Two Weeks to a New Year and New Lives

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  1. Leonard says:

    this is is my first time posting here but i want to say want an inspiration you have been to me. i am finally going to make the change that you speak of and stop killing myself……… i am 425 pounds at least and i know that i’/m going to die if i don’t stop it stops now!!

  2. skinny steve says:

    I’m with you too Tyler! I need to get about 45 pounds lighter before June. The time to change is TODAY!

  3. Sheri says:

    This is a great post! Your right losing weight can save a persons life, it did mine!

    I hope we can help others with our stories and inspire them to make the change in their life. Its hard, but so worth it!

    I’m glad I found your blog.

  4. chris says:

    I sent your post to my brother & sister-in-law (both very obese.) I tried to make it a nice email, telling them about my own weight loss journey, etc. They might get mad at me – I don’t know, but i really have been wanting to say something for a long time. They have two young kids and I worry about the whole family…

    Hope you holidays are great and thanks for your blog.

  5. Thanks, Tyler.

    Too many sites talk about the magic formula or silver bullet that will make weight loss easy and effortless and fast. Your story is pure inspiration. For my part, it mostly because you’re a dude and I’m so tired of looking at weight loss sites and plans that are all about women.

    January 3rd is my wedding anniversary. I can’t think of a better time to make the switch to a lifestyle that will take me from ~301 lbs (my current weight) to ~180 lbs.

  6. Laura Woodward says:

    I commend you for being brave enough to share your journey with the world. It makes you accountable to all of us. Maybe that is the missing key in so many people’s attempts to lose weight. They have people who sabotage them, or make them feel guilty all the time. Instead they need encouragement to know that they CAN do it. You are an example of that.

  7. AFG says:

    How about not waiting until two weeks from now and starting today? 🙂

  8. Mel says:

    I started 6 months ago with your support, Tyler, and have lost 40 lbs — 20% of my body weight. I’ve got a long way to go, but for those reading this, know you can do it: One meal or snack at a time. One minute of movement at a time. We can all improve. We can all support each others’ goals through Tyler’s forum and other places online. No one needs to die due to obesity and I refused to be a statistic — or even worse, to live after a stroke unable to communicate until my body died years later. It is a sobering thought, but really, know it can happen to any of us who don’t change. You can wait two weeks, or you can start now. I couldn’t afford to wait. If you can’t either, know we’re here and ready to roll with you NOW — and will be around all the way to YOUR success. 🙂

  9. Tyler says:

    Such a great, motivational comment. Thanks, and by the way, love the before/after school pictures you just posted on the blog. They are amazing, and so are you! 🙂

  10. Tyler says:

    That’s an even better suggestion!

  11. Tyler says:

    Family and friends, and enemies for that matter, can certainly sabotage people. While I put all responsibility on a person for their choices to eat and live a certain way, I don’t exactly respect family and friends who choose to eat like trash around a family member or friend who is 300, 400+ pounds. Encouragement goes a long way. Sure, friends/family don’t HAVE to encourage you and eat well around you as they can live their life how they’d like, but it’d be nice to get some support. A support structure is so important.

  12. Tyler says:

    Most weight loss sites are about women, but I think my message applies to both men and women. It’s just common sense, counting calories (not eating too much!) and getting in shape, looking great. I’m not selling a fad or gimmick, I’m giving away a lifestyle.

  13. Tyler says:

    That’s a touchy subject, Chris, but I respect the fact that you’re concerned for your brother/sil. While I personally became offended when my wife or someone else would talk about my weight, it STILL made me a think a little bit about my choices, even if I was upset.

    I wish you and your family well.

  14. Tyler says:

    I’m glad you found my blog, too, Sheri! Nice post.

  15. Tyler says:

    Yessir, today is better than tomorrow. Good luck with losing those 45 pounds!

  16. Tyler says:

    I wish you well, Leonard. Let me know if you have any questions or need some encouragement along your journey.

  17. Colleen says:

    Thank you Tyler! This is precisely the post I needed TODAY. I have been stuttering on my start and I know that this is more a mental thing than anything. I know the science behind losing weight. Now I just have to work through the emotions. 257 pounds worth of mom is too much for my daughters to handle. I don’t want them to become like me. I don’t want them to have to back-track in this whole weight game like I have. I want them to be healthy from the start, and being a good role model is key for me.

    Thank you a million times over. You’re doing a great amount of good here.

  18. Lisa says:

    I just hope people making resolutions for 2011 DON’T GIVE UP! Don’t be a statistic: most people quit their resolutions/vows to lose weight within just a month of the new year! Keep at it!

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