PowerLung Sport Review

powerlung-sport-reviewRun hard?  Lift hard?  Train hard?  Then you might be shopping for a PowerLung Sport — and for good reason.


PowerLung Sport is made by PowerLung, Inc., a company based in the United States.  The Sport is one of four models.  PowerLung, Inc.’s other PowerLung models includes AIRESTREAM, BREATHAIR, and TRAINER.


The PowerLung Sport model is for the best of the best — it’s designed for extremely experienced athletes in only the best physical condition.  The Sport is designed for the casual athlete or even those whose activity level is moderate to high.  The PowerLung Sport is specifically designed for semi/pro athletes and those reaching the physical condition levels of a United States Navy SEAL®.


The reviews of the PowerLung Sport come more sporadically than its siblings, simply because less people buy this model due to it’s lofty requirements of physical fitness.  That said, the entire PowerLung series has incredible reviews throughout the web, with many users noticing marked improvement in breathing only after a couple of workouts:

I just wanted to let everyone know how impressed I was with this product. I must admit that I was skeptical at first about spending 80+ dollars on a lung exerciser, but since I bought it I have discovered that I would have paid much more for this great little machine. I am attending the United States Naval Academy starting in late June, and have been training for that for some time now. PowerLung has helped SO much. I run almost daily, swim at least 4 times a week, and do tons of sit-ups/pull-ups/push-ups. PowerLung helped me to fully utilize the large lungs I have, and drain from them every last drop of oxygen they can contain. Thank you PowerLung!


Price for the PowerLung Sport hovers at around $100. You can pick it up on Amazon, but it’s mainly found through a lot of local survival/scuba/medical supply stores around the United States. Many have online storefronts, so you can purchase the PowerLung Sport around the world and have it shipped to you.

Is it worth it?  Well, in my opinion, yes.  Breathing is an integral part of any training, and more efficient you become at it, the better athlete/soldier/machine you’ll be.  If the price were much higher it’d probably fall into the “luxury” category, but for around 100 bucks it’s almost essential.


While you may not have expected to see “sound” listed as a feature in this review, please know that this does, uh, make sound.  It’s not completely quiet.  This obviously isn’t an issue if you’re outdoors, or have ample amount of space to workout in, but if you’re simply running on the treadmill out the gym or doing the StairClimber, others will hear this.

Unless, of course, the sound of your badass workout is the only thing they can hear.


Buy it.  Even if you don’t go with the Sport model, one of the lesser models is well worth it.