Week 76: Weigh-in Results

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  1. Steve says:

    I think you meant July 7th, not June.

  2. Tyler says:

    That’s what I put.

  3. I really think the fiber is key, but of course protein as well for building muscle. Glad you’re back on track!

  4. Steve says:

    My bad. My eyes are playing tricks on me!

    Looking great!

    Have you checked out Body-for-Life? Sounds like it might be in-line with what you’re doing.

  5. Tyler says:

    Just kidding. Thanks, I corrected it 🙂

  6. kate says:

    Spices man. All about the spices. Little salt and pepper goes a long way to bring out the flavor. Cooking class maybe?

  7. mimi says:

    I DEFINITELY see a change in the stomach! so much tighter from the first pic. I guess it’s really possible to tackle loose skin naturally (i had my doubts). I totally heart you for posting pics!

  8. I’m going to go to the gym right now too. Thanks for getting me off my ass (short term and long term).

  9. Kim says:

    I was just thinking….are you sure you are eating enough calories now that you’ve reached your goal weight…. I’m not sure what your height is, but at 200 pounds, a 6’0″ guy would need to take in about 2600 calories a day to maintain. If you are trying to build muscle, you might not be taking in enough fuel…just a thought. I’ve heard of people not being able to lose weight because they aren’t eating enough.

  10. Tyler says:

    I eat a lot of cajun. But still, I’ll never enjoy eating oatmeal as much as I enjoy Honey BBQ wings.

    You know what beats food, though? Living.

  11. Tyler says:

    It is possible. It just takes time and muscle building.

  12. Tyler says:

    I’ll keep motivating you, you keep commenting. Deal?

  13. Tyler says:

    That is true, there is such as a thing as eating too little, but 2,000 calories isn’t too little. You’re talking like 1,200 calories a day or in that range. And you’re right, you do need to consume more calories to build muscle, but I’m a beginner and I can pretty much build muscle regardless of my calorie intake to a point.

    You’re right, though, it’s only possible to burn fat and build muscle as a beginner for so long. Sooner or later, I’ll have to make a choice to keep building muscle and that will mean taking in more calories and gaining a little bit more fat along the way.

  14. Tara says:

    Nothing really to say here Tank cause you always pull in the reins when needed. You just keep on being awesome and we’ll just keep on watching you being awesome!

  15. Michelle says:

    to make the foods unboring you could see about making some marinades, or creating your own sauces for bbq (its summer!) that have a lot less fat/calories.

  16. Jennifer says:

    heard a brief interview on NPR once (6 months ago?) where the guy being interviewed spoke about going animal product free for 1-2 meals a day (for health, environment but also saving money) and I swear he had some savory oatmeal dishes- I mean why not, we use rice and couscuos and quinoa as a savoury side- why not oatmeal?- Honey BBQ oatmeal (sounds weird but maybe it’s great!)

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