Week 103: Weigh-in Results

9 Responses

  1. Great post Tyler.
    Pierrette & I call this “special day” Junk Food Day.
    We have had it now once a week for over two years. We count no calories and eat what we want. We feel that it does two things.1.It helps us continue to lose weight and 2. reminds us constantly of what we never want to go back to.
    Thanks for all the help and inspiration you give to others.
    Pierre & Pierrette Trudel
    Thee Quest For Perfect Health

  2. Tim says:

    Why not call them splurge days?

  3. Daniel Weise says:

    Great Job! I too hate the title “cheat day”. it gives it such negative connotations. I can’t seem to come up with anything else though. One that almost fits is “free day”.

  4. bossymommy says:

    I think you should call it “Tyler day.”

  5. Kevin says:

    I call mine “Free Day.”

  6. Karilynn says:

    Thought you should know, you are NOT ugly! You are a super attractive guy with a very handsome face. No self-depreciating humor necessary! 🙂

  7. Wendy says:

    um, just wanted to say you are far from ugly…very far :o)

  8. Laura says:

    Hey Tyler. Youre back looks freakin great!
    Hot diggity dog!!
    Nice work…


  9. Shrinkella says:

    I have had success with the “cheat day” in the past too. I eat healthier all week knowing there is a day I can indulge myself with whatever I’ve been craving all week. I’ve found that the longer I stick to my plan, the better I eat on my “cheat day” anyway. Keep up the good work! Your blog is so inspiring!