s a whole 26 days left (well, 24 now, I guess)

  22. Trinity says:

    I do the same thing. I will be very happy when I am at my goal weight and can move into maintenance and every. single. morsel. I put in my mouth isn’t a life altering decision. I have a friend who lost over 100 lbs and she gives herself a “5 pound swing” and once she’s over the 5 lbs she ramps up exercise and watches her calorie intake a little more carefully. That sounds like heaven to me.

  23. Rebekah says:

    Let me explain my newfound perspective on food to you and see if it helps. If it doesn’t, that’s fine too! 😀 (I’m a mommy of two and fight tooth and nail to lose the baby fat!)

    I think part of the journey to losing weight and being fit is developing a healthy relationship with food. I used to think this meant, not pigging out. But that’s really only half correct. We tend to have this mindset that feasting = guilt, failure, depression, when in fact those emotions are the exact opposite result that the feasting was supposed to generate. I think it is healthy and reasonable to enjoy a feast a few days out of the year WITHOUT guilt (this also includes making sure you aren’t eating and drinking yourself sick.. but stopping when satisfied). What is the point of enjoying barbecue, soft drinks, and cool chocolatey desserts with friends and family to celebrate a holiday and your companionship if it makes you feel like a loser? No, part of developing a healthy relationship with food is knowing when to step out of your usual bounds and enjoy it without guilt! Just don’t make a habit of it every day, right? 🙂

    No one here should feel like a failure because they enjoyed a rare special occasion with their loved ones. Food-filled celebrations are not meant to make you depressed. Kind of doesn’t make sense, right?

  24. BuckeyeBetty says:

    I saw a personal trainer for about 18-months. He allowed free days throughout the year- my birthday, Christmas, thansgiving, the OSU-Michigan game, etc. Celebrating a special day is not failing at a lifestyle change. Recognizing that those days are not the norm is should provide positive reassurance that you have made a lifestyle change. If those days stand out as different, it means you are doing something right the rest of the year!

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