Hamstring Contusion from Playing Kickball

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  1. Stefan says:

    Since I’ve played football (soccer) for several years I’ve had my fair share of injuries, including stretched ligaments, back problems, a bruised nose (was kicked by a teammate), meniscus problem, cruciate ligament injury (had to undergo surgery twice). I highly recommend people to be cautious when playing sports since you will regret it once you get older. I’m only 21 but there are tons of things I can’t do thanks to my busted knee. It’s a difficult topic. I would love to show my future kids all the fun about sports but I don’t want them to get injured for life.

  2. Emily says:

    bad news: i pulled my bicep while doing an exercise wrong.

    good news: i have a bicep!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. The only thing I ever got from 3 seasons of kickball was sore quads from sprinting. I have however, managed to do something to my left calf/shin/who knows it hurts everywhere. Can’t do much of anything right now and about to freak out!!

  4. Mike says:

    Perhaps you should see a doctor. He could write a perscription for “manup”, “toughenup” or “walkitoff”. Haha… I am just joking man… Looks like it hurts. And im sure kicking a ball would be horrible with it.
    PS… Adult kickball= very cool… Where can I find it?

  5. Will says:

    Here’s an odd one: My trainer has just started using kettle bells in our workouts, and last week I was doing a squat that required me to clutch the bell tight to my chest with both arms. I didn’t pay enough attention to my grip, and the next day, each wrist had a plum-sized bruise where the bell was smacking up against them. The color has faded to a pale green, but, damn, they’re still sore! I’ve been running around looking I got the wrong end of a pair of handcuffs, lol.

    p.s. Do you shave those pasty-white hamhocks?

  6. Kevin says:

    Wow, that looks nasty! It’s so swollen, I wasn’t even sure whether that’s the front of your leg, or the back.

    I’m not sure I understand how it happened though. Did you bang your leg on something, or was this from bending/stretching the wrong way/too much?

    Hope you make a speedy recovery.

  7. Mshell says:

    My intrigued post from Wednesday has been fulfilled.. thank you for clearing it up *un raises eyebrow..*

    Get better dude, don’t over do it, the last thing you need is an injury that puts you out longer than you expect. Be careeeefull!!!! <3

  8. Tyler says:

    I have one more kickball game and then I’m going to have a nice long break over Thanksgiving. I’ll still lift weights and do cardio, but no big impact events. Promise!

  9. Tyler says:

    It’s very swollen. This was from extending my leg much, much too quickly, too hard. These types of injuries can come from anything really.

  10. Amy says:

    1.5 yrs ago, I was in really good shape, so I started taking Zumba….oh wow, I loved it to death. The class did not allow time for any kind of warm up or stretching, so we just went at it. I KNEW better than to not stretch, but I didn’t. I ended up with an excruciating torn calf muscle that left me on crutches for 6 weeks and pain killers to boot. A year later it was still not the same, but now that I’ve started walking, workingout,running again, it’s perfectly fine- not 100% sure it’s where it used to be, but it’s good. I still remember that ‘snap’ during the class and the ecruciating, fall to the floor pain though- likely I’ll never forget.
    I will strech before I workout.
    I will strech before I workout.
    I will strech before I workout.
    I will strech before I workout.
    I will strech before I workout.
    I will strech before I workout.

    Hope you are healed soon…take care of it in the meantime!

  11. Tyler says:

    I don’t shave anything below the neck, sir. That’s not the way I roll.

  12. Tyler says:

    As my wife will tell you, I don’t go to doctors. The last time I went I had swine flu, the time before that… couldn’t remember.

  13. Tyler says:

    Take a break for a few days. I know that’s easy to say and I’d freak out too, but you’ll just prolong the injury and won’t be 100% for a lot longer.

  14. Tyler says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that, Stefan. My wife is the same way with her ankle… a constant injury, required surgery, and is now limited in some ways.

  15. Tara says:

    Dude this is so freakin bad ass!!!

  16. Yeah, that is way nasty. Maybe it’s just the photo angle, but that looks more like a quadriceps injury than a hamstring injury.

    I love kickball. Loved it as a kid. I should look into getting into a league.

    Rest up. I feel you on the injuries. I had my elbow hyper-extended in Jiu-Jitsu, knocked my head up against a punching bag, huge bruises everywhere…all in the last month. The elbow is just now starting to feel better. Still hurts after a month…I think I have a ligament strain…the thing went snap, crackle and pop!

    But, I love it…won’t give up the Jiu-Jitsu!

  17. Alexis says:

    That’s a heck of a shiner! At least you got it doing something fun, instead of tripping on your own feet or something (as I’ve done in the past …) 😉

    I started the Couch-to-5K program 8 weeks ago, and have developed some gnarly shin splints. I took a 2-week break from running about a month ago, and invested in some good running shoes, but my shins don’t seem to care. They came back with a vengeance after Wednesday’s run 🙁 I’m not sure how to deal with them at this point, I’m doing so well!

  18. Love the battle scar! Only…BEING injured is not as cool as it LOOKS. So far I’m doing pretty well; I was laid-up with a weird ankle injury that happened…well, that’s the weird part – I DON’T KNOW WHEN IT HAPPENED! lol Thankfully it only lasted a few days and I was fine. Working hard not to get injured by eating well, getting enough sleep, and paying attention to the signals my body is sending me. Hope you heal up quick!

  19. Emily says:

    lol. i’ll send it through twitter!

  20. MizFit says:

    ok you made me LAUGH with the ladies loving it comment.

    but there you have it 🙂

  21. Tracy says:

    I managed to rupture my right calf in softball due entirely (according to my ortho) to not stretching. That was ~5 years ago and there is still a huge visible “divot” about 2/3 up on my calf where the muscle pulled from the bone. I like to joke that I have “2 halves of a calf” there. I am considering getting a tattoo over it b/c it bothers me… like a badge of “Look how stupid I was!”

    It still causes me problems including occasionally just dropping me to the ground with no warning. It will never be back to 100%, and I can’t be a runner anymore – which is how I had always exercised in the past – and that along with my back injury 2 years ago is the catalyst to my current out-of-shape state.

    So folks – ALWAYS REMEMBER TO STRETCH, most especially after you near the magic age of 30.

  22. I have torn both of my biceps lifting weights. These type of injuries can hurt for 10 months to a year. That is a long time to hurt.

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