Week 83: Weigh-in Results

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  1. Tara says:

    Hey that’s me!!! Thanks Tyler for the shout out. The awesome thing about this I really am someone that started this journey by reading your blog for months before taking that first step. In one of your posts you asked “are you ready” and in that exact moment I said yes and have never looked back.

    Not only did I lose weight but I lost my anxiety, my severe depression and my love of video games. I’ve gain an appreciation for my environment, the ability to face my fears and some serious gun making skills along the way (guns as in muscles). Its been an awesome journey. One filled with discoveries, frustrations, movement forward, steps back, tears, love and above all an understanding that this truly is a life changing journey.
    I want someone to read what I have to say and take their first step too. Its worth a thousand lifetimes!

  2. Longhorn 44 says:


    Fantastic descriptive response as to what truly are the ancillary benefits of the actual dropping of pounds.

    I would venture to guess that we each have many BONUS Benefits that were not even thoughts prior to our journey.

    I can’t stress enough to those thinking about taking the step…Leap…Jump….Whatever you want to call it…..

    It is like climbing a hill…..The second half of the journey is much easier than the first half. Struggle through the first few weeks and I can promise that their will be wind at your back. It could take the form of any of the following: Compliment from a family member, Clothes that were tight now are not, Sleeping better (I no longer use my C-Pap and do not snore), More energy etc.

    It took me 15 years to finally decide so I know we all work on our own timetable. The one thing I have learned is that there is only one thing that will make this happen. That thing is your total committment to it. Be SELFISH. This is your life. Give your self 8 weeks to totally immerse yourself in your program. That will be the climbing of the hill. IF you climb that hill for 8 Weeks then I can assure you that one of the great things listed above will occur.

    I love hearing success stories!!!

  3. Mshell says:

    YEAAAAHH! go Tyler, Tara and Molly!!!

    I’m in the journey with you guys as well, which is why I wrote in the journey forum. PCOS being a factor to my weight loss being dramatically slow, it’s another more tedious struggle which I am committed to changing.
    I ran outside for the first time yesterday, jogged/walked 4km (mostly jogging), up until this point I was on the treadmill. The whole way I kept thinking “I can do this, I can go from this post, to the faaaar one over there, walk a bit then start again at another marker” and guess what? I did it and I am so proud of MYSELF for doing so.

    Thanks to all of you.

  4. Matt says:

    You may want to step up your lifting with some freeweights…the loss is great, but you’re losing fat and muscle at about the same rate. This week vs last week, you lost 2lbs of fat and 1.4lbs of lean muscle.

    Cut back on cardio and focus on lifting at this point, while still running a calorie deficit. Sure, the weight loss will slow down, but you’ll drop that lean muscle mass loss percentage from 40% to less than 10%.

  5. Matt says:

    You should cut back on the cardio – the loss is great, but 40% of it was lean muscle mass (2lbs of fat and 1.4lbs of lean muscle was lost based on your percentages and weight).

    Focus on lifting heavy (and not machines), do moderate cardio afterwards.

  6. Molly says:

    Amen to this post. Seriously, ppl out there think they can lose so much weight in such a little time. You cant. It’s a lifestyle change. I remember I thought I was going to lose like 50 pounds in 3 months from watching the Biggest Loser. Wrong. Losing weight over a period of time teaches many skills, that help you throughout your journey. Thanks for the shout out Tyler! You da man 😉

  7. suzanne says:

    Thank you! I really need to hear the last part of your post today. I have started and stopped and started again. Now i just have to dig deep and do it.

  8. Leah says:

    What a fabulous post! I absolutely love your blog; this post was so motivating to me. You’re right this does not happen overnight. One little step at a time. Congrats on all your success!

  9. bossymommy says:

    Great week, T! I was looking at your pics and noticed those little baby safety thingies you have on your cupboard knobs. I think, for my OWN safety, I need to put those on every cupboard in my kitchen and possibly on my fridge, too. And the ultimate would be if I could find really gigantic ones and put them on every fast food drive thru within a 20 mile radius. Yeah, that’d be good. Know where I can get me some of those?

  10. Jennifer says:

    woohoo! what a great achievement!

  11. David Foust says:

    that front picture made me smile when i seen it. You can def. see the muscles and your stomach looks like it took a dramatic turn overnight. must be doing something right

  12. John says:

    Wow. I hope I am able to do what you did. I need to lose around 100 pounds. But I am having hard time getting started. I wish I never would gained all I lost before it seems a lot harder this time.

  13. Cory says:

    Late to the party (vacation) but nice job! I’m one of those start/stop/start/stop people. I’m at stop right now, I always let other things get in the way. Well, no more! It’s going to be all about me from now on and I’ll get to complete the journey.

  14. Enrico says:

    Every time I think about buying an unhealthy snack, I stop and when I get home I throw the money in a jar. After it’s full, I treat myself to a nice hooker.

  15. Nick T says:

    Kick butt tyler. 3.4 in a week thats awesome.

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