Press Coverage

I’m flattered by the media attention my weight loss has received.  I’m always ready and willing to spread the gospel of counting calories to try and motivate others.

Here’s a small sample of the coverage I’ve received:

National Media
CNN – He ate what he wanted, lost 125 pounds
The Globe – They lost a ton!  12 real-life diet stories
The Huffington Post – I Lost Weight:  After An Embarrassing…
Newsweek – Lose The Weight And Keep It Off: Mission Impossible?
Consumerist (Consumer Reports) – 344 Now 224 lb Reader Featured…

Local Media
WLTX (CBS) – Columbia Man Loses 143 Pounds, Still Eats What He Wants
WTSP (CBS) – Man loses 143 pounds, still eats what he wants (syndicated)
WLTX (CBS) – Midlands Man’s Weight Loss Inspires Others
WLTX (CBS) – Repeat visits to the morning show (live broadcast)
WNOK radio (Clear Channel) – Daily 60-second radio spot at 5:45 pm

I’ve also been contacted by several prominent folks wanting to congratulate me for my weight loss, including previous South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, Under Armour founder Kevin Plank, and CEO/Founder of MyFitnessPal Mike Lee.