Body Fat Percentage Pictures

Body fat percentage in pictures — what’s 6% body fat look like?  What’s 10 or 20% body fat look like on a person?  Before we show you what body fat looks like at different levels, let’s go over some basics.

Instead of just using a bathroom to scale to track your progress when losing weight, consider taking into account your body fat percentage, as well.  When you rely on the scale alone to track your progress, you’re not taking into consider the actual amount of fat on your body.

It’s a great idea to watch you weight, but an ever better one to watch your body fat %, as well.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

An incredibly easy to find out your body fat percentage is use to the BMI scale — meaning Body Mass Index.  This will only give you an estimate, not an exact figure, but it will give you an idea of body’s level of fat.  The BMI formula gives you the amount of fat on your body in relation to its lean tissue.

To easily and quickly calculate your BMI levels, divide your weight (pounds) by your height squared (using inches).

With those results ready, consider the following to determine your body fat level:

Obese: Above 30
Overweight: 25-30
Normal: 18.5-25
Underweight: Below 18.5

In addition to using the BMI scale, some more precise ways of measuring your body fat levels include calipers (by far the most widely used), underwater weighing, bioelectrical impedance, and an x-ray absorptiometry scan.

How do your reduce your body fat percentage levels?

This one is simple in practice, but hard to execute.  You reduce your body fat by reducing your caloric intake over a period of time.  This will help you lose weight — both muscle, as well as fat.

Pictures of Body Fat Percentages
Body Fat Percentages

These pictures show body fat percentages from extremely low levels (competition levels) to extremely high levels (obese).

While you will more than likely never get down to levels of body fat under 10% under a “casual” diet, most Americans would probably be happy getting somewhere in the 14-15% range.