Week 95: Weigh-in Results

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  1. Jackie says:

    I have had a fantastic week I lost 4 pounds! Keep up the good work Tyler.

  2. Karilynn says:

    Tyler, totally agree with your last comment! You are living your life and sometimes people splurge on something SO not good for them! How boring would life be if we didn’t? You are losing weight, so you’re obviously doing something right. You are also motivating ME! I’m now down around 16 pounds. Started a month ago and have a lot left to lose, but taking this slowly and enjoying life while I do it.

  3. Colleen says:

    You’re doing a fantastic job. I have just recently found your blog but I’m enjoying reading the current post and past posts as I have the time. LOVE LOVE LOVE that it’s linked up through Facebook, too.

    My journey is feeling like I’m a fuel tank filled with lots of fuel and some water. As in I’m sputtering here and there. I’ll be batshit crazy for it for a little while and then Girl Scout cookies enter the house and it’s like I’m a coconut-caramel vampire or something.

  4. I was going to straight-up reply, but as I caught the final line you stated in your response to Vanessa, I thought my reply might have some relation to that.

    One thing that REALLY helps me watch what I eat when going out is knowing about how unhealthy most restaurant food really is. Beyond carbs, fat, or calories, when you realize how restaurants routinely use unhealthy ingredients to make those meals, you stop desiring them so much. For example, your All-Star breakfast there most likely had loads of high fructose corn syrup/artificial flavorings, artificial colorings, preservatives, and MSG – not to mention hormones and antibiotics from CAFO/factory farmed meat. They most likely use the same kind of eggs as those which have been recalled recently (that is, from giant factory farms). Read up on gluten for a while and you may find yourself not desiring the toast and waffles any more – even if you don’t have celiac disease.

    Don’t get me wrong; you’re losing weight and look great. But if you take these things into consideration, you may find it entire worlds easier to lose the weight faster.

    Finally, that brings me back to your comment on how “dog poop isn’t food, while waffles and hash browns are.” If you study how food is made in America, you might start to rethink whether THOSE waffles and hash browns are still food.


  5. Fidel Esparza III says:

    Congrats bud,
    I’ve finally met my goal. I weighed in last week and was at 150lbs. Thats 35lbs lost which was my goal. I’m only 5’7″ so 185 was way to much for my size. Now i’m working on getting better definition

  6. Dan says:

    Heard this quote a while back:
    “Every time I read the tortoise and the hare, the tortoise seems to win. Hmm, funny how that works.” Slow and steady wins, nice work.

  7. Mshell says:

    I’m intrigued on where this injury is… *raises eyebrow*

  8. cedric says:

    Dude. You look great. Ive spent my last few weeks reading you, going to Anytime Fitness, and getting comfortable with my new heart monitor. In the last week and a half ive dropped 6 lbs. This week, not so good-traveling for work (driving), doctor’s appts during the normal times that I exercise, and weird hours at home. Monitoring the food really closely this week.

  9. Vanessa says:

    Dude…I keep wondering if your weekend sabotage sessions will catch up on you. I wonder…what would the scale would say if you didn’t pig out? I wonder…what if you ordered what you wanted, but didn’t eat it ALL? I wonder if by giving yourself permission to “lose it” will become more frequent and you will not be “losing it” on the scale. I’m wondering…and maybe just a little worried.
    Answer this…if I hide a little bit of dog poop in your brownie…would you care? I mean…just a little man…no big deal right?

  10. Tyler says:

    You’re very excited, Vanessa, and I appreciate it the enthusiasm. They’re not sabotage sessions, they’re living life. Dog poop isn’t food, while waffles and hash browns are.

  11. Tyler says:

    Dude. Thanks, Cedric. Congrats on the weight loss, and good luck with watching your food. It’s tough, but it’s so worth it.

  12. Tyler says:

    My leg. I’ll show you!

  13. Tyler says:

    Glad you had a good week! Thanks, Jackie.

  14. Tyler says:

    It’s so boring though, half a pound loss, a pound loss, a gain here in there, but… just wait a year, those pictures will be completely different.

  15. Tyler says:

    It’d be really boring. I’m glad I’m motivating you, even though some think I’m eating the devil’s food!

  16. Tyler says:

    And that’s OKAY! That’s moderation. You can eat Girl Scout cookies every once in a while. While a few people may judge you, I’m not one of them. Humans can make some delicious food, as long as we realize that it’s all eaten in moderation.

    Keep enjoying those cookies (occasionally)!

  17. Tyler says:

    Congrats, Fidel. That’s awesome man.

  18. Tyler says:

    I appreciate the reply, Dan. While I understand where you’re coming from, I’m not about to start becoming that anal about my food to that degree. I have a good portion of fats, carbs, and protein, get my veggies in, eat balanced meals, and eat junk food like hashbrowns covered with chili every once in a while, you know, while traveling on the road after a championship win.

    It’s sustainable.

  19. Cathy says:

    Nobody likes a fanatic. Nobody ever saved the world by not eating a waffle. Losing weight as fast as possible, while never indulging in a treat is not my choice. My opinion.

  20. Emily says:

    Great job on this week’s work, Tyler. I can tell the strength training is paying off.

    As far as the above comments about food, it’s pretty easy to be a food nazi, especially in the beginning of your diet. But like you said Tyler, it’s not sustainable. Neither is ice cream or twinkies or McDonalds every day either.

    I try to wait as long as possible if I’m craving or wanting some sort of unhealthy food really badly. I used to follow my cravings for less than healthy food, but now I see if it passes. If not, I eat it.

    A good example is that I crave cupcakes sometimes (yum). I wait until I can either get a vegan cupcake, which is amazing, or I wait until I can get a super fresh one from the cupcake shop which requires a drive and extra effort. So when I do eat one, I really enjoy it and take the time to eat something I love.

    I just don’t do it all the time 🙂

  21. Vanessa says:

    It’s a metaphor! You think you can have a little “bad stuff” in your life…and call it a celebration? It still stinks. It’s a snake under glass…you’re in control now, but someday the snake is out …albeit, job loss, relationship woes, loss of a loved one and then you will be on one continual binge. You say…”I’m living LIFE!” Well…I say you need to redefine what living is…so you can stay alive.

  22. Amy says:

    Hey Tyler,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now, but this is my first reply. At the end of June, after years of empty promises, I started eating healthy and exercising regularly. It was really difficult at first, as you no doubt know, but after awhile it just became normal. So far I’ve lost a little more than 40 lbs. I still have about 35 lbs to lose to reach my goal weight, but that size/shape is definitely in sight now. It’s been frustrating lately because I’ve had a sinus infection for the past few weeks and truly have been unable to exercise. But I’m still eating well and can’t wait ’til I can return to my exercise bike!

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know what an inspiration you have been to me. I look forward to updates on your blog, which I check regularly. Even though we’ve never communicated, I feel like reading your blog helps me stay accountable for the calories I consume and burn.

    So … thanks!

  23. Madeline says:


    I’ve been following your blog for over a year now and I just want to thank you for being so honest. Having been overweight my entire life, I’ve dieted forever but to no avail. Reading your blog has made me realize for the very first time that dieting is not the answer. Of course, I’ve read articles before saying the same thing, but it’s so nice to have a person chronicling their food intake as you have to make me realize that “hey, I can totally do it and not have to give up things I love.” Today’s post is another great example of this. I’ve lost about 30lbs now and you’re definitely on my gratitude list. Thanks so much for this and inspiring so many like me!

  24. Tyler says:

    My dad died on this journey. I didn’t binge. Thanks, though, for thinking that a trip to Waffle House is going to ruin my life.

  25. fatbride says:

    I am amazed at the comments about how you need to eat cleanly every single day or you are going to die quickly, fat and unhappy. What is life is there isn’t a bit of chocolate cake in it? And furthermore…I am pretty sure that all of these people jumping aboard the Tyler Train and living in moderation is quite a testement to the fact that we are all living life, living it well and living it with some freaking cake. Were we living before, when our lives were nothing BUT that? No, not at all. Isn’t life all about moderation and the next “treat?” I mean…we don’t go on vacation every single day. That’s just ridiculous. But to NEVER go on vacation for your whole life? Nobody wants to live that way. I know that if I told myself “alright, you are going to work out 2 hours a day, eat salads and nothing more and live this way forever,” it would last 2.5 seconds and I would be back to failure. This is a system that is helping so many people adapt to a very fat way of living in a way that is sustainable, achievable and just plain HAPPY. This is a happy middleground for many people that have been on both extreme ends of the spectrum and who are you to thumb your nose at it if it’s working for us? If you want to eat nothing but salads and rabbit food and never ever indulge, that’s ok….just like it’s ok for others to have cake sometimes!
    As the Simpsons said, “You don’t make friends with salad.”

  26. Vanessa says:

    Somehow you and your dear friends have missed my point completely. If you read carefully…I am open to eating what ever you want just not the whole thing. Portions are oversized…you’ve said that yourself. When I read your apology each week on how you “blew it” over the weekend, but kept the rest of your week on the level I can’t help but wonder why you think that celebrating means over-eating. Sorry, but time and time again, this is how I read it. Back months ago you actually gained (I think) 9 lbs one weekend. And it didn’t come off over night. You really paid. Why the heck shouldn’t I care and be sad at that outcome? At the risk of pushing you over the edge I will quote the good book…”a friend is made for adversity.” You can take that many ways…but one of the meanings is that your real friends will tell you the truth, even if you want to punch them afterwards. And by the way, I was one of the first people to send condolances about your dad. I also said “good for you”, when you decided to stay on track in the aftermath. You rock. My comments are intended to get you to thinking about what you’re modeling for your little one. I’ve got 6 kids…ages 3 years to 23 years. I modeled crap for the first 3 and finally figured it out for the current bunch. I’ve been married for 29 years to the same wonderful man who loves me no matter what I weigh. So now you know…you’ve been speaking to a mother. An old mother at that. If you can’t believe that I’m 110% behind you, then I guess you’ve got to stay mad and offended.

  27. Tyler says:

    I’m not offended or mad at all… if I didn’t have a thick skin, this blog would’ve closed up shop a long time ago. I appreciate the criticism and the advice and I’ll keep it in mind.

  28. Vanessa says:

    Thanks, this cheers me up. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

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