Tip: Become an Expert at Something

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  1. Tyler says:

    Oh, by the way, while I recommend becoming an expert at something I don’t recommend NEVER swaying away from it. It’s good to find something, do it, and perfect it, but I also like diversifying and trying new things in between. That’s why I’ve started running!

  2. Janey says:

    I would say you are the guy that’s been there, done that. That is trying to help people without trying to push a product. That writes in a way that isn’t preachy, but that leaves the reader nodding their head and either saying “Yup, exactly” or “Why didn’t I think of that?” You are the guy that everyone can relate to and that they can know that, if they put their mind to it, it can be just as attainable (was going to say easy, but some days it is hard) for them.

    So thank you.

  3. Lisa says:

    I want to be the expert on weight loss too. I lost 100 pounds by counting calories and I’ve kept it off for 2.5 years. I’m really proud of myself and I love it when people ask me for advice. 🙂

  4. Laura Woodward says:

    I look at you as an encouragement to all those people who have tried over and over again to lose and keep their weight off. Some have never learned about calories, only cutting back. Sure, cut back on fried chicken, but why not bake it and have less calories and be just as satisfied. You’ve done a fantastic job!

  5. Mel says:

    I’d say you’re a regular guy who had a typical issue with food who made an uncommon commitment to truly change his life by doing real work and counting calories with results most only dream of. In short, you put your brain, heart and body before your mouth and won. Now you’re paying it forward. 🙂

  6. Tyler says:

    No, THANK You for the input. I’m glad you think of me that I’m easy to relate to — I’m pretty much the average working joe with a wife, kid, and a mortgage (even though I rent, same concept though!).

  7. Tyler says:

    I bet it makes you feel good. I look at your before and after weight loss pictures like twice a month, they’re so motivating. I wish I could be as pretty as you 🙂

  8. Tyler says:

    Exactly. You’ve got to learn why decisions are made, like baked instead of fried. You can have fried sometimes, sure, but the value of having baked is just too much to ignore.

  9. Tyler says:

    I’ve never thought of it that way, but you’re right, I do seem to feel like I have an obligation to keep posting well after my initial weight loss. But, really though, that’s just because my transformation isn’t over. I plan on having at least a 4-pack, so get ready.

  10. SC Mom says:

    I started this year at a certain weight, but not certain how to go about losing it. Sometime in January, I saw your CNN story and saw just how doable this is – 1 to 2 pounds a week seemed like a reasonable goal, as opposed to 10 pounds in a month. I wanted to keep it safe, and more of a lifestyle change, not a diet. I didn’t need to lose a lot, just 10-15 pounds to reduce a rising blood pressure. I did it in 6 months, but I DID IT! You’re The Encourager, the Kalorie Kounter King, the Keep It Simple Stupid lifestyle changer – take your pick. Any way, we’ll be fit next year w/ dedication, and Clemson will defeat USC in Columbia next November!

  11. Lesath says:

    To me, you are the guy who doesn’t have the frivolous attitude that many other diet bloggers have. You take yourself seriously, and with that comes taking your task seriously, and your readers seriously. You do this without having an overbearing, moralistic attitude. You seem to be a “work hard, play hard” type. I appreciate that — it’s the reason I keep coming back here despite knowing your advice all too well.

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