5 Ways to Track and Count Calories

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  1. Alan says:

    I break the day into zones and try to hit the allotted calories. For example, if I’m targeting 2000 calories, I would target 400 before 10:30, 800 between 10:30 and 4:00, and 800 after 4:00. They’re not hard limits and carryover is allowed. It’s just a method to break the day down and make the counting easier.

  2. jeff levine says:

    I use Weight Watchers eTools

  3. Shane says:

    That site you left a link to looks great! I’ve been looking for a site like that with all those tools. I’ve tried a couple but didn’t care for them but I joined that one and really like it so far. Thanks for sharing!

  4. MizFit says:

    Ive more of an intuitive eater BUT constantly amazed at all we (ok I mean you 🙂 my phone is less smart than functional) can do with the phones now.

    makes life so much easier on the go…

  5. Sean Nelson says:

    I use livestrong.com… the “MyPlate” feature on the site has a pretty massive database of food products out there, and you can add them quite quickly if they don’t have what you are eating. You just need to snap a picture of the ingredients and upload it in. Most things are already up, though, so that should be rare. It takes your height, weight, and goals together and will provide you with the caloric value you should be taking in each day to reach the goal + a fitness calculator to take your workouts into consideration. It has helped me out a great deal and also has an iPhone app for on the go.

  6. Jennifer says:

    Weight Watchers works great for me tracking wise, even when I am not totally on program it is so easy to use online, via smartphone or even in their journal and with the smart phone app, even if you are not online, it will store your data and upload once you are, plus it’s a great way to keep track of fat and fiber, your water, fruits, veg, exercise etc- and you can trend over the week and month

  7. Jennifer says:

    that sounds really interesting I have been on livestrong a couple of times but haven’t really explored it thoroughly- I will definitely be checking it out! 🙂

  8. I used to use Sparkpeople.com to track calories religiously but then on or about July 28th I got a droid…. Samsung Captivate to be exact :). I totally fell in love with the Fat Secret app and HATED the Sparkpeople app so I use Fat Secret. The barcode scanner did it for me lol. But it’s a great app and I’ve only had to manually enter something ONCE…that thing has every frickin food and/or restaurant on the face of the earth!

  9. BuckeyeBetty says:

    I don’t track calories per se, but I do keep a food diary. Highlight restaurant meals in yellow so I can see how often I eat out (a hazard with a job that requires travel) and track weekly weight changes. After 2+ years of tracking, I had accomplished my weight loss goals and had sustained the lower weight for several months. I became lax on my food diary. MISTAKE. I have not weighed myself, but am sure that I have put on a few pounds. I have since restarted the diary. Even though I enter the information, it is my conscience.

  10. Stephanie says:

    I use myfitnesspal. I love it, it is one of the best free sites I have found and it is so easy. I highly recommend this site.

  11. Katie55 says:

    Sparkpeople.com. It has made all the difference in this healthy lifestyle journey.

  12. Cory says:

    I just got Fat Secret on my phone and I love it! Thanks for the tip (and it’s free :D)

  13. MikeW says:

    Same here. Great little app so far. I may not use it much on the weekends, since I try to leave my phone off then, but this will be great for weekdays.

  14. You’re quite welcome 🙂

  15. Lauren says:

    I use a good old notebook. That is about as tech savvy as it gets with me! I’m not always good about tracking, but when I do diligently track my food, I am so much more accountable for my calories.

    I love your blog, Tyler. My husband and I are training for our first half marathon in December!

  16. Michelle says:

    I’ve used a variety of calorie tracking tools over the years including FitDay – excellent for tracking calories, goals, and weight. CalorieKing is also really good, but as far as I know, they still don’t have a mobile app unless you’re a subscriber. LoseIt! is a really nice free iPhone app that has a decent food database. In my opinion, it’s the best iPhone app for tracking calories. Personally, I use the BodyBugg and ApexFitness website, and they have a calorie tracking app that works. It doesn’t work perfectly, because it’s a Java application, but I still like it because I can see how many calories I’ve burned vs. how many consumed and what the overall deficit is on the system. It’s wonderful because it completely eliminates the guesswork – if you use it. The drawbacks are that if their website is down, you can’t track. If that happens, I use LoseIt! for the day and enter everything later when the website is back up. They do have a mobile app, sort of, but it’s really a mobile website, not an actual app. However, I’m greatful they have that rather than no mobile app at all!

  17. Lisa says:

    I lost my 100+ pounds by calories counting. I wrote them all down by hand for 3 years. For about 10 months after I lost the weight I stopped counting calories and tried to eat “intuitively.” I admit, I went a little crazy. 15 pounds of crazy.

    Then I got an iphone. I stopped taking a medication I felt contributed to my 15+ pounds and started tracking everything with Myfitnesspal. It works! I am back down to my happy weight. I will probably have to track my calories the rest of my life but I am ok with that. And the APPS out there make it easy.

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