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  1. Alisha says:

    Im familiar with Hampton Hill. Luckily for me, my condo features a rooftop gym. I have all the equipment I need (except a stair climber…but I have 12 flights of real ones if I want). I used to go to the Y downtown, but it was veeeeeery crowded. I loved the classes though. That part about going to a gym I miss. Right now I am working on biking, so no gym needed!

  2. Erin says:

    Gold’s Gym has a terrible consumer reputation. You’re not the only one:

    (The blog is run by Consumer Reports.)

    I have to say, we have a very small “gym” in our basement. It’s maybe half of one room down there, consisting of a treadmill my inlaws had to get rid of because they moved to smaller space, and a few wire shelves with some free weights, an exercise ball, an aerobic step and a couple of resistance bands, but it is invaluable. That said, I can see how $30 and a short drive to the gym would be useful, too. And kudos to you. I find myself always intimidated at the gym – you’ve obviously overcome that!

  3. MizFit says:

    Im a golds gym’er too.
    not fancy–but it does the job and Im really more of a misfit than a FANCY 🙂

  4. Esther Fox says:

    I go to a gym here in Indianapolis. Its technically part of the Jewish Community Center, but a gym is a gym is a gym. They call it the “athletic center.” And its wonderful. It has every machine imaginable, a walking/jogging/running track, and a dance room in the middle. The people there are nice, there are plenty of personal trainers that you can work with (extra fee of course), and I only pay $40/month for no contract. That includes free classes (pilates, yoga, zumba, tai chi, tennis, aquatics) too, which is awesome. I have everything at my fingertips.

    I am curious to know what your workout routine is though! I am sure a lot of people are as well^^

  5. jollyreaper says:

    This is like the working from home/working from work debate. You need to figure out which kind of person you are and stick with what works. I know I can’t work from home. Too many more interesting things to do. I need the mental separation of separate spaces. Same goes for exercising. If I’m at the gym, I’m there to work out. If I’m using the tread in front of the TV, it’s easy to get distracted and sidetracked with things that don’t involve exercise.

    People have strong opinions on both sides; few are ambivalent.

  6. tofudork says:

    I go to the Y. If my son goes with me (which is more often than not), we go to the one that is 6 miles away but takes longer to get there. This is the one that has a separate gym for kids and the rock climbing wall. Disadvantage other than travel time is limited amount of cardio equipment since it is a smaller facility, which is my current focus to get major weight loss first.

    The other Y is 10 miles away but takes less time to get to because it is off the highway. Advantage to this is also the increased amount of cardio equipment and the “teen room” for my son, though that is for chilling and not exercise, which kind of defeats the purpose. Regardless of which one we go to, we tend to work out at night to help wear him out for bed and avoid the after work crowd. This time of year it provides a break from the heat and in the winter gets you in after the “resolutioners” (not knocking them, we have all been one at some time or another)

    Right now though, my son is out of town, so working out is lonely and I was unmotivated to go at night like we usually did and didn’t want to get up to go when they opened. Luckily, I just figured the Y has a branch 2 blocks from my job downtown. Now I get up a little early, come in to work 30 minutes ahead of time and take a long lunch on the elliptical. I change, workout, shower, change and am back at my desk in an hour (with my supervisors’ blessings).

    I wish I had thought of this at the beginning of summer! Now, I don’t think I will be able to do this when school starts again in September since I won’t be able to come in early, but it works for now and is something I can do on the days school is closed. Worst case scenario I can go for 15 minutes to blow off steam and do my “real” workout in the evenings like normal.

    I really enjoyed Golds when I was a member there because of all the options, but my son aged out of the kid program and you have to be 16 to use the equipment there. The Y works for both of us for the reasons listed above and that he can use the equipment at 13. Now that he is 14 I might explore other gyms but those are just as far away as the Y and require contracts, so I am happy for now.

    (sorry for the really long comment!)

  7. We moved from one part of Seattle to another recently, and I had to leave my gym of 7 years to join a new one because of the distance. My old gym was All Star Fitness in West Seattle, and they ROCK – great trainers, awesome community feel, amazing classes (best. spinning. EVER.), every machine you could want, and tons of free weights. I’m now a member of Gold’s because (a) it’s $24/month, (b) there’s one 5 blocks from my office, (c) there’s one on my drive home from work, and (d) there’s another one 10 minutes in the other direction from home. Honestly, though? It’ll never come CLOSE to my former gym, and I hope to find another gym like that when we buy a house and move in the next few years.

  8. Aaron says:

    I am in Kansas still (heard you left ;)…and this is the gym I go to:

    It’s locally owned (not a chain) and it’s really nice. A bit on the pricey side (family membership is $111 a month) but it has some perks/benefits that you won’t find in other set ups.

    Pretty pleased with it…great staff, clean, professional…and towel service. I LOVE TOWEL SERVICE!

  9. Tabitha says:

    I go to a local gym called Goleta Valley Athletic Club. The only other options within 20 miles of me are Spectrum and 24 Hour Fitness. I actually WAS a member of 24 before I moved to Santa Barbara, and the first time I tried to go downtown to their only location, I drove around for 30 minutes trying to find parking. I decided that day that I would NEVER go to the gym if I had to deal with all that hassle every time I wanted to go. I signed up for Curves for Women and did that for about 6-8 months, and it was nice for awhile, but then it got really old doing the same 30 minute routine with no room to change things up. So, I’ve now been with GVAC for over a year and I’m loving it. It’s relatively small, but clean and full of awesome machines and tons of great classes. 🙂

  10. Jill says:

    I go to the YMCA. It’s only close to where I work, so if I change jobs I’ll change gyms. There are no decent gyms close to my apartment. My beef with the Y is that they are very expensive. If I were married and/or had a family, I’d get a better deal on a membership. A single person age 30+ pays $58/month. Before I turned 30, I paid the “young adult” price (age 18-29) of $36/month. I think it’s a rook (sp?). It does include many classes, but the one class I take is extra ($27 for 6 weeks – spinning).

  11. Jim says:

    Nice post on gyms. I’ve lost 55# since last June and most of my summer activity is outside (biking/running); the challenge for me was the winter and my dislike of gyms (previous negative experiences). Found a corp. gym near where I work (PlanetFitness) and the experience was so unlike my other bad experiences and the fee ($10/month) was reasonable.

    I loved your reflections on the “camaraderie.” I so get that and while I’m not at the gym early to socialize, I’ve gotten to know a handful of folks by name that have the same mindset as I do.

    So glad to be back at 344# and updated on where you are at on the journey.


  12. I go to 24 hour fitness. It’s a chain but I’ve had a great experience being a member there for 9 months so far. The people are nice and friendly and the trainers I’ve had have been great (I got 2 free sessions upon signing up, and later, with their new member rewards program I earned 3 more free sessions!). While it can get a little grungy sometimes (I always make sure to have a towel and use antibacterial gel and wash my hands when I leave), it’s generally well-maintained and is bright and clean. There are tons of group exercise classes, although I’ve only been to one once. I can go to any of the local 24 hour fitness branches – besides the one that I go to, there are 3 others within a 20-minute driving distance. Those clubs have fancy things like pools, saunas, steam rooms, etc., so it’s nice to know that I can go and use those facilities if I want. And there was no sign up fee, no contract, just pay your first and last month’s dues upon signing up and then you’re billed every month for your dues. I pay $35/month.

    I have a warm spot in my heart for my gym. It’s where I made the first step to becoming physically fit. Even though I don’t talk to my fellow patrons while working out, I see the same people there all the time and I feel a great sense of comraderie with them. And, since I’ve been going there for 9 months, all of the employees have been able to see my progress… the guy who signed me up for the gym and one of my personal trainers have stopped me in recent months to say “WOW, you’ve lost a ton of weight and look great!” I feel like they know me there and I feel comfortable there.

    If anyone reading this is thinking about joining 24 hour fitness, I really encourage you to get your free 7-day pass and check it out. I changed my life when I joined the gym and you can do the same!

  13. Lisa says:

    I run (outside) and hike/bike for exercise. I also swim a lot so because of that I belong to a gym. I find that I am MUCH more apt to workout if I GO somewhere. I cannot motivate myself to do DVDs of exercising, yoga, pilates, etc. I get bored.

  14. Brent says:

    I work at a university, so I have a membership at their facility. One of the main benefits is the price and it is only for staff/alumni and their families. The cost is only $25.50/mth for both my wife and I (a locker rental for me is included in that price too). This place has 2 gyms, cardio rooms, indoor walking/running track, pool, weight training area, 10 racket ball courts. It’s layed out in design rather well. Also, I like the convenience of working out any time because the “Fitness Center” is just across campus. However, one better plan on working out in the morning or during lunch once the semester starts because it is covered with college students and I mean covered. It is very hard to get any thing accomplished during these times. But during the morning, mid-day, or summer time, the place is golden.

  15. Nathan says:

    There is a little gym down the road from our place in Danshui, Taipei County, Taiwan – a six month membership is about 250USD – cheap. However I ride a road bike about 800km to 1000km a month – and try to run once a week. Here in Taiwan you can ride all year – and even during the rainy times during the year – I use rollers or go swimming at the YMCA – 3USD to swim for 90 minutes – not bad – beautiful indoor 50 meter pool.

  16. The gym I go to used to be Gold’s, but then the owner didn’t want to be associated with their “body building” image and went private with the name OneLife Fitness. I really like it!! They have a lot of equipment and classes, and while you have to pay $25 annual maintenance fee for the priviledge, they upkeep the equipment quite well. They also have 6 locations so it’s very convenient.

  17. Angela says:

    I go to Lifetime Fitness. I too have been a member of MANY gyms and local rec centers (24 Hr, the Y, Golds, World Gym, etc). I originally signed up at Lifetime because the outdoor pools were awesome (can you say water slides!) and I wanted to take my son there in the summer. I started working out and there and LOVE it. I have never actually stayed on a workout path at the other gyms but I found this one to be very family friendly, diverse (not just muscle heads), and it has a great play room for my son. The best thing? The place is SO big that I have never had to wait for a machine or been put on “peak time” time restrictions!

  18. Drew says:

    I am a member of Gold’s and couldn’t be happier with it. They tried to schmooze me over and make me pay a $299 sign-up fee but I knew better. I am a car salesman so I know better, so I denied them that. I am very happy with them, they have great classes a great circuit/weight room and awesome cardio. It has been the place that helped me lose 41lbs so far so I can’t be upset.

    Aaron, you don’t live that far from me, glad to see some other people in the KC area, on here.

  19. Jennifer says:

    I used to belong to Golds and liked it but it was a smaller family run branch and my trainer was AWESOME- (he still is awesome just no longer my trainer) once I moved to Belgium I joined the ridiculously expensive gym near my work simply because there wasn’t one near my house, I could walk to this one from work and they opened at 6 am so I could work out before hnd (I have never foudn a 24 hour gym here and many are nto open on Sundays, and some only for a few hours on Saturday) but once the prcie became 170€ per month (at that time about $225) I had to ask myself what is more important the gym or not being in serious debt?
    luckily a gym opened up near home, great people, good basic machines, but honestly it was so tiny I had to sometimes wait 30 mins for the treadmill or elliptical, and the weekend hours were just not acceptable (and they only opened at 9am so had to work out at night, and I usually only get home at 8pm after work and school)
    so now I am trying to do the walking and walking/biking thing- I have managed to exercise 4 days a week for the past couple of weeks- with the goal of September 1st to start a start to run program- but doubling the time it takes – ie do week 1 two weeks in a row, then week two for two weeks etc.

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