Before and After Pictures

I don’t like using the term “after” (even though I still use it) when it comes to my post-weight loss pictures, simply because I think there will always be more room for improvement (a little bit less fat here and there, a little more muscle, etc.).

With that said, here are my before and after weight loss pictures:

Date:January 2009
Date: May 2011
Weight:344.2 pounds
Weight: 205 pounds
Waist: 50 inches
Waist: 34 inches
Shirt size:XXXXL (4xl)
Shirt size: M (Medium)

Before Pictures (all near or at 344 pounds):

You’ll notice that all of my above “before pictures” were taken by other people, most of them taken by surprise.  At well over 300 pounds (even though I never knew my exact weight), I didn’t like the way I looked and hated having my picture taken.

This attitude is in stark contrast to my progress pictures and “after pictures,” most of which I proudly took myself as I went from 344.2 pounds to below 200.

Progress Pictures (in order as I lost weight):

283-pounds 263-pounds

It’s a good idea to always document your weight loss progress with pictures, in addition to a scale.  While a scale can be skewed by so many factors like the clothes you’re wearing, water weight, food in your stomach, etc, a picture doesn’t lie — neither does your body fat percentage.