Difference Between an XXXXL and a Medium Shirt

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  1. Tabetha says:

    Wow that is great. I will be there some day too. Keep up the GREAT work!

  2. nemiah1981 says:

    That’s amazing, like a boy’s shirt and a BIG man’s shirt right there

  3. Sheri says:

    Amazing difference Tyler. I still have my largest XXL Men’s shirt sometimes I sleep in it and it hangs. When I see that, I am so thankful for losing my weight its hard to put into words.

  4. Kristina says:

    There is nothing wrong with taking pride in seeing where you came from and where you are currently at… be proud of your accomplishments!!!

  5. “Those who do know remember history are doomed to repeat it.” (or something similar). It’s important to know where you came from so you know that it’s important not to go back. I haven’t lost much and I seem to be on a little plateau but I’ll probably keep a couple of my fat clothes to remind myself I never want to wear them, again, and to motivate me to stay in shape. Great photo!

  6. Kris says:

    What a contrast! I didn’t keep much from when I was big, just a couple of tour t-shirts from concerts in XXL…. but your photo just sums up how far you’ve come.

    Great job!

  7. susan says:

    I would also say that you take pictures like this to give inspiration to others. It is amazing to see first hand how the subtle changes add up over time. Thanks for posting this.

  8. Awesome! I’d be happy with XL for now.

  9. Carly says:

    That’s crazy, Tyler!
    Every now and then, I’ll come across an old pair of sweatpants or a T shirt, and even though I’m nowhere near done, it’s such a weird thing to wrap my head around, and literally see how far I’ve come.

  10. Genevieve says:

    You might not do it to congratulate yourself, but you still deserve it! That’s pretty insane. I can’t wait to have a picture like this.

  11. MsMel says:

    My husband and I saw this blog post last night. I said, “That new shirt looks like kids clothing in comparison.” Hubby said, “I know. That’s amazing.” You’ve changed your life and helped encourage us to change our own. Congratulations on your successes and thank you for helping us along.