Building Muscle to Burn Calories

I don’t mind being called a cardio bunny.

I love the elliptical machine.  I love spending 20, 30, or 40 minutes on it burning calories.  It’s the only cardio I did as I went on to lose 100 pounds a few years ago.

I still have a place in my heart reserved for the elliptical machine, but I’m a big fan of lifting weights.  Lifting weights makes me feel strong, while as cardio makes me feel lighter.  It’s a great combination.

Building muscles and lifting weights sculpts and tones your body — some people like using energy boosting supplements like Maximum Shred, so they can dig deeper at the gym and push out a few extra reps and make those gains.

Instead of thinking about lifting weights and building muscles to get “big,” think about lifting weights as a way to burn calories.  It compliments doing cardio.

Lifting weights is a companion to cardio, an ally — not an enemy.