Using MyFitnessPal to Find and Count Calories

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  1. Cliff Kline says:

    I use LiveStrong to count calories. Seems to work pretty good. Anyone used both LiveStrong and MyFitnessPal and could provide a comparison?

  2. chris_in_cal says:

    I concur. I went through two other sites and what is truly shocking about myfitnesspal is that they have absolutely everything in their food database. I had an obscure german rye cracker:boom, they had it and all of that brands other products.

    For faithfully counting calories it has been my most important tool

  3. Abby B says:

    I’m curious how easy the app is to use when you make a meal at home that has more than a couple ingredients, say 5-10? A homemade casserole for example. Is it easy enough to add all of those in to the program? I know that a lot of the prepackaged foods wouldn’t do me much good, but entering 10 items for one meal might be a deterrent.

  4. Melody says:

    Abby B-
    My Fitness Pal allows you to enter ingredients as a recipe and save it as such. I LOVE this feature. I can make a big batch of spaghetti, enter it as a recipe, determine the number of servings, and then just add it to a meal as easy as adding one ingredient. You do have to enter all the ingredients one by one the first time, but once it’s saved, you can use it forever. I probably have 20 recipes saved in this feature.

  5. Airelj says:

    Just a clarification, MyFitnessPal doesn’t have a Blackberry app yet but they are working on it. Yes some people still live in the Blackberry dark ages, especially when work provides it.

  6. Tyler says:

    Oh. I didn’t even click on Blackberry, nor will I probably ever.

  7. Sean Nelson says:

    I’ll have to try MFP… I’m also a LiveStrong user, but I continue to be off the bandwagon and I’m having an unusually hard time getting back on. I tend to have a lot of symptoms of SAD in the winter months, but this one seems especially bad and I have had absolutely no motivation. From buying a lightbox to place next to the elliptical to picking up St John’s Wort to try to fend off the seasonal blues, I’ve been trying to get back to it. Maybe I just need a better network.

  8. I might just switch from fat secret then.

  9. Does it have a barcode reader?

  10. LauraJayne says:

    When I was counting calories, I used CalorieCount – but I would love the flexibility of an iPhone app! Keep up your good work!

  11. Brian Welch says:

    I have been using it since I read about it on your blog (which I found via your guest post on Pro Blogger). It helped me solidify my New Years resolution and has been a great tool this year.

  12. d says:

    Just a note to say thanks for blogging, sharing your ongoing story, and sharing about myfitnesspal. This is the first time in my 40+ years I’ve ever counted calories. I’m LOVING mfp and from it really noticing my patterns… not just food item patterns, but fat/carb/calorie intake patterns. Today was a stressful day at work, and for the last few hours of the day I was dreaming about two favorite fast food options I could grab on the way home. I knew they were bad options, but mfp showed me just HOW bad, and after about 20 minutes of “do it/don’t you dare do it” conversation in my head, I opted to head home and cook a decent meal for myself. The journey (only 10 days long so far) has been harder than I thought… but the “hard” has been made easier with mfp and peeking in on your blog. So thanks. A ton. No pun intended 😉

  13. norcalmike says:

    Myfitnesspal is the greatest app i have on my Droid. My only regret is not using it sooner. There is a barcode scanner but it sometimes does work so well. The search function is easy to use and it has just about any food or brand out there, even store brands! If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, do it NOW!